Monday Mid-Afternoon Hillary Support Group

I’m getting a little tired of the big boys of the blogs (I’ll call them the 3B Club for now) hammering the Obama talking point that Hillary is staying in the race for a mere power grab even if it means tearing down the Democratic Party and that she needs to just get out of the race. I’m sorry, but what do these people have against letting the voters decide? From Taylor Marsh we have Matt Yglesias: “We hoped that this would get wrapped up sooner, but um, you know, Senator Clinton has decided that she wants to stay in it as long as she has any vague hope of winning and so the process has continued and there’s been a sort of escalating bitter tone to it. …” And from Riverdaughter we have Markos: “Clinton knows this, it’s her only path to victory, and she doesn’t care. She is willing — nay, eager to split the party apart in her mad pursuit of power.” Why does the 3B Club hate letting voters, you know, VOTE? Particularly closed Democratic Primary voters in Penn.?

So, this song goes out to all the ladies out there who have had it up to here with the 3B Club telling Hillary what to do, and have experienced the same thing yourselves. There are some fellas out here who aren’t afraid of smart, liberal women and will stand by your side because you are more than Just a Girl. So get mad. Get angry. Get to work! Bookmark and Share

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2 Responses to Monday Mid-Afternoon Hillary Support Group

  1. Stuart O'Neill says:

    Why does the 3B Club hate letting voters, you know, VOTE? Particularly closed Democratic Primary voters in Penn.?

    I have a request into an authoritative insider to see if anyone has the actual metric of how many registered Democrats, excluding Indy’s and Republicans, have voted for ‘who’.

    Since we’ve had such a surge in registrations, with the Obama campaign leading the charge to get R registrations in the primary, we can’t track the votes of Dem’s that have been registered for X months.

    I want to know the split between Democrats for Obama and for Clinton. Forget the Indy’s and R’s.

    It’s the closed primary that could be the best indicator. But we don’t even have an exact metric since there’s been such a PRIMARY season registration campaign.

    Look at the commercial above to see what I mean…

    Great article.

  2. gqmartinez says:

    Stuart, you can look at exit polls to get a rough idea of who voted for whom. Paul lukasiak has an analysis based of exit polls. Penn. will be a good test. Sure people will reregister as Dem for the primary, but from my experience registering voters, its harder to pull that off, combined with GOTV to be effective. PA will be mostly Dems.