The Potential First Lady: Is She A True Democrat?

Just watch this clip and tell me that Michelle Obama is a real Democrat. Maybe I’m just old school but I believe any Democrat worthy of the name votes for the nominee. Period. No question.

I oppose Senator Obama. I will vote for him if he’s the nominee. Period.

Just watch and perhaps you’ll wonder, like I do, if Mrs. Obama is really a Democrat.

Combine this with her campaign rally remark that “For the first time in my adult life, I am really proud of my country, because it feels like hope is making a comeback…” Combine this video, that ridiculous statement and I don’t want her to be my First Lady.

But I’ll still vote for her husband if he’s the Democratic Nominee. That’s my duty as a Democrat.

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22 Responses to The Potential First Lady: Is She A True Democrat?

  1. Diane Elayne Dees says:

    I don’t have a problem with Ms. Obama’s “for the first time in my life…” statement; I understand it. It may not have been politically cool, but I totally get it. It’s interesting, though, that her ambiguity about working to support a Clinton nomination got so little airplay and discussion. Maybe she isn’t a Democrat –there are other things to be besides a Democrat or a Republican (I am neither). But if she isn’t, I think we would know. And if she is, count it as another Obama campaign blunder that got a pass.

  2. Stuart

    I think Michelle Obama is quite inexperienced in the poltical realm and is simply making statements off the cuff that can be read in to in many ways.

  3. Sage Vote says:

    If a prospective first lady of this Great Country does not think she could support Hillary or stick by the demcratic party’s candidate, then why do we think Obama will bring unity to the party and to politics. Clearly his associates spew anger and adversary.

  4. Rachel says:

    She pisses me off.

    I watched that comment a few weeks ago when it was originally aired and I too was surprised it never got much traction with the media. Honestly, just to be in the spirit of being politically correct, she should have said she would support Hillary. Take the reverse example:

    If Bill Clinton were asked if he would support Obama if he wins the nomination, then he said “I’d have to think about it.” All hell would break loose. Are people not seeing the double standard here?

    Michelle just seems to “love this country” because her husband is scoring some points now. Imagining her as first lady…let me go get a brown paper bag.

  5. proseandpromise says:

    At least she didn’t endorse McCain like someone else I remember…who was that? Hmmm….let me know if you think of it.

  6. Hilary says:

    I’m SO glad someone has revisited this interview. I was floored when she said “I’d have to think about it.” Hey, it’s time for the Dems to get back in office. SHE’D HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT? Not a true Democrat. I think she exudes a lot of hostility in general and she completely turns me off.

    Where has she been the last few days? He keeps stepping in it…”typical white people” and she also seems to be just inexperienced in terms of judgement and the global/national politcal arena. There would have been outrage had Bill Clinton said this!! Thanks again………… and, as someone in the NYT recently wrote, it was Michelle Obama who brought up race before anyone else when she questioned why more black women, or more black people (in general) weren’t supporting her husband in those first few primaries.

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Engaged in the Clinton Campaign as a democrat and not ready to think she won’t win or even think about having to make that decision! Mrs. Obama threw negative inferences at Clinton and I won’t do that if Obama wins ! Guess we’ll get over it and keep an eye on his agenda and issues to make it happen!He said he doesn’t want everybody that agrees with him in there and that’d be me ! Agree to disagree but don’t be disagreeable!

  8. U.S. Army Captain says:

    I’m a black female Captain in the U.S. Army. I have served for over 20 years and I love my country…I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world.

    Obama and his links to Rev. Wright/Rezco is bad judgement….and blacks need to own up to it and STOP making excuses for Obama & Wright.

    Before this story broke, I spoke to my 14 & 12 year old daughters about not hanging around those who have a bad reputation or continuously do negative things, because others will believe they are the same way….Obama should have had the intelligence to also know this by now!

    Wright should NEVER use the pulpit to voice political rhetoric…regardless if they are true or not. The pulpit is ONLY for God’s word. I distastefully saw people…mostly young….crying, worshipping, and idolizing Obama at his rallies…calling him the Messiah. In my gut I saw trouble coming because of this.

    The ONLY Messiah is Jesus Christ. When Obama didn’t ask these young people to tone it down, and when he himself rellished from being in the spotlight….he lost my vote. NO ONE puts him/herself on a pedestal acting as if they are Jesus Christ…ONLY Jesus Christ can do that. And why on earth would a Christian preacher (Wright) give a lifetime achievement award to a Muslim……Farrakhan???? As a Christian, this is very suspicious to me.

