Maybe Not

A couple of days ago the buzz was (as I reported here), that John Edwards was soon to endorse Hillary Clinton. Maybe not… Politico reports that “John Edwards is unlikely to endorse either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton before the nomination is decided, according to interviews with several members of … Continue reading

The Potential First Lady: Is She A True Democrat?

Just watch this clip and tell me that Michelle Obama is a real Democrat. Maybe I’m just old school but I believe any Democrat worthy of the name votes for the nominee. Period. No question. I oppose Senator Obama. I will vote for him if he’s the nominee. Period. Just … Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi Speaks Out on Tibet, Bush Silent

I’ve been watching the situation in Tibet unfold in recent days but have not found the time to write about.  China has been censoringthe news coming out of Tibet on the protests there and have sent in the military to crackdown. has a wealth of photos, news links and videos … Continue reading

Clinton, Once Again, Gets Biggest Northern Ireland Validation of All

Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume, speaking on a nationally syndicated radio show yesterday, talked about Sen. Clinton’s work in Northern Ireland–her “people-to-people approach, her generous use of time in meeting with the various sectors of the region, her interest in the real concerns and needs of the people of … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Got some time on my hands, so I thought I would churn out a round-up, for you. I don’t have any mood music for you, but in honor of Spring and Easter weekend, I would ask you to view this public service announcement about the senseless killing of chocolate bunnies: … Continue reading

Timing and Stage Directions Are Everything

Oh my… When I first read this over on Marc Ambinder I thought to myself, what on earth… Did the Obama camp really include “stage directions” in the copy of Bill Richardson’s endorsement speech that they sent out? Apparently they did (emphasis mine):