Clinton and Rocky: They Don’t Quit

hillarypenn.jpgFrom AP News in Philly: “Perhaps the analogy was inevitable: Hillary Rodham Clinton as Rocky Balboa the scrappy underdog boxer from Philadelphia memorably depicted in the 1976 Oscar-winning film. Even if Rocky did lose his first big fight.”

Addressing a meeting of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO Tuesday, the former first lady and New York senator said that she, like Rocky, wasn’t a quitter.

Recalling a famous scene on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art from the 1976 Oscar-winning film “Rocky,” Clinton said that ending her presidential campaign now would be as if “Rocky Balboa had gotten halfway up those art museum steps and said, ‘Well, I guess that’s about far enough.'”

“Let me tell you something, when it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up. And neither do the American people,” [snip] “But one thing you know about me is that when I say I’ll fight for you, I’ll fight for you,” the New York senator said. “I know what it’s like to stumble. I know what it means to get knocked down. But I’ve never stayed down, and I never will.”

Some time ago I described HRC as a warrior. Here’s her statement that shows her to be the warrior we need:

“The Republicans aren’t going to give up without a fight,” Clinton said. “And no matter how beautiful your rhetoric, the Republicans aren’t going to turn off their attack machine _ it doesn’t have an off-switch.”

“But one thing you know about me is that when I say I’ll fight for you, I’ll fight for you,” the New York senator said. “I know what it’s like to stumble. I know what it means to get knocked down. But I’ve never stayed down, and I never will.”

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36 Responses to Clinton and Rocky: They Don’t Quit

  1. U.S. Army Captain says:

    Go Hillary!

  2. Intellectuals for Hillary says:

    I second that emotion…and nomination – keep going Hillary!

  3. Diana says:

    That is the Hillary I know and remeber. She never backs down from a fight and will continue to fight. That’s the kind of president we need.

  4. Kendall A. Johnson says:

    She’s a champion!!!! Obama has several news media outlets on his side and twice the money, and he still can’t take her out. KEEP GOING HILLARY ALL THEY WAY TO PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE!!!!!!!!!!!!WE LOVE YOU AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE FOR THE JOB!!!!!!

  5. Fran says:

    I LOVE HILLARY!!! She’ll never quit and neither will we! You are the kind of champion we need–for the economy, for despots, for health care, for energy, and for special interests. Remember how “Rocky” ends?! All the way to the top Hillary, and we’ll be cheering you on!

  6. mcsummit says:

    Watch this space for a classic ‘Rocky’ comeback.
    Knock her down but never out. She’s a champ.
    She’s also the better man!!

  7. Folkwolf101 says:

    You got to give it up for our Lady Hillary, nothing has ever kept her down. Not the crushing healthcare defeat in ’92, nor the personal betrayals back then, not the political betrayals now. She keeps pushing forward, because in her heart of hearts she knows best: she knows she is a pure public servant out for the good of all her constituents, and she knows that you have to fight hard to get anything done in Capital Hill, and now we can all believe in her.

    HILLARY WILL FOREVER HAVE MY VOTE and most of my wallet. I have been donating out of every paycheck, as much as I can afford, because I believe in her. Because she is the best candidate possible.

  8. Folkwolf101 says:

    I love Hillary so much, I would stand in front of a bullet for her. She has my heart, my vote, my donations, and all of my hopes that others will see in her what I see: A truly beautiful person out to save our country. Godspeed, Hillary!

  9. Martin says:

    I AM FROM DENMARK AND I LOVE HILLARY!!! I think you Americans ought to be extremely proud of this brilliant woman! She will just be the best president ever!

  10. Ethel S says:


    I carefully read the article about why the elite Dems and Sen. Obama supporters want Sen. Clinton to step aside now to not weaken Sen. Obama and not wreck his chances in the general election in the Fall. I understand that this is a close race and two hard fought campaigns. What is Sen. Obama and his supporters afraid of and we need to know now? Also the idea that the innocent voters of Florida and Michigan do not get to have their voices heard because the state officials broke the DNC rules is another lame excuse for Sen. Obama and his supporters to avoid a redo. The DNC rules will allow the state delegates to be seated if there is a redo. However, it is obvious that Sen. Obama does not want the redo because he already lost those states. I am also think it is unbelievable that the supporters of Sen. Obama think it is “stealing” the election from their “entitled” candidate because the superdelegates think that Sen. Clinton is the best candidate to win in the Fall. The DNC rules allows for that . Where is Sen. Obama’s leadership? I think that Sen. Clinton is a wonderful example of a leader who fights on for the people and their right to be heard. Hillary Clinton always said that she was running a 50 state campaign. Also the DNC elite can look to themselves for dividing the party by promoting one candidate over another urging Sen. Clinton to end her campaign in such a tight race before all the states have voted. At our hometown hockey arena, there is a statute of Herb Brooks, the 1960 USA Hockey Coach who won the Olympic Gold Medal by defeating the largely favored USSR team. The USA team was a huge underdog. At the foot of the statute is written: “”Do you believe in miracles.”? Yes, I do and Hillary Clinton has the heart and mind of a champion. Go PA , the USA, and Hillary all the way to the White House.

