Congress Questions Big Oil’s Big Profits

Big Oil’s record profits are no joke to Congress on April Fools Day: “When it comes to public opinion, Congress isn’t held in very high regard, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver reminded executives of the country’s biggest oil companies.” Then the Missouri Democrat added, “Your approval rating is lower than ours, and … Continue reading

Hillary and Obama Supporters

Around the progressive blogosphere there’s a lot of discussion over the split of Democratic support for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. While women are turning out in droves for Hillary, some younger women lean towards Obama. Here’s a slice of humor from Ann Telnaes on that note: Hillary and Obama … Continue reading

Clinton and Rocky: They Don’t Quit

From AP News in Philly: “Perhaps the analogy was inevitable: Hillary Rodham Clinton as Rocky Balboa the scrappy underdog boxer from Philadelphia memorably depicted in the 1976 Oscar-winning film. Even if Rocky did lose his first big fight.” Addressing a meeting of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Tuesday, the former first lady and … Continue reading

Breaking: Al Gore Will Run for President

A lot of Democrats still hold on to hope that Al Gore will run for president again. Well, hope no longer… has the scoop, which just arrived in my email box: Al Gore Will Run for President: You might want to sit down for this: Al Gore will announce … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

No kidding, it’s April Fool’s Day and there are a whole lot of April Fools in the news and, alas, none of them are very funny. Just for fun, I thought you all would get a kick out of the footage of GWB getting booed: Bush booed at 2008 Nationals … Continue reading

Late Night: The Untold Story of How the GOP Rigged Florida and Michigan

For everyone who’s had concerns about the mess with Michigan and Florida and those who knew there was more amiss than they thought, the HuffPo has the definitive read on “How the GOP Rigged Florida and Michigan,” written by Wayne Barrett who has been “a staff writer and senior editor at … Continue reading