Clinton, Once Again, Gets Biggest Northern Ireland Validation of All

Nobel Peace Prize winner John Hume, speaking on a nationally syndicated radio show yesterday, talked about Sen. Clinton’s work in Northern Ireland–her “people-to-people approach, her generous use of time in meeting with the various sectors of the region, her interest in the real concerns and needs of the people of Ireland, and her focus on peace.” He also talked about Clinton’s contributions through her lecturing at the University of Ulster’s Tip O’Neill Chair of Peace Studies on the subject of ‘Peace in the Modern World’. “I have no doubt, given Hillary Clinton’s commitment to peace in the world, as President of the United States, she would give such leadership,” Hume concluded.

In another recent interview, Hume said “I am quite surprised that anyone would suggest that Hillary Clinton did not perform important foreign policy work as first lady. I can state from firsthand experience that she played a positive role for over a decade in helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland.”

Recently, former Senator George Mitchell also validated Sen. Clinton’s claims that she was part of negotiating the peace process in Northern Ireland, after these claims were questioned. “She was helpful and supportive, very much involved in the issues, knew all of the delegates,” Mitchell said. “She accompanied President Clinton on each visit he made to Northern Ireland, made several visits of her own. Her greatest focus was on encouraging women in Northern Ireland to get in and stay in the political process, the peace process. And I have said publicly many times and wrote in my book, the role of women in the peace process in Northern Ireland was significant. It did make a difference in the process, so as I said I think it was a helpful and supportive role.”

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11 Responses to Clinton, Once Again, Gets Biggest Northern Ireland Validation of All

  1. Folkwolf101 says:

    Hillary does have the most experience in foregn and economic affairs, in all walks of politics. She is the fastest brains on Ccapital Hill and will surely lead this country out of its Bush-doldrums, beginning fast on day 1.

    Meanhile, does anyone understand that a great many of the youth vote that Obama has cornered also voted week after week for Sunjaya on American Idol? Does the Democratic party truly feel that they can rely on them come November? At least Hillary’s voters are true, old school, hard-core voters who will be there, come rain and snow.

  2. Eva says:

    This is not the first time Hume publicly states the above!

    In our society we claim equality, but women and their valuable contributions are not taken seriously, and women are indeed treated as second class citizens, so it is inconceiveable that a woman has the power to influence other women, who in turn can influence men. That is what has occurred here and that it is a BIG statement about men’s perceptions about women’s place.

    Like Hillary’s candidacy in this society where women’s perspectives, accomplishments and influence are not taken seriously and their efforts are undermined, Hillary’s very successful efforts to empower women around the globe are discounted and trivialized. Women are strong, stronger than men. Women are, in fact in charge of family and home – where would families be without us?

    The presidency is the last frontier for men – it is the last arena where their maleness is validated and put before us as a false symbol of superiority. And, Hillary is a pioneer who will not only show them by winning the nomination, but by changing the course of this country for the better.

  3. Norma Fernandez-Remo says:

    I agree. I think that Sen. Clinton is our best bet in electing America’s first woman president. If she loses the nomination and general election (if she gets nominated), it will take decades before another amazing woman comes along again to run for President, if ever. Sen. Clinton is our best chance. She’s also deserving of our trust and loyalty. She’s a work horse. She’ll do right by her people and her country. If she loses, I will vote Republican for the first time in my life. And lastly, I think James Carville is right. Richardson IS a Judas! If he doesn’t want to support Clinton, fine! But did he have to endorse her opponent? If he really considers the Clintons his friends and if he really wants to help unite the democratic party and not be divisive, why endorse B. Hussein O? I am truly disappointed in him. If you have friends like him, who needs enemies?

  4. Gus de Lauro says:

    Ouch! I bet you felt that Obama people! Twist and spin as the Repubs and Obamites may, the proof is in the pudding.

    And if the Wright incident wasn’t enough to persuade people who the better general election candidate is, check out this column from today’s San Jose Mercury News. In short, Hillary was right: Rush Limbaugh and his Dittohead minions should be careful what they wish for–they just may get it!

  5. Jack says:

    Obama aspires to be an inspirational leader, yet if you carefully search his history, you will see his nonexistant or weak responses to the issues he is supposed to be championing.
    1) Racial hatred….no leadership thus far in his lack of response to haters like Wright and Meeks…Speech on race only after his connection is exposed.
    2) slums….no leadership in getting rid of same although ALL poor including blacks etc are affected. In fact, has a close relationship with Rezko for 20 YEARS and buys a house with his help.
    3) Compares himself favorably to MLK. Please note:
    You don’t have to be President or a candidate for the Presidency to work for unity and racial justice. You all need to remember MLK and all he accomplished without any official office or title. -Martin Luther King’s speeches were only the tip of an iceberg that included meetings, strategy, peaceful protests, civil disobedience and marches that changed the dialog on race and influenced LBJ among others to change the law. He did the grueling, unglamorous work necessary behind the scenes.
    Remember, he was killed the day before he was going to picket with garbage workers fighting for fair wages.
    So ask yourself…what has Obama been waiting for? MLK was 39 when he was assassinated. Look at all he accomplished before he was killed. Obama is 46.

