Late Night: NBC’s Chuck Todd Says Calls for Hillary to Drop Out Are Premature

What’s this? A pundit that is making some sense? Shhh… Don’t tell the Obama camp what Chuck Todd is saying. They wouldn’t agree anyway, but Todd is right:

The party ought to lay off the calls for Clinton to drop out, at least for now, because her presence at worst is making Obama a better candidate. The Wright flare-up was the first true political crisis of Obama’s national political career, which is remarkable given how close he is to being the Democratic nominee. Who knows when the Wright controversy would have circulated had the nomination been locked up. […]

Obama needed to prove he could handle a real media firestorm, something Clinton has done numerous times throughout her career. […]

Of course, the Clinton campaign would argue that these folks are being naïve if they think partisan bickering goes if Obama is elected. However, as many have noted, an electorate in a change election wants to feel optimistic and Obama is providing that optimism right now.

Still, Clinton should feel no hurry to get out.

Read it all here: “Clinton has made the right call… so far.”

So “enough with the calls for Clinton to drop out,” because, “She’s in It for the Long Haul.” Even Ralph Nader agrees:

Senator Clinton:

Just read where Senator Patrick Leahy is calling on you to drop out of the Presidential race.

Believe me.

I know something about this.

Here’s my advice:

Don’t listen to people when they tell you not to run anymore.

That’s just political bigotry.

Listen to your own inner citizen First Amendment voice.

This is America.

Just like every other citizen, you have a right to run.

Whenever you like.

For as long as you like.

It’s up to you, Hillary.

Just tell them –

It’s democracy.

Get used to it.

Yours truly,

Ralph Nader

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8 Responses to Late Night: NBC’s Chuck Todd Says Calls for Hillary to Drop Out Are Premature

  1. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Drop out ? Send them to fantasy land and get a grip on reality! Count the votes in MI, and Fl. or re-do it ! What are they scared of and disinfranchisement is only a felony if proven. Looks like the confusion is being identified and political leaders on both sides are being held accountable. Hope their names are all turned into the superior court judges!! The truth and justice of America and the right to vote. Reality check in or get your tickets for Disney World. When donkeys’ fly she’ll quit. Have you seen Dumbo the flying elephant and sure there’s a sight in FL. to view as political humor in jest of the situation! By the way,we are all headed to vote Hillary and think Fl. and MI. will as well when all is said and done. There is protesting going on in the streets all over the country and no wonder they’re on the run and trying to get her to drop out. This is America,count the votes or re-do it and this mess was not caused by the people!! We are up in Penn. by double digits and NC will be a grand slam for Clinton! Swiing batter,batter,swing!!!

  2. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Hoist the lines and cut off their wind as Woody Wood Pecker at Disney does his famous laugh over the Clinton, “will she quit”stories.Go ahead,remember the laugh? Put the political leaders that caused the confusion and Obama on the Donald Trump show!! “You’re Fired”!!

  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Divison in the democratic party? The democratic party will crack ? Yeah,crack up laughing she’ll quit ! America is more engaged in this race than ever before and the political leaders screw up in MI. and Fl.? The entire US sees it and no matter who’s team one may be on, we know it’s wrong!! The campaign laws weren’t made to hurt the people and we have ,First Amendment rights as citizens. Oh come on,hide behind campaign laws and who caused the confusion? Will they go on a cruise too ? Sign says,”out of the country,be back after the people in America stop protesting in the streets and votes are counted or there is a re-do for Fl. and MI.” How many appeals will be filed before the Superior Court judges step in to put a little fairness for the people in the ballgame?

  4. Judy says:

    DNC better hope she doesn’t quit or they will not have a viable candidate come November. Although an HRC supporter, initially I was stating I would vote for BO if he won the nomination. However, as I learn more about him (no thanks to the media) I become more and more alarmed and determined he will not get my vote. I certainly don’t want this guy making supreme court appointments.
    My vote against BO would not be in retaliation but rather stem from a true believe he should not be President. As someone that disparately wants the Republicans out this is hard to stomach and why I continue to fight hard for Clinton.