  11. AfricanAmericanforHillary says:

    I am so proud of President “Rodham” Clinton!!!! This is what a President looks like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let Leahy, Pelosi, Richardson and Obama Quit!!! Oh, they already have!!!!!

  12. Kendall Johnson says:

    I read recently that someone in Obama’s campaign worned him that having his male sarragots making public statements to push Clinton out would spark a voting backlash, particularly among women. So today they were all coming out saying the race should go on. Then they had a female senator from Minn. endorse Obama. And of course, CNN couldn’t stop talking about it. I guess they are in damage control mode. Obama owns CNN. The whole thing was so phoney. Polosi came out today too.

    And what’s up with Polosi? She acts like she hates Clinton? Does anyone know the story behind this one?

    These networks are working overtime to drive down Clinton’s poll numbers. Please donate!!! If she has the funds to compete, she will win. She needs money to fight the spin. Those rich latte liberals are giving Obama lots of money.

    Please Pennsylvania, give Clinton a big win!!!!!!!!

  13. Georgena says:

    I believe Hillary is the most electable the most ready to be Commander in Chief. She is the only Democrat that will have my vote. Knock them out Hillary

  14. Jodi B. says:

    I recall the day we went and saw Rocky at the movies. My single mother and her friend, a single mother, gathered us all together and we drove to the theater. I wore my favorite boy’s shoes… my sneakers that I could not wear in school. Go Hilllary!

  15. Eric Q. from California says:

    Go get’em Hill! I’m still in your corner!

  16. Kerry says:

    Only Hillary can win the White House for the Democrats.

    Go Hillary!

  17. Folkwolf101 says:

    There is so much troubling already. MSNBC and CNN are so incredibly partisan for Obama, it is not even SNL funny. It’s shocking. Meanwhile, Obama’s campaign lately has been incorporating an every-lie-but-the-kitchen-sink method of embellishments through ads, which only has been willing to point out. He says he never took money from oil companies, when in fact his main contributors are oil and energy companies. He claims he has passed more legislation than Hillary, when the exact opposite is true. He says he wants Hillary to keep running, while he sends out his female surrogates to pressure her to quit, and the media is only to willing to comply with free press. Whenever Hillary says anythign, the media twists it. Yet, when Obama says he would have quit his church had Wright not retired, not one journalist asked him “so, why do you say this now? And if this is how you feel toward Wright, why didn’t you quit 20 years ago?” Nobody, but nobody asks Obama the simplist reflexive follow-up questions.

    Oh, for godsake, Hillary is the best candidate possible. Already up against an ingrained national mysogeny, it is not fair that she has had to deal with a Putin-esque media bias that is complicit in both distorting her records and whitewashing Obama’s past. This puts us all in a bad position. While we hate the way the media has been stealing this nomination process, we also do not want many more of our soldiers killed in Iraq (which will surely happen under a McCain presidency).

    Please, please PLEASE donate to her site. She might not make it, Obama’s collaborators might very well overwhelm her growing support with their insiders, but at least we can give her more of a fighting chance. She is our Rocky!

  18. E.V. says:

    I am optimistic that, despite the odds, Hillary will be our nominee. She has to be. Who else can claim experience, intelligence, a back-bone and thick skin the way she can?

    On a different note – Hillary Rodham Clinton is the role model we want for our daughters Just look at what she has accomplished on a personal and professional level. Our girls must learn that those scantily clad, gyrating “celebrities” who lack self-respect are not the only thing they can aspire to.

    GO HILLARY! You are Our Fine Lady. You make us all proud!

  19. Terry says:

    Hillary is a champion and will come out on top! YES SHE WILL!
    I bow to you Madam President! I will continue to work hard for you because I know you will work hard for me!!!!

