Wright Controversy Sets Obama Back in Gallup Poll: Clinton Now at 47%, Obama at 45%

In the wake of the firestorm over Obama and his pastor Jeremiah Wright, Obama has dropped on the Daily Gallup and Hillary has regained the lead by a slim margin.

Obama is now seeking to do damage control on the statements from Wright that Obama told PBS’ Gwen Ifill today, “have been a distraction.” He will deliver a speech tomorrow on race that could be an “opportunity to move past the controversy over his pastor, and to turn the conversation to a topic he’d rather focus on: his Christian faith.”

But the speech also guarantees that the Wright story will continue to dominate political headlines.

Some folks will remember that “Mitt Romney’s attempt directly to address his Mormonism last year never decisively put the issue to rest for some voters.”

Finally… some in the press are starting to look at Obama through something other than rose colored glasses.

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6 Responses to Wright Controversy Sets Obama Back in Gallup Poll: Clinton Now at 47%, Obama at 45%

  1. myiq2xu says:

    At Balloon Juice, John Cole interpreted the link to the Ron Fournier article linked above (“rose colored glasses”) to mean that Fournier was calling Obama an “Uppity Negro.”

    The title of Cole’s post is “Uppity Negro Alert.”

    I thought this was very ironic because Cole thinks Hillary and her supporters blame all criticism on sexism and always “play the victim card.”

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  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Newsmax.com has an excellent article on the topic and the o’l disingenuous factor is causing serious question ! That interview by Anderson Copper and Obama’s response is being investigated by the news and they’re on it ! (newsmax.com) ELTON JOHN IS HAVING A PARTY! Memo said he wanted to help his friend Clinton out ! Thanks! One night only,New York and tickets on sale!

  4. Jessica says:

    Not sure which Newsmax.com article to which you are referring but there’s been a flap recently about some inaccuracies in their reporting on an Obama story.


    A great many posts and comments here have suggested that the media is playing favorites to futher some kind of agenda and it’s a fair point to raise. All Democrats should probably remove their rose-colored glasses when reading Newsmax or Fox as they, too, likely have an agenda.

  5. Jessica

    Your link to Marc Ambinder is about the NY Times piece by Bill Kristol and not at all associated with Newsmax or Fox. Most Democrats I know talk both Newsmax and Fox with a grain of salt most of the time.

  6. Jessica says:

    Thanks Pamela … The article I linked to mentions Ron Kessler, chief Washington correspondent for Newsmax (the person responsible for the report that Kristol used as a source), but not Newsmax itself.