I Guess I’m Just Sick Of It

After more decades fighting in the political trenches than I care to admit, I’ve come to some state of political fatigue that I’ve only felt once before in all those decades: after the assassination of RKF.

Even the ‘typical white person‘ remark doesn’t get me riled or writing. It’s all just too damn much.

I have the text of Obama’s speech, done an extensive analysis and haven’t been able to write one gawddamn word. [If it’s read, rather than heard or seen, it’s an entirely different message. Try it.] Yet I can’t find a way to get my thoughts on paper. There’s some part of my soul that’s gone on writers overload.

On Feb. 5, 2008, I walked out of my polling place and felt something I had never felt before after voting: sadness…

Watching Senator Clinton fighting a misrepresented, yet very skilled, foe is worse than watching the coming bloodbath that will be the general election of 2008. I feel I am witnessing the attempted character assassination of Hillary Clinton.

I’m just sick of it. Sick of all of it. We deserve better. America deserves better.

Good night America, wherever you are…..

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3 Responses to I Guess I’m Just Sick Of It

  1. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Stuart, America is starting to wake up.

  2. Stuart: The consolation, if any there be, is that McCain is a far easier, because he’s far more deserving, target than is Hillary Clinton. Should Obama prevail over a candidate of this caliber, he ought to make easy work of good old “straight talk”.

  3. Hang in there Stuart. Hillary’s character has been assassinated before. She rises above it all and comes out smiling. She will again. While we are reading and listening and watching, Hillary is being greeted by thousands of supporters every day. They are keeping her boyed up and she is thriving. Just keep your head down, make calls, keep blogging, and send money! She’ll make it yet and we will all look back on this and it will teach us something about this gutsy lady. JoAnne