  20. robin andrea says:

    we MUST come together….
    HILLARY will NOT give up & neither will WE!!
    let’s do all we can…
    she is WORTH all we can give
    SHE IS HER OWN PERSON, yet in American History –
    Yes, Hillary is ROCKY
    she WILL defeat the odds & make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We in California have your back….
    HILLARY 2008

  21. Kendall Johnson says:


  22. JERRYDTX says:


    Hillary is a fighter and will NOT be written off by the media! I remember how hard we all worked before the first primary in Iowa sending Hillary money and blogging on the website. Then Hillary lost Iowa and the media and many were calling for her to drop out of the race. This was such a big farce!!..since Hillary had come in the front-runner and they were going to sink her candidacy on the basis of ONE STATE. Iowa…which by the way…was won by the Obama campaign’s brilliant but very manipulative techniques of working the caucuses.

    Hillary then surprised the media…but not her millions of supporters! and WON New Hampshire. It wasn’t her candid moment either that won NH! (once again the media undermining her… it was her months of campaigning and extremely solid support in New Hampshire which won this state!)

    Then Senator Clinton went on to do extremely well and WON in the large states where she campaigned and had built strong organizations…like California and New York. and in otheres She tied Senator Obama on Super Tuesday and beat him in the popular vote….also adding Fla and Michigan. which she WON….The media called Super Tuesday a draw.

    Then came the 12 smaller state losing streak….most of these losses came from the Obama campaign’s caucusing expertise..which had been the Clinton campaign’s weak point…and racial preferences although inroads were made into some of Hillary’s base.

    The media wanted to end the campaign then and FORGET the millions of voters and states Senator Clinton had won! Hah! There are 50 states in this Union!! The Clinton Family fought back!! They are tough as nails and won Rhode Island, Ohio and Texas!

    Hillary also surprised pundits numerous times coming back with millions of $s from her supporters during times of need!

    These wins brought Hillary squarely back into the race and she is poised for another win in Pennsylvania!

    Once again the Obama team helped manipulate the caucuses in TX to get delegates but the Clinton camp has learned from their mistakes and they are turning out their supporters for all future caucuses.

    This whole concerted effort to “IGNORE” a very close race which either candidate could win is nothing short of astounding!!! Hillary and her million of supporters are not going to let anyone push us to the back of the bus or be manipulated by political press techniques. We are fighting back!!!.. Fighting back hard and we are supporting Senator Hillary Clinton all the way to the White House! Senator Clinton is the champ!! Hillary for President!!

  23. vinnie says:

    The Dem elite may think she’s a thorn on their side but the fact that she keeps on going solidifies my undying support for her. Even though she has to fight Obama, the media, the Democrat party members, she does it with such conviction and humility. I want my president to fight and keep on fighting for things that matters to Americans. I am fortunate to have a nice home, good income and medical insurance…but I know that there millions of Americans who struggle everyday to make ends meet and they endure a fight of their own day in and day out. We need someone who have spent her life working for those folks. If she doesn’t win this nomination, there is injustice in this process…yes, Howard Dean, I’m talking to you! Like someone mentioned above, the BO camp says that if the SD “overturn” the populace vote than its cheating but denying MI and FL votes is NOT? By including those votes, Hillary would be the clear winner. Where’s the logic in that? It’s a slap in the face for democracy…and don’t even get me started on the caucus.

  24. vinnie says:

    By the way, BO is supposedly going to outspend Hillary 5:1…c’mon good people, let’s dig really deep to help our fighter.

  25. Lauren M says:

    I have not voted since I was 18 and 30 years later I couldn’t be more proud to support this Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton. She stands for everything I could ever want in someone who would be fighting for me. She gives me reason to believe that no matter what, there are some things worth fighting for.

    The other candidates scare me and I’m not sure if this country will have a chance under the direction of either one of them. I never forget that this is the country that not only voted Bush in once……. but did it twice!!!!

    For all the undecided, please think about what your doing …… vote for the person who has always served the people. I know it’s popular to walk on the wildside and take chances……. but this is not the time to do it. Go with a sure thing…… Hillary has a long standing history. Ask yourself…….. what have the other two done in the last 20 years to better ALL the people. What have they done for women and children of ALL color in general…… no one has put themselves out there more for those without voices than Hillary Clinton.

  26. Maddy says:

    Your ancestors did not quit neither should you. Why would you, is it because you are a woman? By the way do not be ashamed to show your EQ. Show the girls what they can be when they grow up, be the role model for them! Tell them how it hurt when that incident happened and your generation are not the disposable generation. Staying is not always about being weak but a strength in facing the person in the morning.

  27. Kendall A. Johnson says:


    Your words are so on point. Hillary will be a wonderful president and will vigeriously represent all the people. I’m a legal services attorney and I represent poor people in verious types of civil litigation, particularly in eviction proceedings. One of the reasons I love Senator Clinton is that she understands that it is the women and children who are poor. Her policies regarding pay equity would bridge the wage gap between the genders and would lift families and women out of poverty. I know from my 16 years of working as a legal services attorney that if women could make a fair wage, they wouldn’t be so poor.

