Michigan & Florida: Make Sure They Have a Voice

Politico reports today that the DNC and the “Clinton and Obama campaigns are considering a plan that would seat all 26 superdelegates from Florida along with the state’s 185 delegates, a Florida Democratic Party official said.”

Under the plan, the 26 superdelegates would get a full vote at the convention. But the 185 delegates would have their votes reduced by half.

The plan would give Clinton a net of 19 votes, since Clinton won 67 percent of the vote, the Florida Democratic Party official said. 

The Clinton campaign sent out the following email today on the issue of the Michigan and Florida mess: 

Dear Friend,

Michigan & Florida - Make Sure They Have a Voice!

It is a bedrock American principle: we are all equal in the voting booth. No matter where you were born or how much money you were born into, no matter the color of your skin or where you worship, your vote deserves to count.

But millions of people in Florida and Michigan who went to the polls aren’t being heard. The delegates they elected won’t be seated at the Democratic National Convention in Denver this August — and that’s just not fair to those voters.

The people of Michigan and Florida must have a voice in selecting our nominee for president. I have repeatedly called for seating their delegates.

Click here to join me in showing our support for seating Florida and Michigan delegates at the convention.

This is such an important principle, and I appreciate you standing up with me.


Hillary Rodham Clinton

Politico also reported that “earlier today, DNC chair Howard Dean told reporters, after a closed-door meeting with Florida’s Democratic congressional delegation, that the Sunshine State will be seated at the national convention in Denver this summer.”

It is our intention to do everything we can and we believe we will absolutely seat the delegation at the convention in Denver,” Dean said. “It is in everyone’s absolute interest to see that happen.”

Rep. Ron Klein (D-Fla.) an unpledged superdelegate, called Dean’s comments “a breakthrough.”

Florida Democratic Party officials said they considered Dean’s comments “a ray of hope.”

Marc Ambiner has more here and the Plam Beach Post also has a story on Dean’s call to seat the Florida delegates here.

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27 Responses to Michigan & Florida: Make Sure They Have a Voice

  1. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Dean must be feeling the heat.

    If Obama accepts any deal, then that means he accepts the popular vote as well. That instantly gives Hillary a net of 250,000 votes or so. She instantly closes the gap in the days leading up to PA. Really, that’s what most of us “democracy concern trolls” (more on that later) care about anyway. The delegate apportionment is so screwed up that its hard to justify its use at all.

    My guess is that Obama takes the deal because a revote is likely to net Hillary even more votes. But it really would change the narrative in the three weeks before PA. It would motivate her base even more and get those who have been frustrated to perk up a little more. Good news for Hill, bad news for B. Obama.

  2. Kendall A. Johnson says:

    Finally,!!! I guess Dean is feeling the fund raising drop-off. I told him where to go!!!! My money is all for Hillary!!!! People keep sending money to Hillary. She can and will win with our help!!!!!!

    Nancy polosi cooled her jets today too. She has retracted some of her earlier comments. The Clintons are the leaders of this party and its about time those pin heads get it. We should dry up the DNC money. Also none of the news outlets are reporting it, but those super delegates are looking at the new polls showing Obama losing big to McCain in Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania. Hillary is ahead of McCain in all three states. Hillary is brillient!!!!!!! She will win regardless of the corporate money Obama is pouring into ads. We need more fair minded men to join us and get behind Clinton so we can fix our country.

    The superdelegates are beginning to wake up. I don’t believe that Obama will catch Clinton in PA., but the pollsters say in some polls that he is catching up.. They’ve done this before and they were wrong. I just hope the voters don’t get spooked by all the negativity against Clinton. She would be a wonderful president!!!!!!A dream come true for so many around the world..We all would be able to hold our heads high again. GOOOO HILLARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Helen Casteel says:

    I return my requests for fundraising money from the DNC with a note that says, “Not one more penney, nickel, dime, quarter or dollar until Hillary is the nominee of this party and the Florida and Michigan votes count and delegates seated.”
    Anyone with half a brain knows “NObama” can’t think for himself, and Republicans are supporting him now to eliminate Hillary, but will switch to vote for mcCain in November. Those with a full brain understand and support Hillary all the way.

