Has Anyone Noticed?

Has anyone noticed that Hillary is thriving?

One certainly wouldn’t get this impression from the mainstream media or the progressive blogosphere. It’s the usual Hillary bashing magnified. Now they hold her singularly responsible for deconstructing the democratic party. Why doesn’t she just drop out and get it over with?

Well, the answer is clear to me. She’s not going to drop out because she is on target to win Pennsylvania, Indiana, West Virginia and North Carolina. She’s not going to drop out because she is being received with open arms wherever she campaigns. Have you noticed? The applause is thundering. She’s not going to drop out because she is the consummate politician who keeps on keeping on. Her optimism knows no bounds. Have you noticed that she is always smiling? Yes, it’s true. She is thriving on this campaign! She’s not going to drop out because she has made a firm commitment to the American people and because she knows that she is our best hope for America. She has real solutions to our all too real problems. Her spirit is amazing. Between briefings and fund-raising events, she is deeply engaged with the American people. . . .always listening, always recognizing the struggle of the individual.

I’ve taken a personal break from phone calls and blogging, not because I’m discouraged, but because I’m getting a few things done, recharging my energy, getting ready for the big push for Pennsylvania. I, too, want to be thriving when I pick up that phone for Hillary. I try to stay away from the mainstream media, other than to quickly peruse the stories to see what they are selling today. If I get discouraged, I remind myself of who owns them, and I refer instead to my own sources for news.

I feel deeply touched by this courageous woman who is Hillary Clinton and by the commitment of Bill Clinton and Chelsea. I am amazed at Bill Clinton’s willingness to take the hits of the Obama campaign. I am privileged to be able to make my small contributions to Hillary’s campaign and to travel this road with her.

For those of you who have felt disconnected, know that there is a very active community in every state that is gearing up. Here in the San Francisco Bay area, we have a local organizing meeting on March 29th. It’s purpose: to help us feel more connected to one another. Instead of JoAnne in her office making calls, it’s JoAnne working with an entire group of committed others making calls. That’s different. Very different. Hillary is holding two major fund raisers here as well: April 2nd and 3rd. Yes, she really needs more money. She has often relied on the San Francisco Bay area for financial support, and now she is reaching out, during this final push, for more. Please do what you can and be willing to encourage your friends to contribute. Your small contribution will help change the world.

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19 Responses to Has Anyone Noticed?

  1. Janis says:

    This is like being on a rollercoaster naked with no seatbelt. I swing wildly mood-wise, depending on what I’ve encountered last. Actual fact-based stuff and political discourse leaves me a bit more calm and optimistic. Visiting ANY soi-disant feminist arenas online leaves me disgusted and ready to blame every woman everywhere for our own degradation.

    The one thing that I keep thinking of over and over, every time this topic comes up, like a touchstone, is the simple fact that Hillary Clinton will never give up. The woman embodies, as I’ve observed before, the old saying that all you have to do in order to succeed is to get up one more time than you’re knocked down. She amazes me. Amazes and humbles. I don’t yet know whether she’s just possessed of more tenacity and dedication than General Patton or is just crazy. A little of both, I think. But damn it, that woman astonishes me.

  2. fester says:

    Hey there — I wrote the piece that you linked to and dismissed as “usual Hillary bashing magnified” and I strongly disagree with that characterization as I see the post that I wrote as an explanation of the incentive structure behind Clinton’s decision process and a reasonable assessment of the odds of success. After Super Tuesday, and after the net delegate wash of March, she has a very weak hand within the rule set of the DNC, but she is playing it well. It just won’t do her much

  3. tjproudamerican says:

    Hillary will never give up. The Democratic Party will also never recover from this election.

    The Republicans could run a senile old man against the Democratic Candidate and win; they are and they will, Hillary or not.

    I do not blame Hillary for her ambition any more than I blame Obama, but she was seen before this race as a “deeply divisive figure”. Blamo Obama, blame the MSM, blame Bill’s wandering zipper, blame Global Warming. She has proven that she can divide the Democrats.

    So has Obama by opposing her, so this split will live on until the voters who don’t have an opinion on The Clinton’s are the majority.

  4. Fester

    I added the links to JoAnne’s post as the editor here and I linked to you because you pointed to what other progressive bloggers are doing — not because you were doing it in your post. Hope that makes sense.

  5. Gilbert Martinez says:

    It is interesting how the more the Blog Boyz say Hillary should just go away, the more resolute her supporters become. They donate more, make more phone calls, register more people to vote, etc. As much as it annoys me when they try to force Hillary out, I’m actually hoping they keep it up. It almost always gets Hill a few more points at the polls. It’s also revealing them for what they really are and it’s not a pretty picture in many cases.

  6. Janis says:

    tjproudamerican, perhaps you can answer for me my one (itching, burning) question about the Clintons:

    Why are so many supposed Democrats/liberals ready to hate on the one Dem who actually won an election in the past almost-thirty years?

    WTF is so bad about anyone named Clinton? He’s the only Dem who actually WON. Heavens, how unseemly. Better shun him right quick, and anyone with the same last name. He’s got the icky stench of victory clinging to him.

  7. Erica Leigh says:

    Hallelujah! Hillary is thriving!