    None of the male candidates have addressed this issue. Obama will do nothing to help women. Senator Clinton is the one who will look out for us!!!!!!

  28. LSekhmet says:

    Mrs. Clinton is the best candidate we have for President, period. Not by a little bit — by a mile.

    She’s the only one left who’s fighting for everyone; she’s interested in helping the poor, working class and middle class, and I believe her caring comes from a genuine place. She has a long history of doing exactly what she’s doing now, and I applaud her for it.

    I think Barack Obama is a weak candidate, this year’s version of George McGovern — a darling of the hard left and liberal elites, plus almost all of the media (the person who said MSNBC and CNN are incredibly biased in Obama’s favor was spot on). Obama can’t win in November because it would be “youth/inexperience/naivete” on Obama’s part versus McCain’s “age/wisdom/long record” — and the American people would suffer with either. Obama’s partisans forget that it’s unlikely the George W. Bush administration will help the incoming president at all, whereas Mrs. Clinton has enough contacts left (plus her husband, who has even more) to figure it out on the fly very, very quickly. And McCain will just continue the Bush policies, which have driven our country to the brink of a second great depression . . . bad choices, those.

    The Obama supporters don’t seem to be using their brains; most of ’em are using strongarm tactics in the media and some well-known supporters seem to think that there will be “riots in the streets of Denver” if Obama doesn’t win by any means necessary. (And trotting out that he has won the popular vote to date is ridiculous, too. He won Mississippi, yes, overwhelmingly — a state he was supposed to win. Without that, Mrs. Clinton would be ahead even now — and if Florida and Michigan were counted in the popular vote totals, as they should be, she’d be ahead even more. Plus, there are ten more states to go, nine real states (not Guam, the Virgin Islands or the Democrats Abroad) and one which should be (Puerto Rico).

    The media is biased; as Charles Krauthammer said recently regarding Obama’s well-regarded speech on race relations in America, the media is Obama’s base. And Obama knows it.

    I recently contributed money for Mrs. Clinton’s campaign, the first time in over forty years of life where I felt moved to help a political candidate — and I was only able to send $10. I will send more if I am able; I’m unemployed, homeless and disabled — someone Obama doesn’t want to hear from. (I also have a Master’s degree. But oh, yeah — according to the mainstream media, I “should” vote for Obama, because only the “smart set” understands or appreciates him!)

    I believe in Hillary Clinton, her ideals, her values, and that she truly will help the country out of the big financial mess it’s in. I believe she will get us out of Iraq. I believe she will find a way to get us the universal health care we need.

    And I believe she won’t forget about people like me, whereas I believe Obama could not care less about someone like me — because I do not fit his worldview.

  29. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Obama,down for the count,and it’s a knock out ! Go Clinton !

  30. Kendall A. Johnson says:

    The only way to resolve the democratic primary fairly is by revoting Florida and Michigan, or by counting the votes as cast and seating the delegates accordingly.. Obama has actively obstructed revotes in both of these states, when it was clearly the most fair solution, indicating that he is not above dienfranchising voters.


    There can be NO accurate popular vote or pledged delegate count without Florida and Michigan. Obama and his media allies continue to say that Clinton cannot catch up in popular vote or pledged delegates, while they deceivingly exclude Michigan and Florida from the calculation. They use this deceptive rationale to justify pushing Clinton out of the race. There is a combined population of more than 26 million people in these two states. These states are important swing states that we will need to win in November. Including these states by either a revote or by counting them as cast, would give us a clear winner by June.


    And oh yes, the good old boys, their media allies, DNC insiders and the weak women who follow them have made their choice clear that all women come second to all men!!!!!! OBAMA has arrogantly exerted male privilage through out this campaign with the unpresidented help of sexist propaganda facilitaed and ochestrated by CNN and MSNBC. They have locked Clinton out of fair and balanced media coverage and have gone so far with their sexist propaganda as to say that the country is not ready for a women president. They have lied and deceived the public about how close this race really is. They have failed to tell the public the truth about the fact that OBAMA cannot reach the finish line either, meaning that he too needs super delegates to pull him over the top, just as Clinton would.

    They have also failed to tell the public the truth about the fact that a fair resolution of Florida and Michigan would reveal the real winner in both popular vote and pledged delegate count.!!!!!!! Instead they deliberately decieve the public in an affort to scare them away from supporting Clinton’s campaign.