  4. Kendall Johnson says:

    Did anyone catch that flap about Obama offering Gore a position in his cabinet. Obama couldn’t carry Gore’s breif case. Please!!!! Apprently, Obama is sucking up for an endorsemet. He’s trying to mount soldiers against Clinton.

    I hope Gore thinks hard about that Bush/Chaney and cousin Obama energy bill of 2005. I think Gore has more entegrity than to get involved with this guy. Gore is green all the way!!!! That Obama vote, must assult Gore’s conscience.

    It was also nice to see Elizabeth Edwards aligning herself with Clinton’s health-care plan. I also heard that John Edwards was at some event with Chelsea over the weekend in North Carolina.

    I hope he endorses Clinton while she can still get a bounce from it. He has to see by now that she is the one carrying his agenda foreward with regard to poverty, healthcare and clean energy. Working class people have come to her side in large numbers. Many of them , including myself, supported him when we was in the race.

    I hope and pray that he does the right thing soon.

  5. coldH2Owi says:

    Like Helen Casteel, I won’t donate to the DNC, but I won’t write checks until they stop the killing in Iraq & rebuild Afghanistan. Of course, that makes me a Dirty F*cking Hippie (DFH, Darrel P.). It apparently makes me a not serious commenter as well. I used to get upset about stuff like that, until I realized that all is impermanent.
    I would also say that given all of the gentle advice to be civil on this blog, a statement like this is allowed to stand:

    Anyone with half a brain knows “NObama” can’t think for himself,…

    I probably have at least half a brain & I think, like most people, Sen. Obama can think for himself, much as Sen. Clinton can think for herself.

    We’ve just had another horrible election here in Wisco for our Supreme Court. For the second judicial election in a row, a ethically challenged wingnut was elected. There were at least two school funding referendums defeated as well. These are the things the Dems need to work on, not just bowing to Bu$hCo or arguing who is the most pure Dem or who should drop out or who should be VP, etc.

  6. Kendall Johnson says:

    The Florida Delegates need to be distributed according to the vote. They are trying to cheat the voters out of the candidate for whom they overwelmingly voted. Obama ran his ads while Clinton stayed out of the state as agreed. Clinton won anyway!!!!! And then, Obama obstructed efforts for a revote.. I hope all you Floridians remember this!!!!!

    Now they want to shake Clinton and the voters down for delegates. NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!! The vote belongs to the voter, not to the candidates or the DNC!!!!!!!!! STOP ACTING LIKE REPUBLICANS!!!!!!!!! Obama’s obstruction was at his own paril. He should agree to count the votes and count himself lucky that they didn’t do a revote!!!! If they had, it would have been even worse for him!!!!!!!!

  7. Kendall Johnson says:

    As I’m writing here, I can see all the MSNBC clips on the side of my web page. They are giving Obama so much free air time. They are working so hard to sell this guy.. People wake up!!!! These are the same guys who sold us the Iraq war, but pretended that they didn’t.. Bush didn’t do it by himself. General Electric pitched in!!!!! You know, the people who own MSNBC. Those who claim to be so progressive!!! Follow their money and you will understand what’s going on!!!!!!!

    Vote smart, vote Clinton!!!!!! She can fix these guys and the country!!!!!!!!

  8. Sen Obama’s popular vote lead is 50% based on his win from Illinois. Should and I think she will sweep the final 6 big contests plus the forth coming Edwards endorsement, Hillary puts herself in a strong position. She wins the big/key states. Sen Obama has had 3 chances to knock her out of the race and failed to “close the deal”. By June she will have established herself as the candidate that can beat McCain

  9. Kendall Johnson says:

    Thank you David for such a promising analysis. But the only why this will happen is if we all support her. Please donate, blog, make calls and canvas in PA this month. If she can get passed PA with a good strong showing, the rest will follow!!!!!!!


  10. bjerryberg says:

    I have to laugh at the media commentary about the ‘critical importance of Gore’s endorsement,’ for the Dem presidential race.

    Recall that Al Gore threw the 2000 election to the mentally ill GW Bush.

    And President Howard Dean owes his election to Al Gore’s endorsement.

