Murtha Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton scored a key endorsement today from Rep. John Murtha of Pennsylvania. Anne Kornblut reports in the WaPo: Rep. John P. Murtha has announced his endorsement of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, bringing his clout as a 17-term member of the House and a prominent anti-war Democrat to bear with … Continue reading

More on Obama’s Race Speech

Obama’s speech on race today is certainly garnering it’s share of headlines and critiques from both the media and the bloggers, left and right. Among the most notable of reviews I have had a chance to read so far today is the over the top one from Andy Sullivan, who … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

So much interesting news, so little time.  So, let’s jump right in, why don’t we?Oh, wait!  We need some mood music, first: Pat Benatar – Invincible Not much to say about today’s Ten Post Round-Up except there’s something about chicks and di–, um, manly bits: 1: This is the Fed. … Continue reading

Elton John Is Throwing a Party

I didn’t get a chance to note this yesterday when the news broke: Sir Elton John is throwing a party for Hillary Clinton: Elton John will help Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton raise cash for her presidential campaign with a solo concert next month at Radio City Music Hall in New … Continue reading

Obama Seeks to Quell Storm with Speech on Race

“Faced with what his advisers acknowledged was a major test to his candidacy,” Barack Obama seeking to quell the political firestorm that arose last week over his mentor/Pastor’s divisive statements and sermons, has stepped up to the podium today, to deliver a speech on race. Though he has faced questions … Continue reading

Gearing Up for PA and NC: Rumor Has It, Edwards to Endorse Clinton Soon

Both the Clinton and Obama camps are gearing up for the primary in North Carolina, where “both campaigns have hired competing – and formidable – California political operatives to go mano a mano in a contest for 115 crucial delegates.”  The Clinton camp has sent in “Averell “Ace” Smith, the tough-as-nails former … Continue reading