    Let me remind Obama and his allies that women make up 54 % of the population, and are the largest democratic voting block. Obama cannot win the general election without us. So keep PISSING us off by screwing the only women in the race from fairly competing. Regardless of whether you support Clinton, the sexist arrogance of Obama and his sarrogats, along with their willingness to disenfranchise millions of voters IS A BIG TURN OFF TO OBAMA!!!! IT IS NOT CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!!!! IT IS THE SAME REPUBLICAN POLITICS OF 2000 WITH SEXISM THROWN IN!!!! YES ITS UGLY, VERY REVEALING AND VERY UGLY!!!!!!


  31. expatriot says:

    Rocky doesn’t quit. Know who else doesn’t quit?
    Think of the precision, training, discipline, experience, stamina, fitness, determination and cooperation it takes to be a Rockette. They’re extraordinary professionals working together to achieve an objective — and putting on a great team effort
    Just like the folks who are working for Hillary to win. Her volunteers are just as dedicated, competent and determined as any other campaign’s. So it’s not just about Rocky.
    It’s also about Rockettes and how they’re going to put their hands on each other’s shoulders and kick this campaign right over the top.

  32. Fran Villa says:

    These are sites we should all start including on our posts on AOL and any other blogging pages that you possibly can.

    Campaign 2008: Pundits Versus Reality

    Dr. Maya Angelou

    The media has plenty of sensationalism going. Attempting to throw Americans off the issues at hand, the very worst is that Barack H. Obama has no substantive clue of what to do if indeed he were nominated. We as Americans must not let this happen. Our son was in Iraq and has come back to see the chaos in the United States of America he is so torn up after being over there fighting. When he hears and sees Hillary Clinton being bashed at every turn, he wonders how she maintains her composer. He says she is truly “PRESIDENATIAL” the media does not let up on her supporters, family, and her. Our son has donated some of the money he had saved, to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President. He also wants to challenge all MILITARY personal to support and donate what you are able, to Hillary Clinton’s campaign!


  33. Folkwolf101 says:

    Fran Villa, thank you! You are so right, the media are stealing the nomination process from Hillary. While I am more than willing to support Obama in the general election if comes to that, yes, even though I am upset that on paper Hillary’s is so obviously the better candidate with much more legislation passed per year average, much more command of the policies, many more original ideas, more proposed planned-out solutions, and much more political experience abroad; even though Barack’s proposed plans are nearly identical to Hillary’s only because he has pirated her economic plans (without yet understanding them); and even though I have already donated over a $1,000 to Hillary’s campaion, I will surely vote for Obama over McCain. Have to! After all, Obama’s race has nothing to do with my support for Hillary. I simply like her candidacy more than I like Obama’s. Far more! The problem is, the hateful ABC-voters (as in, Anybody-But_Clinton) are so appallingly gratuitious in their negative campaigning, that they will most certainly turn off a lot of prospective voters–voters who too agree with Geraldine Ferraro (that Obama is winning primarily because of the attention he is getting being Black) and who too are yet just as willing to look past race and vote for him.

    Obama supporters, listen up: you need us more than we need you. If Obama becomes the nominee, he will be up against a full-grown GOP machine. On his own, Obama is a weak candidate who cannot possibly win the general election without the Democratic party being unified, without Hillary’s voters’s support, and without White voters continuing to look pass race. In light of the Reverend Wright’s bigotry, white voters have yet proven to remain incredibly tolerant. But, the culture of enmity from Obama’s supporters is making a lot of Hillary’s supporters thin-skinned, like myself.

    Go Hillary go, you are the only one who can bring us all together.

  34. chris says:

    I really wonder when people say the majority of educated people are voting for obama. I have an associates and bachelors degree in computer science, and I am in the process of completing a masters degree in software engineering myself.
    I have been discussing the primaries with all of my friends, who in general have similar educational background. A large majority of these people support clinton as I do myself.

    Anyway, I support Hillary 100% and wish her well in the primaries, and the coming general election. As far as I am concerned, she is the only vote for me and I am very glad she isnt backing down.

  35. John says:

    Anyone who says that the educated only support Obama is themselves uneducated.

    It is false that there is a majority supporting either side.. at this moment they are in a statistical dead heat.

    This is all spin by Obama and company to try and force Hilary out.

    I agree. Go Hillary!

  36. John says:

    Something just occurred to me that is incredibly worrisome though, Some people are voting the way their children tell them to. This is not about your children telling you how to vote. DO NOT BOW TO PRESSURE FROM ANYONE VOTE YOUR OWN MIND. pressure is pressure and is still wrong. It is not cute or funny or showing they are involve, especially since it is an abuse of process,. Teach them that we vote depending on our own decisions not social pressure. The path of voting how people tell us is the path of Nazi Germany.