Pitiful… Shameful…

For those who harbored doubts that the media is out to get Hillary Clinton, think again. Hillary Clinton’s schedules as First Lady were released today and the press is having a hey day dredging up and old news in the most shameful and pitiful of styles. Leading the pack was this pitiful and shameful headline from ABC’s Brian Ross. I rolled my eyes in disgust when I first saw it, knowing that I had a large pile of work I had in front of me that has taken precedence of late.

Brian Ross’ piece for ABC News was not news — it was sleaze journalism at it’s absolute worst. And this falls in as a close 2nd to the load of disgusting tripe from Ross.

There have been calls from members of the progressive blogosphere, including Lambert at Corrente, to “Call Brian Ross of ABC News at 212-456-**** and tell him politely what you think of him bringing up “the blue dress”” and I am joining in asking Dem Daily readers to get on the phone and voice your disgust. Susie Madrak also chimes in saying: 

I suggest you share your opinion of his “work.” You can call him, or you can send an email message here. (One of my readers says you can reach him directly at Brian.E.Ross@email.disney.com.)

Digby nailed it:

You could bust a guy for sexual deviancy just for the work it took to produce this swill.

After you’ve called Brian Ross at ABC and told him what you think of his sleazy journalism, drop a dime — $10 for Hillary please!  And then you might ask the media to ask Barack Obama where records are…

11,000 pages of the former first lady’s schedules are now part of the public record and I believe that is approximately 11,000 more documents than the Obama campaign has released up until this point relating to any part of his service especially as a state senator,” Clinton spokesman Howard Wolfson said in a statement.

Wolfson called on Obama Wednesday to specifically release memos and letters that may relate to indicted Chicago businessman Antoin “Tony” Rezko, who used to be a prominent fundraiser for Obama.

“There is much that Senator Obama can do on the subject of disclosure if he chooses to make this an issue as he has. I think in many respects he has gotten a free ride on this but there is a voluminous amount of information that presumably should be available relating to his tenure in the state Senate that he could release and make available at any time since he thinks that this is so important. I would again call on him to do so,” Wolfson said.

ABC News was too busy reporting sleaze to note that Barack Obama hasn’t released all his records. Now there’s a real story.

UPDATE: I have redacted the phone number as it does not seem to be ABC News. I did find the ABC Corporate phone number where you can leave a message: 818-460-7477.

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14 Responses to Pitiful… Shameful…

  1. bjerryberg says:

    Of course, ‘Kristen’ Ross is a prostitute. He is jealous that he never got to wear that blue dress.

    The intell community is full of his perverse ilk.

    The reality is that the financial system is dead and must be replaced.

    The real issue is how it is to be replaced. With the people-first principles of FDR or the speculators-first principles of Fed Chair ‘Bail’ em Out’ Bernanke.

    A whole lot of lives hang in the balance.

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Decided to call and not a professional writer ! They are not making the clarification of comparison between interview #1 and the speech days later on 3/18/08. Lou Dobbs was the only one on CNN that’s said ,he wished Obama had been more forth coming.Fox did flash it and now there focus is the speech with little comparison between the two.Bill O’Rally is raising heck about it but the others need to find truth of reality in compared qustion of disingenuous clarification! Why were you not forth coming on Rev. Wright to begin with senator Obama?

  3. This is more of what I expected from the beginning of her campaign.

    I believe that both she and Senator Obama both began their campaign on Nov. 7, 2004. No one can tell me that on winning the Senate election Barack Obama didn’t know he had the spotlight for a presidential race.

    Do state senators, and failed congressional candidates, have ‘papers’?

    Of course. So where are they? Let’s have the media go at least make a pro-forma request of Senator Obama.

    Fat chance.


  4. Janis says:

    I’m going to fork over another C-note to Hillary’s campaign when I get home tonight. This whole nonsense is so disgusting — THIS is what people are talking about when they say that Hillary is held to a different and unwinnable standard by the freaking media. God, I LOVE the fact that she’s still in the race, slugging away and doing increasingly well. THIS is the REAL revolution — THIS is what it looks like when the American people finally tell the five media-controlling billionaires who givern evverything we see and hear to fuck off. We’ll make up our own minds, thanks — without the sleaze machine puppeteering us.

    Even with all the negativity though, I’ve got to say that Hillary’s campaign has given me more reason to actually be um … hopeful … than anything else in my life. And Obama’s supposed to be Mr. Hope (while his supporters all run around with long knives).

    Last night, I watched a tape at her campaign site of a bunch of military people — big ones, too, the ones with stars on their shoulders — endosing her. Mr. Empty Rhetoric never moved me once the way that simple tape did. I never thought I’d live long enough to listen to military men — real Testosterone Types — endorse a woman. Ever. (There was also one wonderful old woman — a real old woman. No plastic surgery, nips or tucks, with wrinkles and a headful of grey hair. You know, one of those raddled, dried up old biddies that the rest of the country wants to pretend don’t exist?)