    Futhermore, I also blame white college kids who are Obama’s core supporters. They also spew hate all over the Internet in defense of Obama 24/7. They blindfully supported Obama WITHOUT researching his platform….then alot of other whites followed suit.

    Bottom line….Obama needs to withdraw from the presidential race and the people of Illinois can deal with him and his Senate seat. Every candidate/man of God….including Obama and Wright, need to be held to the same standard…regardless of the color of their skin.

    If Obama was a white candidate….lets say Hillary Clinton and Wright was a white preacher….they would be fried by the media, black politicians and me….and rightfully so!
    I have been saying to family & friends for a year that Obama wasn’t ready YET to be President…maybe in 8 years or a Governorship FIRST. Remember, you never want to set a person up for failure.

    As a Captain in the Army, my superiors would never put me in a position that I wasn’t trained/ready for. The same should be the standard for the office of the Presidency. Experience for Obama is just NOT there yet. Sadly, Obama’s chances of holding a political office in the future is gone…probably forever.

  9. Stuart: I agree with Pamela. “I’d have to think about that” is far enough removed from a truly wrong answer that it’s better to give the lady the benefit of the doubt. Being on a stage like this all of a sudden would surely be a daunting experience for any of us.

  10. Larry says:

    As an African American male, I am insulted by the double standard that has been established in this primary season. Mr. Obama has been given pass after pass after pass. WHY, because as Ms. Ferrero said, in truth, He is black.

    If John Edwards gave the same speeches, and some of his speeches were very close to those of Mr. Obama, would he have received the overwhelming support that Mr. Obama has received. The obvious answer is NO. Taking this point further, would a junior white senator from ANY state, under the same circumstances presented by Mr. Obama, be able to garner the type of support he has? Again the answer is NO.

    So I ask you in truth, What is it that he has that no one else has?

    He is a very intelligent and charismatic politician, who has promised much in the way of change. It’s exactly what we want to hear, but rhetoric is just that. If elected President, he will have the power of the executive office, but not the control of congress and the courts.

    His calls for change are wonderful, but he is not the only voice seeking change. His approach is politically flawed, and he and all of his staff know this. He speaks volumes, but says little. Without the cooperation/coalition of a diverse faction he cannot be successful.

    While those factions have united behind the rhetoric, the unity will soon disapear when issues are prioritized. Everyone wants to be first, and if not addressed first, the unity will exit, stage left.

    The complex of guilt that is being shown, needs to take a back seat and honesty should and must prevail. No man or woman, no matter the color or creed should be elected based on that color, creed, or gender.

    If Mr. Obama cannot be elected based on who he is, and not what he is. If he cannot be elected based on his current ability, not past disability. If he cannot be elected based on the content of his character, and not the color of his skin, then we insult him and all those like him, and do ourselves and this country a grave disservice.

    Having said this, if Mr. Obama is the nominee of the party, I will support him, but my support comes not based on who he is, or what his gender or color is, and the bottom line for ALL is “Can you say the same?”

  11. Joe says:

    Thank you
    I am not a Die-Hard Democrat. I registered Democrat in Oct 2007.
    When I 1st registered in 1982 I thought The Republican party spoke of self determination, then I learned that it had become the new american facist party.
    I did not vote for Pres Clinton, but I did vote for Senator Clinton and will again if she is the nominee.
    We have to ask ourselves who has shown the commitment and judgement that really exemplifies the American value of “we are the american family” “we admire initiative” “we will stand with you in your time of need” “we will expect, and help you achieve” “we will forgive, but not excuse”. Senator Clinton has shown by her actions that she qualifies on all these basic american values.
    I have no issue voting for a black man or woman.
    I wish I lived in a more diverse area.
    I have an issue with a man sitting for 20 years listening to a sermon of anti-american and devisive racist tirades.
    Senator Obama had not only chosen this for himself
    but for his children as well,
    if elected what will he chose for the american public?

  12. Eakarach says:

    I have no idea why most white kid support Obama in the first place? I think Obama is the most overate candidate in the america history.

  13. Nathan says:


    Clindon did not endorse McCain. She said that both she and McCain crossed the C-in-C threshold and that Obama would have to make his own case (Regardless of what we think of McCain, it is accepted as a given that he has crossed that line). That is it. How did Obama and people like you react? By distorting what she said and refusing to prove Obama’s case for being qualified.

    I swear, after McPeak’s bizarre attack upon Bill Clinton, it seems as if Obama expects the Clinton camp to campaign on his behalf. Never mind the fact that it is the Obama camp that has repeatedly smeared Clinton, trying to cripple her candidacy. No double standard there.