  6. Joseph says:

    The problem with the Obama campaign is that they know Obama doesn’t have experience. instead of trying to make the case for him, they instead focus on making the case against Hillary. Too bad they can’t really do that – as the Nobel Peace Prize winner has mentioned, Hillary was very involved in the peace process in Northern Ireland, whether the campaign wants to believe it or not.

  7. Jack says:

    Not so fast
    One thing is for sure. There cannot be any conventon without the delegates from Florida & Michigan being seated. The fairest way is to give the uncommitted delegates in MI to Obama and let the results in Florida stand as they are because both Obama’s name and Clinton’s name was on the ballot. In fact Obama was even putting ads on CNN in the state.. This is the method 5 used on the following web site :

    Clinton will have then 1688 & Obama will have 1744 total delegates.

    NOW LET US ASSUME THAT CLINTON GETS PA, WV , PR BY 20% AND IN & KY BY 10% EACH AND OR BY 5% AND OBAMA WINS SD & MT BY 25% , CLINTON WILL HAVE NET GAIN OF 45 IN THE REMAINING PRIMARIES.. This is possible because of the Wright affair, the support among whites has declined sharply for Obama. And population of blacks in all these great states is less than 5%. BY JUNE CLINTON WILL HAVE 1959 DELEGATES AND OBAMA WILL HAVE 1980 DELEGATES.

    There will be 372 Uncommited Super delegates at that time. . Upto this time Clinton has obtained 10 % more Super delegates than Obama. If we assume the same, CLINTON WILL WIN THE NOMINATION BY 2164 TO 2147 TOTAL DELEGATES. THERE WILL BE A DREAM TICKET WITH CLINTON ON TOP AND OBAMA AS VP AND WE WILL BEAT THE SH*T OUT OF THE REPUBLICANS CAPTURING BOTH THE SENATE & THE HOUSE WITH VETO PROOF MAJORITIES..
    . I am stating what has happened so far. In the General Election, Winner takes all the electoral votes. We can use the same method to decide who should be on top of the ticket. Cuurently Clinton has 267 electoral votes and Obama has 202 electoral votes based on the states they have already won using the same method as used in the GE. Assume that Hillary wins PA, WV, Indiana and Obama gets SD, NC , OR , MT , Clinton will have 308 electoral votes and Obama will have 230 Electoral votes by June 3. You know who should be on top of the DREAM ticket.Let us stop fighting and have the DREAM TICKET with CLINTON ON TOP. Any other way we not only lose the election but lose the house & the Senate. 25% of Democrats will move to Republicans like what happened to another anti-War extremist McGovern who lost all the states except Mass. Neither he country is ready for him nor he is ready for the country.

    Even if these numbers are off a little bit, because of the momentum shown by Hillary in the remaining Primaries and electibility of OBAMA in doubt because of the Wright affair, HILLARY WILL BE NOMINATED AS THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE . GOD BLESS AMERICA A MILLION TIMES !!!!!

  8. Janis says:

    “The fairest way is to give the uncommitted delegates in MI to Obama … ”

    I’m not seeing the logic of this, I have to admit. He may have been encouraging his people to vote uncommitted, but that doesn’t really mean anything. If he wasn’t running in Michigan, he wasn’t running in Michigan.

    God, I could pop Howard Dean one right now. I will cheerfully admit to being a Deaniac in 03/04, because the guy wasn’t just the bright-eyed upstart but had a great resume of accomplishments, including on controversial topics. Like Clinton, he was a two-fisted bruiser on the side of light, which the Dems badly need.

    But he’s just been a pinhead on this thing. *sigh*

  9. Kendall Johnson says:


    I don’t think Obama can beat McCain. Those Seniors in Florida will vote for McCain before voting for Obama. Also, Obama will loose hispanics and white women to McCain. We need Florida to win and or Ohio!!!

    Clinton could take Florida from McCain. She grabs the youth, Haspanic and Black vote. The Seniors they will split, he will do better with middle aged white men and she will do the same with white women. Women are a larger demographic, which gives her an edge. So she has an excellent chance of taking Florida in the Fall.

    All indications are that McCain would beat Obama in Florida. As we have seen in the recent past, Florida is a large pivital state that can and often does determine the presidency!!!!!! If they want to talk math, they better look closely at Florida, not to mention Ohio!!!!! Hillary is the only chioce!!!!!

  10. erin says:

    Because I live in Australia I don’t have a vote, but I can tell you that we need Hillary Clinton in the White House. She is the candidate who not only has the most experience in foreign policy, but from all accounts also has a social conscience. After almost eight years of seeing the decline in human rights (think Guatanamo Bay) both in Australia and in the US, it is time for a leader to be installed who will restore human dignity to politics. We made the change in Australia by voting out a Prime Minister who pandered to George W Bush’s every whim. We even went to war on his say-so. Now it is time for the US to take similar action by voting for Hillary Clinton as your President.

  11. Mike says:

    This article, rather than showing LEADERSHIP, in fact seems to DAMN HILLARY WITH FAINT PRAISE. Who decided to post this on the camaign website?!?! Do you really think it helps her!