Why Won’t Obama Quit Wednesday

By now, most folks have seen the latest Rasmussen poll indicating 22% of Dems think Obama (and Clinton) should drop out of the race. Matt Yglesias needs to get “credible party leaders” to put all us Hillary Clinton folk in our place because we don’t know any better. Well, in honor of all the WWTSBQ commentary, I’ll start a new series: Why Won’t Obama Quit.

This past weekend my computer died on me–yes, the one I was writing my dissertation on–and today the ultracentrifuge that I use had a broken vacuum. I hold Barack Obama personally responsible for this string of misfortunes. I believe these events prove that, for the sake of my dissertation, Barack Obama should drop out of the race for the Democratic nomination effective immediately. Also, I’m afraid of democracy. He should drop out because of that, too.

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9 Responses to Why Won’t Obama Quit Wednesday

  1. prohillary says:

    James Madison was apparently afraid of democracy, also. Hamilton was terrified. And if this snakeoil salesman has come this far with so little scrutiny, so much elvis-type adulation, so much baggage, so much help from Karl Rove, we ought to all weep,,,,

    Posted: Wednesday, March 26, 2008 1:28 PM by Domenico Montanaro
    From NBC/NJ’s Mike Memoli

    PARKERSBURG, W.V. — Bill Clinton kicked off a day of campaigning here by making a personal appeal to voters, saying Hillary’s success depends on “real” people like those who came to see him. …. Clinton then alluded to the resignations and calls for resignations that have been traded back and forth between the campaigns.

    “I don’t think any of these people oughta be asked to resign,” he said. “All these guys that say bad things about any other campaign, they say, ‘Should they resign?’ My answer is no; they’re repeating party line. They oughta stay right where they are. Let’s just saddle up and have an argument. What’s the matter with that? That’s what America’s about, right?” And while some are “moaning and groaning,” he said there are larger issues to gripe about.

    “None of these politicians are gonna have anything like the tough time half the people in this audience have already had for the last seven years,” he said to applause. “This is about you. Don’t you let anybody take this election away from you.”

  2. I agree…why won’t Obama quit… I know I won’t vote for this FRAUD with his “finally proud of america” wife for the american presidency….


  3. 30yrdem says:

    I will be waiting for Thursday. If you run out let me know and I will give you a few reasons why. Keep up the good work!

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Finding it interesting that in NC, Obama announces that the Trinity Church of God congregation is 99% white in his speech. Now playing on CNN! Is that not a contradiction of reality and truth or what? Go Clinton! Will Obama quit?

  5. Ginrikki says:

    To clarify the parent church of Trinity as a whole is 99% white. At least level accusations that are….err…on the level

  6. Mike Meyer says:

    It is time for Obama to pull out of the race. His quixotic bid for the nomination has failed. It’s time to let the grown ups defend us against McCain and the rest of his tribe.

  7. prohillary says:

    If Obama would just quit, most voters would turn to Clinton with relief. Obama followers believe what he tells them to believe. “Obamania” cannot be denied. Just like Bush, facts and science be damned: everyone else is a racist, or a typical white or non-white person.
    By contrast, Hillary Clinton’s persuasive skill is in dealing with facts. While Obama has treated this campaign as a rock concert, Clinton has treated it as a job interview. Her supporters are swayed by logic, specific programs, and facts, they are not into swooning over rhetoric and hype.

  8. prohillary says:

    Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s support trends toward middle- and lower-income voters — and the rate at which these young, non-college-educated voters turn out could have major implications in the upcoming contests, including Pennsylvania’s primary on April 22.

  9. Andy Witmyer says:

    I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and honestly, I’m not very happy with either candidate. I think the media bought into the hype too much and the Democrats may have botched it. Biden and Dodd would have honestly been stronger candidates, and Kerry goes without saying.