Fact Check: Obama’s Oil Spill

Obama would do well to think about OpenSecrets.org next time he makes a claim like “I don’t take money from oil companies.”

FactCheck.org calls Obama to task on his misleading statement from his new ad:

In a new ad, Obama says, “I don’t take money from oil companies.” 

Technically, that’s true, since a law that has been on the books for more than a century prohibits corporations from giving money directly to any federal candidate. But that doesn’t distinguish Obama from his rivals in the race.

We find the statement misleading:

  • Obama has accepted more than $213,000 from individuals who work for companies in the oil and gas industry and their spouses.
  • Two of Obama’s bundlers are top executives at oil companies and are listed on his Web site as raising between $50,000 and $100,000 for the presidential hopeful.

Fact Check goes on to note after following the Obama Big Oil money that “We’ve noted before that Obama’s policy of not taking money from lobbyists is a bit of hair-splitting.”

It’s true that he doesn’t accept contributions from individuals who are registered to lobby the federal government. But he does take money from their spouses and from other individuals at firms where lobbyists work. And some of his bigger fundraisers were registered lobbyists until they signed on with the Obama campaign.

So what’s the deal with Barack Obama anyway? He claims his is a new kind of politics but to many of us we see through the myths and fancy phrasing and find Barack Obama is just playing politics as usual.

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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16 Responses to Fact Check: Obama’s Oil Spill

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  2. steve cohn says:

    Accepting monies from employees and implying something dubious is also misleading. If some one works in a cubicle at Shell or Mobil and gives to a candidate they beleive in, is it really the oil company or just a tax paying America simply giving to the candidate they believe in. I’m sure there are simular donors in Hillary’s records as well.

    ..or maybe Obama was distracted from sniper fire when he said that and needs to say “oops, I made a mistake.”

    As a side note, I think you may want to re-think any money-related comments until after Hillary (finally) releases her tax returns.

  3. Steve

    Once again you miss the point with the money thing – Obama “claims” to not take money from certain industry sectors and be involved with lobbyists – but he does and he is.

    Hillary Clinton on the other hand doesn’t make similar claims.

  4. Kendall Johnson says:

    This guy is bad news!!!! Those superdelegates better not stick us with him!!!!! He’s the democratic version of Bush, incompetent and crooked!!!!!!!!!

  5. Kendall: Belive me, he’s not Bush and you will see a dramatic difference if and when he’s in the Whitehouse.

    Steve: Believe me. he’s a full on down and dirty politician, just like all of the others. Also, you will see that Hillary is a fully competent President, if and when she makes it into the Whitehouse.

  6. Kendall Johnson says:

    Steve Cohen,

    They are not just employees of Exxon-Moble and Shell. They are high level executives who benefit financially when government policy favors the industry. So the the fact that Obama is taking this money under the guise that they are only employees of the company is laughable. There is a direct corralation that compromises Obama, regardless of how he tries to spin it. Remember Exxelon? Their executives flushed his pockets too and he watered down the nuclear disclosure bill.

    So Steve, think about it!!!! Same old politics with a different spin!!!!!

  7. Kendall Johnson says:


    You give Obama too much credit. Did you watch the debates? Hillary had to answer all the questions for him. All he could manage is a little followup. He has no solid plans. He doesn’t seem to be well versed in domestic policy and really has no significant understanding of foreign policy. I’m not convinced by the nice speaches full of sweeping generalities and pretty rhetoric.

    I’m not a teenager, I want to hear the details!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kendall

    Although I support Hillary and endorsed her here weeks ago, Darrell is right in my opinion. Either will be a vast improvement over what we have now.

    Both Clinton and Obama have very similar voting records and their stance on the issues is also quite similar. And both Clinton and Obama have acknowledged that about each other.

    In my opinion Hillary Clinton has more experience than Obama and I prefer some of her plans over his, which is among the reasons why I endorsed her.

  9. hummingbirdv says:


    I appreciate you bringing us back to the focus of getting a Republican administration out of the white house. I do have to say though, that I feel so uncomfortable with BO that I honestly do not know what I will do in november if he is the nomination.