    But I’m seeing military men and working-class beer-drinking men doing something I never thought I’d live long enough to see. I never thought I’d see that. I ran into too much really vicious sexism too early on to retain ANY hope at all that men would ever value women or see us as anything even worth understanding, besides understanding how to scam their way into our pants. I thought I’d die before I ever saw anything like that.

    You wanna know the audacity of hope? THAT’S the audacity of hope — screw pretty speeches made while the camera is on the candidate. I’m seeing what Hillary brings out in others. I’m sick of Obama’s campaign that consists of nothing but HIM saying everything while his swooning fans sit there gaping up at him and adding nothing of themselves. Hillary can make a speech, but it’s what she brings out in others that matters to me.

    Christ. Christ on a critch — working-class and military men supporting a woman. I literally thought I’d die before ever seeing that. I ripped on Rev. Wright for being an asshole — I’ve got my own lessons to learn. Military men supporting a woman, Jesus Christ on a trampoline. Working-class men like the ones in the neighborhood where I grew up, who were such miserable obstacles to ME, holding up “Hillary 08” signs. I’ve never felt hope like this before, and it’s HILLARY who stuck with it and stayed in the race and fought like a motherf*cker to bring it to me.

    The lessons I learned about women and feminism are like the flip side of that. While I’m watching men actually supporting a woman, I’m also seeing women acting in the most dreadfully sexist ways, toward women. I’ve always been a third-waver. I’m not a Boomer — I’m only 42, and my grey hair has juuuust gotten started. I came of age in the 80s. And yet the minute I state in any online “feminist” forum that I support Hillary, how quickly I’m roundfiled as a raddled, worthleess bitter old menopausal Boomer bitch — BY WOMEN! My white male boss has never treated me like that. Neither have my white male coworkers. It was suppoed FEMINISTS who have been, now that I’ve passed 40, the first to write me off completely as a useless middle-aged cartoon.

    This campaign has caused me to question a lot of things, and in ways that I needed and am glad to have.

    Hm. Maybe I should make it $200.

  5. Gilbert Martinez says:

    I say we make a game of Hillary’s schedules….

  6. Jessica says:

    All that dress business and other Monica-related issues coming out from the release of the schedules is vile. It’s also a huge distraction from what people should be looking at which is the evidence of Hillary’s experience she asserts she gained in eight years as first lady.

    I do love that Wolfson guy, saying they’ve released 11,000 more pages of documents than Senator Obama has–as if they did this because they really wanted to. Whatever that guy gets paid, they should double it because he has an outstanding ability to make lemonade.

  7. Janis says:

    That Monica crap is going to turn people off of Obama in droves. People had a damned gutful of that garbage ten years ago; the first person to bring it up publicly in an audience will get deluged with tomatoes, and it’ll be a joy to see it.

    Monica freaking Lewinsky. Jesus effing CHRIST, give it a rest. Even that kid herself went to law school or something and just moved the fuck ON with her life.

    It’s like they found a revolver with a weak topstrap — they’ll try to shoot it, and the whole thing will blow up in their hands.

  8. Jessica says:

    I agree that people are damn tired of the Monica stuff but fail to see how the Monica crap relates to Senator Obama.

  9. Janis says:

    They’ll do what they can to make hay of it, trust me …

  10. proseandpromise says:

    Janis –
    You hit Obama for a hit he hasn’t made yet because he has the gall to make a hit? Can’t you see how silly it is to try to score political points by assuring us that he’ll try to score political points.

    In fact, it isn’t just silly it’s irresponsible. WHen you say things like that, you lead people to believe that Obama is leaking memos or pushing a narrative when we have no evidence he is. That isn’t fair.

    Attack him when he plays low ball, but not when you think he might. That is low ball in and of itself.

  11. proseandpromise says:

    BTW – I agree with the sentiment in this post. That article is awful. All politics of this kind ought to be stopped. Unfortunately, the reading/viewing public eats it up. It’s the same reason we have more McDonalds than health stores.

  12. Janis says:

    Um, I can’t see how silliy it is to make predictions, no. Bet you a steak dinner his campaign tries it at some point.

  13. Hako says:

    I have a feeling that Governor Richardson, and the Obama camp, are anxious
    for this contest to end before anymore revelations emerge……like from the
    Rezko trial for instance. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama is called to testify in
    the coming weeks. I know this much, whenever anyone is rushing me to sign
    on the dotted line, it’s a red flag. You can count on this tactic from a con-man
    scam artist. They want to dazzle you with a pitch…before you have a chance
    look closely at the details. Keep going Hillary!

  14. Janis says:

    I should have bet a steak dinner:

    “Key Obama Iowa Adviser Invokes ‘Monica’s Blue Dress'”


    Or given that I’m not eating meat nowdays, at least a good bottle of wine.