Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

A late edition of the Ten Post Round-Up…life has a curious way of keeping you from your scheduled plans (know what I mean?).

With the five year anniversary of the Iraq invasion, I am spending more time than usual thinking about the enormous changes that have happened in my life due to the three Iraq deployments of SSG Dizzy.  Namely, I am having a recurrence of chest pains not felt since a vehicular incident that happened right before his first deployment.  I spend a lot of time doing the work of two people and since I am just one person, that means that other guy’s stuff piles up until it can no longer be avoided, especially when I am in pain.

Of course, being an active blogger means that the news is hard to avoid, as well.  Let’s see what Uncle Jay has on his mind, this week: Uncle Jay Explains the News – March 17, 2008

I’m going to need some pretty good painkillers to get over this recurring whiplash pain I have in my chest, but, it seems that you may find, in reading today’s Ten Post Round-Up that some of our lawmakers (current and former) are either licking salvia or smoking crack:

1: Former Qwest CEO gets his day in court and many are asking, just why was he targeted in the first place…

Nacchio Conviction Overturned; Bloggers Raise FISA-Telcom Immunity QuestionsColorado Confidential

2: al-Qaeda planning on helping the Dems win in November? McCain thinks so…

McCain ‘worries’ that Iraq violence may help DemsCrooks and Liars

3: Bummer! Toys my kids actually like, being recalled…

Mega Brands Recalls 2.4 Million Magnetic ToysThe Huffington Post

4: Former NY Govs sex scandal casts new net on former NJ Govs sex scandal…

McGreevey aide: I had regular threesomes with the Gov and his wifePam’s House Blend

5: Legislative douchebaggery: Massachusetts-style…

The James Fagan Employment ActReason Magazine

6: Introducing the new governor of New York…

Let Me Introduce Gov. David PatersonShakesville

7: Hey! Whatever works…

Ukraine: Brain surgeon operates with DIY drillSigns of the Times

8: Surprise! You may be paying state taxes on that stimulus check, next year!…

State Tax Treatment of Economic Stimulus RebatesTaxProf Blog

9: Apparently, Denial is a river that runs through Iraq…

Cheney: Was There ‘A Link Between Iraq And Al Qaeda? Seems To Me Pretty Clear That There Was’» cheneyThink Progress

10: Why Vitter won’t pull a Spitzer: Vitter’s crime not the same as Spitzer’s, ‘cuz, ya know, he’s more patriotic than Spitzer…

David Vitter Not At All Like Eliot Spitzer, Says VitterWonkette

I believe I may now be suffering from a severe case of *head-desk* syndrome…

308 días hasta el final de un error…


(I have an owwie…)

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6 Responses to Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

  1. I agree with McCain that a return to normal levels of violence directed at our troops in Iraq would harm him in the eyes of voters. I also agree with him that this is a very likely turn of events this fall.

    Sadly, the other thing that is all too predictable is a headline terror attack on our civilian population and that the whole goal would be to scare voters into keeping the Whitehouse occupied by a major warmonger.

  2. Dez

    “I spend a lot of time doing the work of two people and since I am just one person, that means that other guy’s stuff piles up until it can no longer be avoided, especially when I am in pain.”

    What a pair you and I are. Between my biz and the blog I’m essentially running 2 businesses – alone. I have so much back work that is catching up with me with critical force that it is not even funny anymore. Take care of yourself!

  3. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    Pam, you and I are definitely like two peas in a pod. Thankfully, I learned my current survival skills as a single mom, but it does get overwhelming sometimes, especially when pain is involved.

  4. Dizzy Dezzi says:

    Darrell, I feel what you are saying. It’s like when Bush brags about the “huge” number of troops due home at a certain time in the future, only it turns out that Bush’s so-called “withdrawal” perfectly coincides with already pre-scheduled redeployments (that is, Bush’s announcement is not news).

    As the weather warms up, there will be a lot more attacks by the terrorists du jour.

  5. Words of wisdom. Thanks.

  6. Dez

    We are two peas in a pod! I hope one day we get to actually meet.