Keep The Momentum Building: GIVE!

I’m busy… busy… busy today, but I wanted to make sure that readers get on over to and donate today before the fundraising deadline. Here’s the email that Campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe just sent out:   Dear Friend, Time is running out! There are just a few short hours left before our big fundraising deadline, and every last dollar we bring in before midnight is going to help us show just how strong this campaign is. With big races in Indiana and North Carolina coming up in just a few days, you’re making the difference. We’re seeing an incredible response to our matching program, and we need you to keep the momentum going! And don’t forget, if you contribute before … Continue reading

Florida mess caused by Republicans

Maybe everybody be me knows this already:  As I was researching superdelegates to write them letters to vote for Hillary, I was surprised to learn that the Democratic leader of the Florida senate proposed a primary date which was within the DNC rules, but the Republican majority in the Florida senate turned it down and instead the measure included the January 29th date which violated the rules. The issue of the primary date was embedded within a measure about voting machines.In case you are also in the dark about this issue, I refer you to Senator Bill Nelson’s speech to the President and the U.S. senate about the train wreck about to occur . . . which, of course,  has … Continue reading

Obama’s Planned Denunciation

To me, Obama is one the most cynical politicians I’ve ever come across. The “Mitt Romney” of the Democrats, if you will. The last paragraph of this article doesn’t make me trust Obama any more (h/t commenter at Corrente): “If Barack gets past the primary, he might have to publicly distance himself from me,” Mr. Wright said with a shrug. “I said it to Barack personally, and he said yeah, that might have to happen.” If Obama is so willing to do something like this to someone who is supposed to be a friend, what can we expect out of him as president? Update: I don’t think I was very clear. Wright’s quote indicates that sooner or later Obama was … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

I don’t know if the electorate are really bitter or not, but today’s Ten Post Round-Up will probably leave a grimy taste in your mouth: 1: So it seems that the only people that benefit from your college education is the college and the banks that issue student loans… America’s Most Overrated Product: the Bachelor’s Degree—The Chronicle of Higher Education 2: Glass houses come to mind… You Can’t Complain About Sexism If You Participate In It—The Democratic Daily 3: Single mom flips the script and sues RIAA… Accused music pirate turns the tables on the RIAA—Geeks Are Sexy 4: Dizzy is a sucker for true crime murder mysteries… Smiley Face Killers: All About The Growing Mystery Gang—The Huffington Post 5: … Continue reading

Move Over Rocky… N.C. Governor: Hillary Makes Rocky Look Like “Pansy”

Hillary Clinton accepted a key endorsement from N.C. Governor Mike Easley on T. Kicking off his endorsement, Easley said: “This lady right here makes Rocky Balboa look like a pansy. There’s nothing I love more than a strong powerful woman.”  Move over Rocky… This is a key endorsement of a Superdelegate in N.C. (who previously endorsed John Edwards) that hopefully will give her a boost there.

Obama’s unwilling Falstaff

“I know thee not, old man: Fall to thy Prayers: How ill white haires become a Foole, and Jester? I have long dream’d of such a kinde of man, So surfeit-swell’d, so old, and so prophane: But being awake, I do despise my dreame.” – Henry IV Part 2 There is certainly no shortage of commentary on the recent statements by Reverend Jeremiah Wright, new denunciations by Senator Barack Obama, and the continuing damage the Obama campaign is suffering in relation to the outspoken pastor. However, I haven’t seen anyone air the angle that to me is most compelling in all of this. It is not an issue of patriotism or even Reverend Wright’s opinions per se, nor it is … Continue reading

Obama Takes a Hit from Sharpton

Good gracious… The hits just keep coming for Barack Obama… Enter Al Sharpton who has accused Obama “of trying to “grandstand in front of white people,”” because Obama “made a call for nonviolence in the aftermath of the Sean Bell verdict.” During what a source described as a “heated” phone call yesterday, Sharpton told Obama he was disappointed with the Illinois senator’s words on Friday, when Obama said “resorting to violence to express displeasure” was “completely unacceptable and counterproductive.” “[Obama] issues this statement and not a single rock had been thrown,” said a source. “How does the candidate of change ask people to accept a verdict that is unjust?” The source said Sharpton had hoped Obama would “side with the … Continue reading

Obama Stands Up and Knocks Wright Down

Barack Obama climbed out from under the bus, Reverend Jeremiah Wright threw him under yesterday and stood up today and did what he should have done weeks ago… He denounced his former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright and the “substance of his remarks yesterday.” It was a show of major damage control today as Obama said: “I have spent my entire adult life trying to bridge the gap between different kinds of people. That’s in my DNA, trying to promote mutual understanding to insist that we all share common hopes and common dreams as Americans and as human beings. That’s who I am, that’s what I believe, and that’s what this campaign has been about.” “I am outraged by the comments … Continue reading