  5. old91A10 says:

    There are nine voters in my family who call and correspond with each other frequently. We are seven Democrats and two Independents with over 320 combined years of Progressive voting. We were spread all over the map during the early days of the primary. Three have yet to vote in their state primaries, and two are in a state with the primary denied. At this moment, three are for Clinton, four for Obama, and two undecided. Are any afraid McCain will win under any circumstances? No way!!!! Do any think that one of our candidates should withdraw now, barring some, yet to be, devastating revelation? No way!!!!

    Except that we support different candidates, until now, we were all in agreement that we would be voting for whichever candidate our (un)Democratic Party nominated. Now, we are all pissed about the behavior of our party, and wondering what punishing signal we can send to the pigs at the top. Personally, I’d like to swat that a**hole Dean across the nose with a rolled up newspaper, and rub it in the mess he left in the middle of my living room.

    And then we see that bloated f*ck, Leahy make his call. What’s the problem Pat? In a state with a total population of 608,000 and over 189,000 voting in the primary, and both Obama (the winner) and Clinton each far exceeding the total Republican primary vote, is Leahy trying to convince me that he won’t be able to deliver his state in the Presidential Election? Well, if that were to become the case, then he has been lying to himself and us about the actual support the Democratic Party and a particular candidate has in his state, or he is lying to us about being an effective Politician.

    [from a prior post that I paste everywhere — as ‘old91A10’ or ‘anon 65 plus’]
    The (un)Democratic party — the party I have supported for 45 years!

    I am so disgusted with Dean, Pelosi (not impeach), Reid (FISA coward) — I want these a**holes gone as much as I want Bush, et al., gone.

    One person, one secret ballot (if eligible, registered, and in state of residency). A complete and accurate count.

    How can we deny or not count a vote by a citizen, and then allow a supposed higher authority approve or enforce the evil? Then, are we to let the clock run out, so any challenge becomes moot? Oh! I remember now. But, this time it is ‘we against us.’

    All of this other blather about one candidate dropping out for the sake of the party or how super delegates should vote is just a smokescreen — while the clock ticks down.

    We still have plenty of time, resources, and options to have a primary revote in both Florida and Michigan — not caucuses, but real primary elections.

    I am so disgusted with my party. I have seen the erosion of our rights and stifling of our voices effected by neocons, and more than abetted by some of the feeble progressives we have elected to serve and protect us.

    How are we to repair the damage caused by this war, the gluttony at the top, our ignorance of the disadvantaged, the putrid behavior of the fourth estate, etc., if we do not have our vote and voice?

    It seems that supporting our party, voting, marching, waving signs, and typing words into emacs buffers will have little, if any, impact.

    Throughout this campaign, I have said that I would support any candidate nominated by our party. I am beginning to believe that my only option is to write in a vote for whichever Democratic candidate is NOT nominated.

    No citizen should be denied the opportunity to participate in a primary or disenfranchised in an election. Fix the Florida-Michigan debacle. Let the primaries continue as they may. Then the Presidential Election, Electoral College, and Swearing in. Then we clean up our party by getting rid of our own bags-o-sh*t, beginning with Dean, Pelosi, and Reid. Then we gut the DNC and get our primary rules right.

  6. Judy: You don’t get “none of the above”. In the end it’s going to be McCain or the Democrat and if you help elect McCain I feel that it’s only fair to say “shame on you”.

  7. Lou says:

    Leahy is talking alot of nonsense. What’s he supposed to say? He’s an Obama supporter. He needs to come back to reality and realize that the dem downline is in Hillary camp and you can’t win elections without the Dem downline…LOL Leahy is ridiculous and short-sighted..Of course Hillary can win..never say never…

  8. bjerryberg says:

    An interesting thing about Sen Obama’s ‘Cooper Union’ economic speech though the speech itself was campaign trail pablum;
    The event was emceed by Wall Street’s own Mike Bloomberg–the man who wants to privatize all government functions–and have the taxpayers bailout Bear, Stearns and all the many other needy speculators.

    Given this selection of emcees–the actual allegiance of Sen. Obama on important economic policy matters is open to question.