Bill Clinton’s Distorted Statement Defended

Bill Clinton made a statement on the campaign stump the other day that has been distorted by the Obama camp. Go figure… For all intents and purposes the Obama camp always claims to be above the fray, but we know better don’t we.

Karen Tumulty notes a defense of Bill Clinton’s statement coming from “a most unlikely quarter“:

Kathleen Parker at National Review, who actually heard his speech Friday night in Charlotte, writes that accounts of it have been distorted:

In no way did I interpret Clinton’s remarks as questioning Obama’s patriotism. Clinton was making the case for his wife’s electability against McCain, who last time I checked is the presumptive Republican nominee and her challenger should she win the Democratic nomination. He may have intentionally bypassed Obama in his leap to match Hillary against McCain, but he didn’t say anything that could be construed as questioning Obama’s patriotism. The sequence went as follows: He noted that Hillary polls ahead of McCain in Ohio and Florida and also that McCain leads “Hillary’s opponent” (I quit typing here and don’t recall exactly which states he mentioned in that part of his comment.) His point, obviously, was that Hillary should be the nominee and, in that case, she and McCain would face each other in the final contest.

Here’s the AP story that has stirred the controversy.

Mark Halperin also notes today that Barack Obama, “Blames Clinton for negative turn of race, but apparently missed his own campaign manager talking about Clinton on Friday conference call, where David Plouffe said there’s a “real character gap” and she has a “history of misleading voters.””

It’s getting old, so very old, the feigning of innocence and being above the fray, that comes from Obama and his camp.

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7 Responses to Bill Clinton’s Distorted Statement Defended

  1. JoeCitizen says:

    a most unlikely quarter, indeed.

    National Review. You are impressed with that?

    You think Ms. Parker’s interpretation is dispositive in some way? Why is that? Because she is suddenly a disinterested objective observer?

    here is a hint for you. The right wing has an interest in doing whatever they can to keep the illusion going that the Dem nomination is still up in the air. And they have, for the fall, the interest in dissing Obama at every turn.

    Thinking people dont take hackery like that very seriously. Why do you?

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    I should let you know, this isn’t a spam bot. I’ve actually read your post and think it is interesting.

  3. anna shane says:

    Even though this ‘interpretation’ was discredited yesterday, (he was talking to Republican vet’s and trying to get them to see Hillary as commander in chief material without saying anything bad about McCain) Maureen Dowd managed to take it as fact that Bill was secretly taking a dig at Obama. I wondered to myself, how might he have made that point without giving Obama a chance to play the victim. Perhaps, Obama by the way is also patriotic, would that not be seen as sarcastic? Or Obama is a sensitive guy and I’m not speaking about him at this time, or doubting his patriotism, would that not be seen as condescending? It would take a Jesuit to figure out how to do to Obama’s satisfaction, but I’d bet they’d end up saying, ignore him, if don’t speak about him he can’t take offense. But he could, and did, and he could sell it with a media that agrees with his blatant attacks, she’d do anything to be elected, doesn’t need to be spun into an attack, what does ‘anything’ mean to you? In general use it means you’d throw your mom under a bus, no? It’s a very ugly thing to say about the first female candidate with a viable chance of becoming president and one who has been a public servant from her college years. I must say for a man who says we can do anything, a problem of seeing no way to permit voters in Michigan and Florida vote again eats into his message more than Bill Clinton talking about how many military officers have endorsed his wife. .

  4. Eakarach says:

    Obama is so desperate to distract any attention away from his pastor Wright comment. How can anyone support this man,after what we know about him as a person and who he hang out with?

  5. Alegre says:

    For some reason, Sen. Obama seems to think that everything Bill & Hillary Clinton (and anyone associated with them) says somehow relates to HIM.

    He’s had a rotten week so he’s grabbing on to anything he can to move the news off of his troubles – even manufactured outrage. This happens every time someone starts asking quesitons about his background, record or past judgments. It really is getting stale.


  6. I’m still coming down on the side of Obama.

    That having been said I think that he, like both McCain and Clinton deserve the title “politician” in every sense of the word.

    Also, I can in no way countenance the decision to not figure out a way to get Michigan and Florida Democrats happily back into the fold.

  7. dgavidia3 says:

    This is a stretch for the Obama people, they were the ones who questioned Obama’s patriotism by making Bill Clinton’s comment public. I didn’t hear anything negative about what he said, they did, and ran with it in hopes that it would deflect the attention away from his pastor problem, no dice because I dont’ think to many people are buying this crap anymore, except maybe MSNBC’s Olberman and Matthews.
    I do find it funny how the media is talking about the comment and questioning wether it was about Obama but no one is shinning any light onto the personal attacks against Hillary. Questioning her honesty and integrity so blatanly. Again I find it hilarious that he is trying to play the victim. I am so tired of his crap, I just wish someone would call him out on that but sadly the media wont because somehow he has turned himself into this holier than dow subject who deserves the utmost respect, and everyone turns a blind eye when he doesn’t reciprocate that respect to her.