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I’ve been on overdrive for the past few days working on months of paper work that I have needed to catch up on and in the midst, my apartment is being painted. Every thing is in disarray including my thoughts. In lieu of musing on the various news pieces of importance today here’s a few recommended reads:

Two from Taylor Marsh:

From No Quarter:

The Caucus Reports: Photograph of Bill Clinton and Rev. Wright Surfaces:

In providing the photograph to The New York Times, the Obama campaign appeared to be trying to divert some attention to the Clintons after a week in which Mr. Obama’s relationship with Mr. Wright has left him facing one of the biggest challenges of his campaign.

And Egalia weighs in on Tennesse Guerilla Women:

But it wasn’t right-wingers who delivered this photo of Bill Clinton and Rev. Jeremiah Wright to the media. It was Obama’s staff. In yet another example of how Obama will do anything to win, this little stunt is clearly an effort to divert the media on to Hillary in hopes that the photo will dredge up the whole Monica Lewinsky affair. Shame on Obama. Ordinarily, Hillary and Bill would be defending Obama from the ongoing ‘Pastor Wright is a monster’ media frenzy, but since the Clintons have been maligned by the Obama camp as racist, there’s not exactly any reason to bother.

Gallup Daily: Clinton Holds Onto Lead Over Obama.

Lambert on Corrente: They said it couldn’t be done, but the Bush administration sinks to a new low.

Greg Mitchell in Editor & Publisher: Hagee, in ‘NYT’ This Sunday, Says McCain Sought His Endorsement.

MUST  WATCH  — If Obama Wasn’t Black Before, He Sure Is Now.

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