Sticking With Hillary

I’m not ready to give up. Hillary is not a quitter and I don’t intend to be one either. Everywhere I look it seems like someone is saying why Hillary cannot win. “The math” isn’t there (remember Karl Rove’s “the math”?). There will be riots if she’s the nominee. Al Gore will come in and save the day by nominating Obama at the convention. That Hillary is going to get abucted by aliens from Trafalmadore and have to give up on the race.

I’ll let you all in on a little theory I have: The Obama campaign and their supporters in the liberal blogosphere/MSM are scared–really, really scared–that Obama is going to get trounced in the next month or two and that Hillary will get the nomination. They are going out of their way to imply over and over that Hillary needs to drop out now to save the Party. Heck, they are trying to pretend they are going disenfranchise and/or ignore over 2,000,000 Democratic voters to make it seem less likely she can win.

Excuse me, but I’m not falling for it. There’s no way the Democratic Party survives without counting voters in FL and MI, so unless the DNC wants to be in their last year, I think its silly to think they won’t be counted. We still have PA, where Hillary is running strong. She is making gains in North Carolina. She is dominating West Virginia. She is on the rise nationally and Obama is falling. Yet they are still trying to force Hillary out of this before people’s votes are counted. Everyone needs to have a “cup of tea” or a glass of wine and calm down. Let’s let the voters have their say. I’m not afraid of that.

Hillary is in it to win it and I’m sticking with her. This party is just getting started, baby!

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201 Responses to Sticking With Hillary

  1. UKforDems says:

    Who claimed it was a co – presidency?

    Despite the negative campaigning, despite the disgraceful attacks on the party, if Hillary manages to pull off the now impossible and wins the nomination I would still support her over McSame. Would you if it was Obama? And remember according to you, you are the one that counts.