Obama and Wright, and the Donkey in the Living Room

I abhor racism. I also abhor sexism, misogyny, gay-hating (“homophobia” is too soft a word), and anti-Semitism. So it is within this context that I address the Jeremiah Wright issue. It makes me sad and angry that people consider Obama’s mentor to be a terrible person because he blames America … Continue reading

Disenfranchisement Is More Than Regrettable, Governor

Per Mark Halperin, Governor Napolitano claims that the MI and FL situation is “regrettable”. Are you kidding me? An elected governor claiming that ignoring the voters of MI and FL for the doings of their legislators is only “regrettable”? Wow! Sorry, Governor. That’s morally bankrupt. Rules are rules, of course. … Continue reading

Bill Clinton’s Distorted Statement Defended

Bill Clinton made a statement on the campaign stump the other day that has been distorted by the Obama camp. Go figure… For all intents and purposes the Obama camp always claims to be above the fray, but we know better don’t we. Karen Tumulty notes a defense of Bill … Continue reading