    She has what it takes to turn this country around. She has the brains, coupled with experience; the toughness, tempered by compassion; and the skills, fortified by her faith and hard work, to lead this country out of its current morass. I firmly believe she will restore the United states both domestically and abroad.

    I will keep on keeping on just as Senator Clinton does. This race is neck and neck and there is no way she should bow out now when she is fighting for the future of the United States of America.

    To the Obama campaign: You touted a “fifty state strategy.” How about a fifty state race? Of course that would mean ensuring that the voters of Michigan and Florida were counted. True democrats would support that, and Hillary Clinton does.

  8. DET says:

    Don’t forget the people like me who were vehement Edwards supporters who frankly didn’t care which of the other 2 left got the nomination when he dropped out but then with an objective eye of what was really happening once we had no horse in the race saw the dirtiest politics we’ve ever known from Barack Obama hiding under the guise of being above politics, falsely painting a couple who had dedicated their lives to public service and the Democratic party (and helped him!) as racists to shore up the AA vote and continued to do so unchallenged, being the “clean candidate” while tearing apart the party and slinging mud like none other. The assault on the Clintons from the left, right and MSM offended many of us who were not originally her supporters to the point of becoming some of her strongest. And then of course, she could have one the GE, he doesn’t stand a chance. Audacity of Fraud. Is McKinney in it this time? I’m tired of being called a racist because I’m not so easily fooled by this charlatan, maybe voting for her will settle that.

  9. DET says:

    One = won.

  10. reality based says:

    One of the most incisive posts I’ve read about the candidates. The more optimistic candidate usually prevails in American elections. The sour negativity emanating from the Obama campaign, the haughty body language in debates and personal appearances, and the tone of offended entitlement brought into focus by the Wright affair has been a giant turnoff in my opinion. Hillary bounces into the room prepared to listen, to encourage, to serve. I can sense the mood turning, just like it did here in the last days before the March 4th Primary. I just got an email from President Clinton asking that I consider increasing the contribution I had made this morning by another 150%. Your post sealed the deal. The additional contribution will soon be on its way.

  11. RealityBased said ‘…the haughty body language in debates and personal appearances, and the tone of offended entitlement…’

    What an insightful statement among many in this comment string.

  12. hummingbirdv says:

    Yes, it is wonderful, Hillary is thriving. Not sure how she does it…actually I think I do. It is absolutely her passion and life work to be of service in government for her country and fellow Americans. The gruelling schedule, lack of sleep, constant hate mongering, would have left in the dust months ago anyone of any sex or color who did not LOVE and BELIEVE in what they were doing.

    Just look at her… she is radiant and beautiful. She’s the real deal. If America can’t see that …we don’t deserve her.

    Go Hillary Go!

  13. Stuart: I spend so much time just trying to get by that I can’t watch the details like you have. Any chance that what you’re looking at is just a very high level of confidence.? The dude was number one in his class at Harvard Law, as I understand it.

  14. JR says:

    Hillary is fraud and scandal queen nothing else. She will fight for herself. Not for men or women or country but for HERSELF. She is good only in one thing make it believe…but now with her funny story about Tuzla trip or her NAFTA support…
    When you listen her speeches and follow her votes in Senate well she most of the time was nearer to Republicans than Democrats.
    Her health plan is like from book of communist party in old times of Eastern Europe and her main income for campaign comes from lobbyists. Well but mainly that she gets her way to steel the nomination. If you believe she can win in general election then you are the dreamer.
    Her campaign is not positive at all and she may better to take some role in Hollywood instead of Senate.

  15. JR

    Thanks for sharing. Hillary Clinton’s health plan is hardly like “communist party in old times of Eastern Europe” — you are showing your right wing colors with that one.

  16. ben peak says:

    ah no I didn’t notice. But if Hillary get’s an edge it will be thanks to Rush Limbaugh!

  17. Janis says:

    Well ben, it’ll be the first time since his diaper went into a landfill and became fertilizer that Rush did a good turn for the world.

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  19. dgavidia3 says:

    It bothered me alot when the Obama campaign tried and pretty much succeeding in painting the Clinton’s out as racists because I know that that is the furthest thing from the truth. It really bothered me when they turned the only Democrat since Jimmy Carter and the first in a long time to win re-election into this hateful person who doesn’t care about the democratic party when we wouldn’t have much of a party if he hadn’t won.
    The Obama campaign has tried and succeeded in playing dirty politics because the mainstream media will not cover the low blow political campaign he is running. New kind of Politics? Above the fray? please, his campaign has been as dirty as any other in recent history. Now, I know that her campaign hasn’t been clean either, But I do know that she never promised to run a clean campaign, mostly because I think she knew that was near impossible. He on the other hand made that promise and broke it rather blatenly as soon as the race began
    I have been a Hillary suppporter for as long as I can remember and I am only 22 years old. I know she is not perfect and I have read and heard every single negative comment ever about her and every single time I hear them it just makes me more sure about her. It makes me respect her more because for as long as I can remember there has been Hillary bashing, a national past time in this country just like baseball, and she keeps on coming back for more. Everytime people think she’s finally down for the count she stands right back up and continues to fight.