Delegate Compromise Offered for Michigan

In a letter to Howard Dean, Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., “proposed that Michigan’s 83 pledged delegates be chosen at congressional district conventions according to the results of the state’s primary.” Here’s the scoop:

Under Stupak’s formula, New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who received 55 percent of the primary vote, would receive 47 delegates.

Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, who pulled his name from Michigan’s ballot, would receive 36 delegates. Many Obama supporters in Michigan voted for “uncommitted,” which received 40 percent in the primary.

The remaining 73 delegates would be awarded based on the percentage of the popular vote garnered nationwide by Clinton and Obama after the last Democratic presidential primary is completed.

“The last thing we want to do as Democrats is to disenfranchise voters,” Stupak wrote in the letter to Dean. “I have heard from countless Democratic and independent voters who are frustrated and angry to think that their votes are being ignored.”

Stupak had endorsed “former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards in the primary and has remained neutral since Edwards dropped out of the race in January,” so his compromise plan carries no leaning toward either Obama or Clinton and is neutral for all intents and purposes.

In an interview, Stupak said “that a redo vote in Michigan was a “dead deal” and he hoped party leaders would support an alternative.”

He discussed his plan with Clinton and Obama supporters in Michigan.

In Florida, Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, who backs Clinton, has suggested seating all Florida delegates already chosen but only giving them half a vote each. Based on the Jan. 29 results in Florida, Clinton would have won 105, Obama 67 and John Edwards 13. Instead they would get half those delegate votes.

I’m inclined to think this is a viable compromise to Michigan that gives both Obama and Clinton a cut of the delegates and the popular vote would then count. As BTD notes on Talk Left that this plan “puts focus on the popular vote figure, and likely leads to Michigan’s (and probably Florida’s) vote count being included in the popular vote count.” Todd Beeton has more on MYDD.

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6 Responses to Delegate Compromise Offered for Michigan

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  3. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Pamela, New York City is taking it to the streets on 4/11/08 at Rockefellow Plaza at 8:00 AM. Fly in and we will have a permit and working on a firetruck! The news is bias and count the votes or re-do it!! Go Clinton!! Thank-you ! Will the pro’s help us please and it means alot ! We promise we won’t bug you guys after she wins!!

  4. Peace Out For Unity

    No flying in for this girl – too much work to do – I have a business to run as well as running the Dem Daily.

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    The leaders violated policy and proceedure ! The good people of Fl. and MIch. had nothing to do with their confusion! That’s, get real in America on the 14th Amendment and the 1st Amendment and truth and justice! Sleep on it and what’s fair?This is a spirited contest and close race that millions are in engaged in and watching ! It’s historical and future generations will read about it ! List their names and disinfranchisement is a felony! Count the votes or re-do it and that’s fair to both campaigns ! Broke the rules ? Who ? A group of leaders in charge of millions of Americans and it caused confusion that needs to be fair ! Find your seat or see the Superior Court Judges and this is America and not the people’s fault ! Be fair to both Obama and Clinton in this and re-do it ! What’s going on in America? The 70’s isn’t going for this and it sounds to 60’s and we’re all grown up now ! “Get Real”

  6. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Sleep and be rested to study it ! They both need rest before they jump on this deal ! Re-do it ,make it take it ?