Shhh… Don’t let her opponent know… “Clinton stresses party unity in Pennsylvania.” Too bad Obama isn’t calling for party unity too. But we know better than to expect that, don’t we?

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4 Responses to Shhh…

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  2. Janis says:

    Unity under him. Although I have to admit, I’m so angry with his bot-followers (and increasingly with him) that I’ll have a hard time swallowing it if he gets the nom. How fucking good does a woman have to BE before she gets the goddamned job?! Does she have to turn water into wine before anyone gives a damn?

  3. Turning water into wine is not a bad start. What else you got?

  4. John P says:

    Clinton has been good about reiterating this call for unity throughout her campaign. I know Obama has also said this, but not as ofter as Clinton has, or at least has been reported in what i read.

    We have to be ready to close ranks around either one and kick some ass this fall!