A Prime Example of Not Ready for Prime Time

The Page has a video up that is a prime example why Barack Obama is not ready for prime time. Watch it here.

Not only did Obama hem and haw when took a question about Iraq from a reporter at a gas station but he also managed to single-handedly undo all the criticism of McCain’s “100 years” remarks about Iraq.  Here’s the transcript:

OBAMA: I’ve said we will have troops looking… after our embassy there. Which we do everywhere. We do it in France, we do it in Great Britain. We have some military personnel to make sure our… diplomatic, uh… forces are taken care of. We have troops to make sure our civilian populations are cared for. And what I have said is I would have a strike force in the region, perhaps in Iraq, perhaps outside of Iraq, so that we could take advantage of, or we could deal with potential problems that might take place in the region. That’s very different from saying that we’re going to have a permanent occupation in Iraq. It’s certainly different than saying we would have a high level of combat troops inside Iraq for a decade, or two decades, or, as John McCain said, perhaps 100 years. I mean, I ‘m just quoting back what he said, unless you tell me that that’s a misquote.”

REPORTER: I just wonder if it – you’ve been critical of Senator Clinton for distorting, for taking the political and sort of, pushing it too far and I’m just wonder, are you guilty of doing the same thing —

OBAMA: What I’m asking is, am I misquoting Senator McCain in any way?

REPORTER: We’ll have to go back to his quote, I guess, but I talk that he’s talking about it in the spirit of Germany and Japan, of —-

OBAMA: And we’ve been in South Korea for four— for fifty years, and he’s used that as an example, as George Bush has.

Too sad.

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3 Responses to A Prime Example of Not Ready for Prime Time

  1. Pamela: I took this differently than you did. Obama is still not where I am on Iraq, but both he and Clinton have moved a country mile since I listened to them on some debate stage a couple of months ago.

    Where you saw “hem and haw” I saw fatigue and boredom.

    Finally, the comment refering to Bush and Mccain was clearly critical of their position, and maybe even held out some hope of evaluating our troop levels around the world.

  2. Janis says:

    I wouldn’t worry; they’re wire him up like they did Chimpy and he’ll do fine until the batteries run down.

  3. Janis: Only if and when GHWB formally adopts him.