  14. proseandpromise says:

    How is that not an endorsement? “McCain is qualified, I don’t know if Obama is…but if I lose I’ll support Obama.” You talk like this “threshhold” or line is something concrete we can measure or know about objectively. It isn’t. It’s invented rhetoric. THere is a reason that a larger number of Clinton supporters would cross-over to McCain than Obama supporters. Their candidate has been saying OVER and OVER that Obama is not ready. So whinning about a nuanced answer by a first lady is pretty insane.

  15. Nathan: Get a grip. Right now McCain is shaping up to get the same diehard group of people who feel that BUSHCO is still on the right track, and probably not one toher vote.

    Dude, that ain’t going to put another Republican in the Whitehouse.

  16. Eakarach says:

    I truly hope Hillary will b ours nominee. so we don’t have 2 put up with Obama and his wife Michelle.

  17. I want to thank all for a great discussion on the topic. See how civil and informed a blog comment string can be if the blog is run as an open place for all to comment. That’s the Democratic Daily! Bless it, it’s about the last place to accept varying views with politeness.

    To the substance: We have two African-Americans on this string. What an interesting development. We don’t hear much about minority support for HRC except in the Latino community.

    Thanks for being readers. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    I’ve been off-line for a few days or I’d have been posting too.


  18. Janis says:

    No, that comment wasn’t off the cuff; it was completely calculated. (Eek, that word that’s always applied to Hillary Clinton as if she were some sort of machinelike gorgon.)

    Michelle Obama is probably roughly my age; I have been proud of my country a few times since I grew into adulthood, but they have been few and far between.

    The problem is that they have all been during the Clinton adminsitration, the only Democratic administration for the past thirty-almost years.

    If Michelle Obama had stated the more accurate truth that she has been proud of her country very few times in her adult life, she would have been pressed to name the times she had been. Every single one of those times would have been from 1992 to 2000 and hence Clinton’s campaign would have seized on them as grist for their mills.

    As a consequence, she was very, very careful to say “for the first time in my adult life” because that neatly amputated the period between 1992-2000 when the US did a few things right.

    Completely calculated — unlike them, I don’t consider that to be an indication of pure coalhearted evil. The problem here is the hypocrisy that calls Clinton a cunning snake when she chooses her words carefully, while anyone named Obama gets a pass for what is the exact same surgical word choice.

  19. Janis says:

    Larry, I agree that Obama has been making his race work for him, but I think it’s not just that — his race is an advantage because he is in a contest with a woman.

    Black men and white women have been pawns for decades (white black women placed into whichever category lets them get as little support as possible). The fact that Obama is black gives white people (mostly men, but a few women with serious problems) an excuse to savage the hell out of Hillary Clinton and still call themselves liberals. In their heart of hearts, they couldn’t give a damn for the obstacles that confront black men in this countrry. He just makes an attractive bludgeon to go after someone else. Like when white men used white women and our supposed saintly sexual purity as bludgeons to send black men to jail and kill them.

    We’ve been pawns set against one another for decades — but without us both, they are left simply being the hateful creatures they are instead of pretending to care deeply about one at the expense of the other. Without both of us on the stage, they are exposed as both racist and sexist. Unfortunately, this primary contest has give them free reign.

    It reminds me of the old book “To Kill a Mockingbird.” The black man was sent to jail, the white woman was raped and beaten repeatedly by her father. Only the white male justice system triumphed. And without a black man to take the blame or a white woman forced to strke out at anyone to keep frmo being raped and beaten one more time, the whole game would fall apart. It’s all so depressing, and it just pits us against one another.

    I could say “if we let it,” but I don’t know how to avoid it if the playing field is set out for us. It’s like telling someone that they could walk through a minefield if only they just pretended the mines weren’t there. Well, they are. Pretending won’t make them go away. And I don’t WANT to blow my own leg off, and I don’t WANT to blow yours off either. And I’m seeing more and more white men shaking my belief that they are always and only my enemy.

    I fear we’ll lose either way, but I’ll be left with the cold comfort of two or three newspapers articles that make me think that maybe everyone isn’t entirely irredeemable. It’s just not enough anymore.

  20. Eakarach says:


  21. Janis says:

    Can we please keep the content-free, nasty invective to a minimum here? This is like the Nth comment you’ve made in a row that adds nothing to the discourse but only badmouths people with a string of crude insults.

  22. Eakarach

    As the Owner/Editor of this blog I will reiterate what Janis said above. One of your comments has been removed, please steer clear of all insults and bashing or you will be put on moderation and all of your comments will have to be approved before they appear.