Why the Rush to Push Hillary Clinton Out of the Race for the Nomination?

I had to laugh in agreement with Steve Benen’s opening statement on The Carpetbagger Report on the WaPo editorial today about whether Clinton should stay in the race. Benen said:

With about seven months to go before voters choose the next president, Democrats are not only divided over which candidate should get the nomination, they’re divided about whether the fight for the nomination has gone on long enough. Great.

He’s right. We spending more time bickering over whether the fight for the nomination should continue than we are trying to decide who the more qualified candidate is. Of course Steve and I may differ on that, but he has a point, it’s a bit over the top that we’re all bickering about this. So here’s a thought…

Barack Obama said yesterday that Hillary Clinton should stay in the race. The WaPo wrote an editorial stating they felt she should stay in the race:

THE GROWING chorus among some Democrats and other interested observers for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) to get out of the race for the Democratic Party’s nomination for president is troubling. 

We’re not promoting Ms. Clinton over Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.), or either of them over Republican Sen. John McCain (Ariz.), for that matter. A time may come when someone should gracefully bow out. But their extended contest informs the electorate and serves to battle-test them both. We don’t see why the process should be short-circuited when millions of votes are yet to be cast and two qualified candidates believe themselves to be the best potential Democratic nominee.

There is no lack of excitement in the Democratic Party. States that have cast ballots have reported record turnouts. Registrations are through the roof. […]

We understand Democrats’ concern that Mr. McCain benefits most as their candidates tear each other down. Recent polls show the favorable ratings of both Democratic candidates declining, Ms. Clinton’s more than Mr. Obama’s. Making the case that you’re better qualified inevitably involves, to some extent, explaining that the other candidate is less so. But instead of continuing to blur the line between civil discourse and destructive denunciations, the candidates and their campaigns could talk more substance. Last week they tackled the economy and the mortgage meltdown. But there are plenty more questions for voters to consider… 

The tone has changed in recent days and it seems that the conventional wisdom has shifted some, save for the progressive bloggers who support Obama who don’t seem to want to follow their candidate’s lead and stop calling for Clinton to drop out of the race.

Some of us are mighty tired of the constant whine from a select group of Obama supporting bloggers who not only consistently call for Hillary Clinton to drop out, but also continually distort the facts about her positions on the issues — see BTD on a prime example.

Enough already. Let the voters decide.

On that note I’m urging Clinton supporters to drop a dime for Hillary tonight to let her know you’ve got her back and go read: Canvassing for Hillary!.  

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4 Responses to Why the Rush to Push Hillary Clinton Out of the Race for the Nomination?

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  3. I dunno! I sort of like that proposal that they each agree to take second spot if the other comes out ahead in the end. Something tells me that they’re both professional enough to work together in spite of anything that’s happened to date, and talk about a talented package.

  4. Darrell

    You mean Mario Cuomo’s op/ed yesterday?

    I agree – I think that is a good plan all the way around.