Obama and Wright, and the Donkey in the Living Room

I abhor racism. I also abhor sexism, misogyny, gay-hating (“homophobia” is too soft a word), and anti-Semitism. So it is within this context that I address the Jeremiah Wright issue. It makes me sad and angry that people consider Obama’s mentor to be a terrible person because he blames America for the plight of African Americans. He is, after all, correct; this is a very racist country. When I see blog and forum postings about how Obama would “only look after his own” if he were elected, it makes me sick. And I am sorry that people are up in arms over Wright because he calls things the way they are with regard to race.

However, that does not mean that I can embrace Jeremiah Wright, for he also has other issues that, sadly, do not appeal to racists or to the news media, and therefore do not get any attention. One of Mr. Wright’s most inflammatory statements is that Sen. Clinton “has never been called a n****r.” Well, no, she has not. But she has been called all manner of vile things that women-haters call women and girls. She is called a bitch at every turn, there is a T-shirt that refers to her as a whore, and another one that suggests she be murdered by a husband.

Most shocking is a 527 called Citizens United Not Timid (check out the acronym), founded by Roger Stone, whom MSNBC had on as a political “analyst.” Of course, a woman’s body part should not be an offensive term, but in our misogynistic society, it is, so if Hillary Clinton has not been called a “n*****r,” how dare Jeremiah Wright not understand that she has suffered the same verbal abuse as African Americans have. And in this campaign, she has endured much more verbal abuse than Barack Obama. Because, as I have written before, public statements of racism are forbidden in this country, but public statements of sexism and misogyny are just fine. There are no talking head “jokes” about Obama’s hair or his love of basketball. There are no anti-Obama bumper stickers and T-shirts, filled with vile hate language, for sale. The worst the Obama-haters can do is make bumper stickers about Muslims, which–though offensive–are few and far between when compared with the pornography being sold about Clinton.

So Mr. Wright’s dismissal of the misogyny directed at Clinton tells me a lot about him–mainly, for him, the dignity of women and girls simply does not count. That makes him sexist, at the least, and perhaps worse.

Then there is the matter of Louis Farrakhan, who–despite his denials–is clearly anti-Semitic. Wright’s church holds Farrakhan up as an idol for the African American community. Again, I will give Farrakhan a pass for his disdain for Caucasian people; I despise the patriarchy, and perhaps Farrakhan and Wright share my uncomfortable balance of holding a class of people in disdain while cherishing and respecting individuals within that class. Farrakhan, however, has not only made inflammatory comments about Jews, he also embraces a religion that preaches male dominance and enforces strict gender roles.

A number of so-called liberals are waving their hands in the air and screaming “What did you expect him to do? Leave his church because of the pastor?” My answer would be a simple “yes.” I also do not understand politicians who claim to be feminist, but who belong to churches who subjugate women (that would include several Democratic Party leaders, including a couple of otherwise admirable presidential candidates), so I cannot single out Obama as having one foot in “liberal” politics and the other in the world of male domination.

These same outraged people are saying that Sen. Clinton should call for “an end to the racism.” But they have never, in this campaign–not once–asked that Sen. Obama call for an end to the sexism and an end to the misogyny, nor has he–on his own–made any attempt to do so. The hypocrisy inherent in this rhetoric is glaring, but neither the liberals nor the news media notices it. America has a long, long way to go when it comes to racism, but when those who fight against it cannot bring themselves to fight equally–or even to fight at all–against sexism and misogyny, it is a very sad situation.

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12 Responses to Obama and Wright, and the Donkey in the Living Room

  1. Peter says:


    Wright controversy is also a FOX fabrication

    Please do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes of your time to see and hear the FULL SERMONS of Obama’s Pastor and then let your conscious speak. As a Christian this is your moral duty. Hope fully you as FOX EXECUTIVES will then pass this on to Hannity & Co-conspirators.

    Re: God Damn America

    Re: The chickens have come to roost

    I read watch your TV on a regular bases Yes! in Politics (people, newspapers etc.) often differ in opinions. This is natural human trait. BUT to manipulate and give out false news and info is very distressing especially when it concerns ones faith.

    I am a non-christian & it does bother me when Christians bash other Christians with false accusations. May God bless you and open up your heart. If you have to say something, do it —but do it without a prejudiced mind.

    PS: VERY IMPORTANT : Worth checking this out
    Neo Nazi/White Supremacist Hal Turner Confirms Friendship And Kinship With Sean Hannity of FOX NEWS.
    Reported by Ellen —Just Google “News Hounds”

  2. green bean says:

    If anyone else makes the same speech on race, he or she would probably be slammed a racist. Not able to look beyond race will always be a victim of it. The speech reflects the ambition of a man, attempts to turn a terrible and divisive situation to an advantage. The speech does more divide than unite. Instead of embracing diversity, it opens old wounds. In many cases, language is the tool to bridge racial harmony with all races, white-black-red-brown-yellow. Bill Crosby has once said (don’t phrase me I could be wrong) “don’t blame others for your own failure”. Blame a race for the shotcoming of another race prevails racism to no end. Poverty and racism are two different things. Anger and bitterness generated from poverty have little to do with race. ‘Your dreams at the expense of my dreams’ applies sometimes to whites, sometimes to blacks. European explorations, cowboys and Indians, slavery and Confederation, are all part of American history. The making of a nation. An undeniable past. But they are not the culture of America. Any validation of the Rev.’s remarks can only be justified when America is not as one.

    Media are supposedly the watchdog of the government not the guard dog. Pull away the curtain, there is a whole culture of corruptions underway. Lots of hidden agendas and interests are at stake behind the two campaigns. Firm hands control, weak hands deprave.