    McCain… definately not. Maybe I will write-in Hillary but I am hopeful she will be our nominee…. most qualified and cares deeply about our country and ALL it’s citizens. I do also have a bias towards seeing a gifted and intelligent woman attain the Presidency. It is long past time for a woman to be at the helm. It’s our turn to add a new demension to how we approach our problems.There is not anyone else who could have stepped up and dealt with the biases, sexism, and hatreds that have peppered this campaign.

    We have heard it all…. she’s too hard/cold/masculine…. she’s too soft/devious/emotional. Enough already. She’s not Miss Pink Ruffles…. She’s also not a Lunatic War Monger. She cares about PEOPLE…. health care, veteran’s care, child care.

    It’s time we started taking care of people instead of killing them.

    It just might take a woman to get that done. Hillary is the one to do it. Tough enough, experienced enough, smart enough, and heart enough. She won’t quit and I give thanks each day that she is seeing it through.

    Mostly, as you pointed out, I am upset about the fact that BO represents himself to be one thing REPEATEDLY, and then has lot’s of explaining to do. I’ll take Hillary’s mistake about sniper fire on the ground any day (although, it is my understanding that there was in fact an extreme alert in place, including an escort by military helicoptors in case there needed to be an immediate withdrawal and so tensions were high…. no one knew what to expect) compared to the continual damage control that is happening with BO.

    And he only comes clean when he is forced to. I just honestly do not trust him and what he says. And, the longer the campaign goes on, the more we get to know him…. or what we don’t know about him. I think this is why the push by his campaign to end the process prematurely. What else are they afraid of?

    The longer we go, the better it is for everyone to see who we are really voting for and what they have to offer and what their REAL
    record holds.

    Go Hillary Go!

  10. Janis says:

    Pamela, I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: if we let THREE elections in a row go down to shady screwing with whole states, and if the first and third of those occur because entire states are disenfranchised, then this country’s electoral process is completely worthless — and the damage that can result from that is far and away worse. I will not vote for an illegitimate nominee.

  11. Kendall A. Johnson says:


    I have to agree with the others. I will write in Hillary’s name. I will not vote for Obama. I just read an article about how Obama and one of his thug friends in Chicago funnelled money to some terrorest group supporting Iran. I don’t trust Obama. He’s too plastic and media made. Be smart people, vote Clinton. There is no dount that she is commited to this country, not Kanya or any other. She is dedicated to the U.S.!!!!!!! I don’t feel that from Obama.

  12. Peace Out For Unity says:

    That’s worse than his gutter balls ! Obama told NC that his church was 99 % white but nobody believed him ! Every day is April fools for Obama !!!

  13. To everyone who says they will write in Hillary in the General Election if she is not the nominee:

    1) Clinton herself has said repeatedly she will support the nominee, so if you feel so strongly about her candidacy you should follow her lead.

    2) A write in vote for HRC, effectively is vote against the nominee which roughly translates into a vote for McCain.

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  15. steve cohn says:

    Can we see this list of all the Oil folks that donated to Obama’s campaign? Does Obama, or any candidate for that matter, know every single individual contributor? Obama, and the McCain of years past, have pushed for lobby reform- that’s where votes and policies are bought, not in individual contributions. Side note- I also think the Presidential libraires need to be reveiwed as well. I bet W’s will be more expensive then the Pentagon.

    Obama…He is outraising everyone in the history of presidential campaigns; do you really think he’s going to be swayed by a $2600 donation? Would any candidate?

    What aggitated me about your initial post was the mere fact of a Hillary supporter questioning his finaces when HRC has not even come close to coming clean with her financials. Hillary stated months ago on a national debate she would get her tax returns out there and that was a flat out lie. She has purposely waited until the last possible minute. I”m surprised she hasn’t put them on extension. Obama released his and then released all of them from 2000. No one has seen the Clinton’s returns since 2000.

  16. Steve Cohn

    The post is taken nearly verbatim from the article on FactCheck.org. You don’t like that “Hillary supporter” questions Obama’s finances — good gracious – FactCheck.org brought it to light not me. I’m a registered Democrat, FYI who plans to vote for the nominee as I have said here over and over again. Get over yourself and your aggitation.

    Oh and FYI, a lot of the “industry or sector” monies raised for candidates is raised by bundlers and those bundlers bundle so that they can have influence. That is fact in the world of politics.