Hillary Clinton and Microcredit Loans

Last night I was in the company of friends, one of which is apparently an Obama supporter. That’s the only way I could explain the frequent snide, demeaning comments at Hillary’s expense. I didn’t confront this person because its pretty pointless at this point. We already voted, being Californians, and few hard core Obama supporters care to truly engage us ignorant folk. (As Matt Yglesias, would say, we just need to be shown the way by “credible Party leaders”.)

When I do find someone serious about discussing Hillary, I always bring up her championing of microcredit and Mohammed Yunus. While most people are unaware of the 2006 Nobel Peace prize winner, he’s important in any discussion of Hillary Clinton. Why? Well, FrenchDoc at Corrente has a good review of the latest Yunus book:

When she was first lady of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton did not just organize tea parties (contrary to what passes now for “common knowledge”). She had heard of a Bangladeshi economist who had introduced a great idea to help people out of poverty in Bangladesh and she thought his ideas might help the poor in Arkansas. The economist was Muhammad Yunus and the idea was microcredit. She was instrumental in introducing Yunus to Bill Clinton and they developed a program of microcredit in Arkansas. Yunus mentions her in every one of his books (with photos).

This is why I want Hillary to be president. Because I want a president with intellectual curiosity, looking around the world for the next good idea to solve problems. So, here it is, the shamefully long review of Yunus’s latest book.

Read the entire review. Some of us “common folk” want Hillary to be president for a reason.

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4 Responses to Hillary Clinton and Microcredit Loans

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    I, too, support micro-loans. They are a good thing & we could use them up here in northern Wisco. The last seven years have been hell on us, in fact, I’d venture to say that since Reagan we’ve not done so well. I’m glad you are talking about this important issue. A constant curiosity about everything, or at least as much as a person can stand, is a good thing. I would venture to bet that both remaining candidates in the Democratic nomination process support micro-loans as well.

  2. coldH2Owi says:

    Quick update: please do not interpret my “since Reagan” note to be a slam against President Clinton’s 8 years. A lot of folks around here seems a bit touchy these days. I did have a pretty good run of work during those years.

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    On the ground yesterday passing the word on Clinton’s speech for Winston and ran into snide remarks as well !Go stay in war 100 more years and add the costs a month while gas just went up to $200.00 and $4.00 a gallon plus in some states.Got an extra $600.00 a month for gas? Then there is always Obama and can we trust him to run the country?No!! We’re trying to get a pep band playing today in Winston! Rock on and peace out!Winston Salem is having fun today!!!”Fire it up and let’s go”! Look out Obama, we found a firetruck!! Ha,go Clinton and rock the house!!!

  4. Gilbert

    The microloan program here and overseas is very important. My understanding is that most microloans go to help women in business. One of the reasons I supported Kerry was because of his work with the microloan program and the SBA.