A few words about George H.W. Bush

A quick review of some of George H.W. Bush’s exploits:

  • He campaigned for the presidency by vigorously attacking Americans who fight for the preservation of civil liberties.
  • He was a senior and adviser and member of the Carlyle Group, the giant conglomerate that has helped to seal economic ties between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, our most repressive, undemocratic “friend.”
  • Through a campaign of vicious lies and character assassination perpetrated by Episcopal priest and former Congressman John Danforth, Bush’s administration enabled the confirmation of the professionally incompetent and Constitutionally dangerous Clarence Thomas to be a Supreme Court justice.
  • He pardoned–right before charges were brought against him–former defense secretary Caspar Weinberger, who was deeply implicated in the Iran-Contra disaster. This pardon prevented Bush from appearing before a grand jury to discuss what he knew about Iran-Contra, and it also prevented any consequences for Bush related to such an appearance.
  • Working behind the scenes, Bush supported much of the financial and military assistance that built up the regime of Saddam Hussein, and supplied American weapons technology to Iraq.

And now a few words from Sen. Barack Obama–words that have been ignored in the light of the pastor controversy

“By the way, I would reach out to the first George Bush. You know, one of the things that I think George H.W. Bush doesn’t get enough credit for was his foreign policy team and the way that he helped negotiate the end of the Cold War and prosecuted the Gulf War. That cost us 20 billion dollars. That’s all it cost. It was extremely successful. I think there were a lot of very wise people. So I want a bipartisan team that can help to provide me good advice and counsel when I’m president of the United States.”

Barack Obama certainly has a right to reach out to anyone he chooses. His supporters are minimizing his choice of Bush Sr. by saying he is “bipartisan” and wants a “new” kind of politics. However, “bipartisanship” is attacked when it is presented by another candidate, and really–how “progressive” is it to want to reach out to the Bush father? I mention this not to attack Obama, but to point out, once again, that there is a big double standard in this election.

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5 Responses to A few words about George H.W. Bush

  1. This is extremely damning stuff! I personally wrote an unpublished manuscript in 1983 for the explicit purpose of hoping to defeat the eventual GHWB Presideny that I saw shaping up.

    May I ask why there is no context for this?

  2. Diane says:

    The context is as stated—that Obama’s plan to include GHWB as an adviser is one that shows questionable judgment, but–more important–is another example of “if Obama does it, it’s okay, but if Clinton does it, it’s a betrayal.

  3. Come on, give me something to go on here. When and where did Obama say these things? I mean this is blockbuster material.

  4. Darrell

    I googled looking for this – I do remember it, but could not find a link.


    Do you have a link to the quote about Bush Sr?

  5. Diane Elayne Dees says:

    Here it is.