Tea Time With Hillary

Pamela already noted some of the pitiful and shameful journalism following the release of Hillary Clinton’s first lady schedules. Is anyone surprised? Honestly?

Well, if you’re like me you are probably someone who likes to give a hand to those who need a little help. I propose a game: “Tea Time With Hillary”. Here are the rules. First, randomly chose a date from her schedules. Second, determine if there is any possibility that Hillary had tea with someone and you can do your job of being a sexist moron by highlighting that fact. If you’re good, you should also try to find any point in her schedule where she could have killed someone or otherwise perpetuated some devious unsolved crime. Help take over for Samantha Power and show just how much of a “monster” Hillary is.

I’ll start. The first place I stumbled across was Wednesday, May 24, 1995. Between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. Hillary had lunch with the Queen of Thailand. Do you think she had tea? You betcha! Great experience, Senator Clinton! Also, she had “down time” between 1:30 and 4:30 p.m. I’m pretty sure she was helping to orchestrate a devious plan to speed up global warming.

It’s really fun and gives you some great experience in journalism. Can anyone top that?

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3 Responses to Tea Time With Hillary

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Tea time? Oh my, and send the political experts in that are honest to clarify areas of concern in all that ! Will someone point out specific pages to read of which are serious in concern to look for? The analyst that have viewed this documentation and written books are saying it ‘s, not damaging .Does the first lady of the United States have time to sleep looking at that schedule?

  2. Mary O'Bryan says:

    There goes the MSM again. What can she do to get some good press. Quit, I suppose would do it. She’s not going to do that because, she knows, as do you and I that we need Hillary. Obama is proving to be a liar, con-artist, media monger, inexperienced, questionable patriotism, etc. Please America in the states still to come, take a hard look at him. He may be poison and the MSM is not looking. Also, FL and MI must be counted otherwise, we stand to have a Republican in the Whitehouse again. Thank you for reading, moblou KY

  3. Eakarach says:

    I think Barack Obama is the biggest liar,fraud,fake,phony and a hypocrite candidate ever. Go Hillary!