Clinton Says Dems Race Is a ‘Long Way’ From Over, Looks Toward Convention

Aargh… I don’t do down and out very well at all… Given that, although I’m still in pain and having a feeling it will take a few more days of rest before I am back to my usual overworked self, here’s a little news update…

In an interview with FOX News’ Greta Van Susteren, which aired tonight, Hillary Clinton said “not to write her candidacy’s obituary yet, even though she’s trailing Barack Obama by 157 pledged delegates with opportunities dwindling to make up that gap.”

Sixty-two percent said let it go on,” Clinton said, referring to a new Rasmussen survey that found that portion of Democrats aren’t ready for either candidate to leave the race. “That is what people are telling me. That is what we have to do. Let the voters have a chance to be heard. Nobody should be writing obituaries on this race, because it is a long way from being over.”

The Democratic race has taken unexpected twists and turns in the last two weeks, from the controversy over Obama’s long-time pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. to criticism of Clinton’s exaggerated claims that she landed in Bosnia in 1996 under sniper fire.

But neither candidate is expected to lock down the nomination on pledged delegates before the August convention. And although Democratic leaders are scrambling to avoid a prolonged fight that could give GOP nominee-in-waiting John McCain a decided advantage, Clinton said Wednesday there are too many ifs for the matter to be settled yet.

“Well this is a really close election. Despite what some might say, it is a very close election in the popular vote and in the delegates,” she said. “We have 10 contests ahead of us, plus, don’t forget, Florida and Michigan. You know, I keep beating this drum … millions of people are going to be voting in the next three months, and I hope that will include Florida and Michigan.”

Jeralyn notes the interview on Talk Left and weighs in on seating the delegates:

Seating isn’t enough. Their votes have to count. If you agree, go on over to Seat the Delegates and sign the petition.

I signed the petition — I hope readers here will too, if they agree that the delegates votes have to count. Oh, and it looks like a federal judge just threw another monkey wrench into the Michigan mess.

There’s more on the Rasmussen Reports poll here, that Hillary mentioned in the interview with Van Susteren. Taylor has more on the interview here, including video and check out Jerome Armstrong: “What Wright has wrought.”

Stay tuned

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