Pitiful… Shameful…

For those who harbored doubts that the media is out to get Hillary Clinton, think again. Hillary Clinton’s schedules as First Lady were released today and the press is having a hey day dredging up and old news in the most shameful and pitiful of styles. Leading the pack was … Continue reading

More Reaction to Obama’s Speech: Two Questions for Senator Obama

Lanny David, “a supporter of Senator Clinton” asks a couple of questions of Barack Obama regarding his speech yesterday. David says, “if Senator Obama ends up the party’s nominee — for sure Senator McCain will insist they be answered in the fall.”

Food For Thought

I expect the parsing of Barack Obama’s speech yesterday on race will continue for at least few days with everyone analyzing every little statement and nuance from his speech. Here’s a little food for thought on the subject of Obama being “troubled” by Wright’s words: “If Obama Was So Troubled … Continue reading

It’s a Welfare State–If You’re Rich

Listen to conservative talk show pundits and blowhards. Listen to any of the political candidates who proudly amend their names with the phrase “conservative Republican.” One theme resonates in all of the heavy wind—keep the government out of our private lives; let business enjoy a free market economy. Not only … Continue reading