  3. Diane; Thank you for this post. It is accurate and important.

  4. Mark says:

    Hi Diane and All: Diane, thank you for keeping the spotlight on sexism in the United States and how it IS more acceptable than racism at this time. It is truly unfortunate, and just like racism’s ongoing demise, sexism’s progressive demise will come from keeping the spotlight on it.

    However, unfortunately, sexism is so completely supported by commerical enterprises (marketing of products, etc.) that it is far more embedded in our society than racism. I am not aware of any successful marketing schemes that utilize objectification of black people to sell a product or racism being used to sell a product. Tell me if I am wrong on that.

    In my writings, I have been calling for Senator Obama to denounce sexism as strongly as he denounces racism. So far, he has had many opportunities to do so, but has steered clear of it. Why? Until I am told otherwise, I can only conclude that his disciplined silence on sexism is due to a clear-cut decision to NOT mention such things since it might “elevate” his opponent (Senator Clinton). I see it as a pure political calculation which, if it is (I assume it is until told otherwise), is a huge red-flag regarding Obama’s integrity.

    With respect to the links that you provided to CafePress.com’s t-shirts displaying sexist and misogynist trash, you picked some of the tamer ones. If you want to get a better picture of what is out there (way before the general elections, by the way), check this link Anti-Hillary 1 at ConservativeBuys.com, a site supported by CafePress.com and then compare it to how “tame” the anti-Obama products are at the same website — Anti-Obama at ConservativeBuys.com, a site supported by CafePress.com.

    Prima facie evidence of how much more acceptable sexism is in our society.

  5. Hilary says:

    Diane — You have echoed so many of my thoughts EXACTLY. I think Barack Obama long ago should have said — “hey I haven’t been through anything compared to what she has had to put up with.” That would have led to an honest discussion about gender. He seems very determined to have honest discussions about race. But then, that is a much more convenient dialogue for him. NO ONE would dispute that what she has had flung at her has been so much harsher than anything he’s been subjected to. And yet she’s still there. Why? Foolish woman that she is, she must really feel she has something to offer this country. You really find out just how sick many people are when you consider the things they come up with to smear her.

    I agree completely with your take on Rev. Wright as well. Of course she hasn’t been called that. She’s a white woman. I guess he’s holding that against her. It is frightening to consider the vitriol that is directed against women in America and even more frightening to contemplate how many women don’t seem to mind or even notice. I remember my “h-ha” moment very clearly. Thanks so much for a great commentary. I appreciate your insight.

  6. Jessica says:

    Maybe Hillary should address the issue of sexism more directly in her speeches to bring the issue out in the open. I don’t know that Barack Obama could speak as persuasively on the issue as Hillary could and I think he would be attacked as being patronizing even if he tried.

  7. Diane Elayne Dees says:

    Jessica, I’m sure that the Clinton campaign has made a decision for Hillary to stay quiet because anything she says will “prove” that she is a “self-made victim,” as all feminists are now being called. The rules of this campaign (and any American debate, for that matter): Complain about racism, and some will call you a whining victim, but liberals will call you justified; complain about sexism and misogyny, and everyone will call you a whining victim.

    All the same, if she had attacked the matter early, and made it clear that every vile, misogynistic insult toward her is a vile insult toward all women and girls, she might have had something. But she didn’t, and I understand why.

  8. hummingbirdv says:


    thank you. I immediately had red flags go up when I heard the comment by Wright about “never been called a N_ _ _ _ _ .” So glad someone else noticed as well.

    All of this hatred for women that is not talked about or even noticed by most, or excused by the rest, is disheartening and alarming. I have not heard of a single instance where people at the back of a BO town hall yelled out “Hey, Boy, come shine our shoes, ” Or how about this one….
    “How do we beat the Nig_ _ _ .” It would be so offensive, as it rightly should be, and WOULD NOT BE TOLERATED.

    Yet, it is OK to treat Hill this way (and by proxy all women). Just saw an ad on one of the blog sites that was selling toilet paper with Hill’s face on each sheet. Well, as Dolores Huerta said in an interview (she co-founded the United Farm Workers with Cesar Chavez) in Calif. right before primary there, “I’m voting for Hillary because no matter the color, it’s still the old boy’s club”

    You said it Dolores.

    Thanks again Diane. Let’s see many more brave souls there are out there who are willing to notice what is going on.

  9. Janis says:

    And I’ll bet my retirement savings that Obama has never — as I have — been called a whore, a cunt, a slut, a sperm receptable, a carpet-muncher (that one was rather fun), a goddamned dyke, a fat-ass ugly dyke bitch, somebody who needs to get a love of sex raped into me, or any of a variety of other charming things that this world has been throwing at people who wear my genitals since time immemorial.

    Not that Wright’d care. That’s normal. That’s the normal and healthy workings of God’s creation for women to be subjeted to sick, revolting, threatening sex-based hate speech.

    Hey, here’s an idea — how about we GET RID OF ALL HATE SPEECH instead of belittling any one kind? Wanna give that one a go?

  10. Jessica says:

    Diane: I agree that it would not be an easy thing for Hillary to do for some, but not all, of the reasons you suggest. But if sexism is so ugly and pervasive (which I believe it is) do you think she can or should continue to avoid the issue should she become president? By then any real/perceived disadvantage to her campaign has passed. If she doesn’t step up to talk about it then, who will?

  11. Diane Elayne Dees says:

    But if sexism is so ugly and pervasive (which I believe it is) do you think she can or should continue to avoid the issue should she become president?

    Absolutely not. I should hope it would be part of her agenda to do something about it–anything

  12. Eakarach says:

    Why would anybody vote for Obama anyway? let me remind some of u who is his friend were. Tony Resko,Al Shaprton,Jesse Jackson,Louise Farrakhan and Rev.Wright.