    Gore is but one of many bailout-seeking hedge fund managers, nowadays.

    His genius is way overrated.

  11. Go Hilllary and never give up. With Florida and Michigan seated Hillary wins. Obama has blocked these delegates so far because he KNOWS it wipes out his lead and he cannot win. He also would not even be in the race if the press had vetted him and found Wright sooner. Obama hoodwinked America. He is a disgrace.

  12. Kendall Johnson says:

    Gore hasn’t endorsed anyone, has he?

  13. bjerryberg says:

    My colleagues in the intelligence community are about evenly split between Sen. Obama and Sen Clinton.

    Most of us are not fascists like Dick Cheney–or out of touch with reality– like Admiral McCain’s unfortunate son–John.

    .Clinton has undergone substantial enemy fire.

    And Obama looks for all the world–like a marketing gimmick–whose sponsors have something else in mind.

    Gore rhymes with whore.

    This Military Man is for Hillary.

  14. Janis says:

    And President Howard Dean owes his election to Al Gore’s endorsement.

    You know, I adore Al Gore, but this is damned funny.

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  16. Shel says:

    We need a 50-state nominee! Count ALL the votes!

  17. Mark says:

    Hi All:

    I will say it again, like I said it before here at The Democratic Daily on March 28 – Memo to Democrats: Don’t be Afraid of Democracy — unless the DNC seats Florida and Michigan as is (uncommitteds to Obama), I won’t be rejoining the party.

    And, unless the DNC institutes a primaries-only policy in the future, I won’t be rejoining the party. I have been complaining to my local district for years about how unrepresentative caucuses are and how they are so far from the one-person, one-vote principle of democracy….

    Not being heard, not being counted… moving on, at least when it comes to the DNC.

    We ARE NOT the country of our forefathers, and the checks and balances they felt were necessary need to be reassessed. Certainly, since 2000, we have been sensitized to the concept of an electoral college over-riding the will of the people. It’s time for the DNC to shape up and do the honorable thing… and start moving away from “old school politics.”

  18. Angela says:

    Obama campaigned in MICHIGAN when his supporters were on national TV and possibly local radio stations telling voters to mark “UNCOMMITTED” to cast their vote for Obama. Obama’s name may not have been on the MICHIGAN ballot, but essentially it was on the MICHIGAN ballot as “UNCOMMITTED.”

    I did not hear Edwards’ name or any of the other candidates’ names that were removed from the MICHIGAN ballot being touted as the “UNCOMMITTED CANDIDATE.” Therefore, it is fair game for Obama to hold the title as “UNCOMMITTED” in the MICHIGAN PRIMARY ELECTION.

    Count the MICHIGAN votes at hand and devy up their delegates accordingly. Folks waded through a snow storm to cast their votes which implies that they believed their vote would count. Otherwise, why would anyone wade through a snow storm to vote for “UNCOMMITTED”?

    Obama did campaign in FLORIDA when his TV ads aired in FLORIDA. Obama’s name was on the ballot in FLORIDA and folks did vote for him. Count the FLORIDA votes at hand and devy up their delegates accordingly. Didn’t 1.8 million voters show up to vote in FLORIDA, which implies that they believed their vote would count?

    Since Hillary and Obama are currently the only choices for the Democratic Party nominee for President, the votes for MICHIGAN and FLORIDA should be accepted by the Democratic Party and the delegates from MICHIGAN and FLORIDA should be seated at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in August 2008 according to the votes at hand.

    No new campaigns in MICHIGAN and FLORIDA and no new voting in MICHIGAN and FLORIDA. Maybe the Democratic Party voted to ignore the voices/votes of MICHIGAN and FLORIDA, but apparently the voters did not agree to be ignored.

  19. Folkwolf101 says:

    The horrific tragedy to this all is that the liberal democratic party is combusting from the inside out, and that they are fueled along by the well-intentioned idealistic liberal media. The media have been giving Obama a free pass over almost everything and then they continue to praise his highly disengenuous speech on race relations as a new landmark of important historical speeches: at the eloquent level of the “Ghettysburg Address.” Please! Meanwhile, the media continually attacks Hillary Clinton. Sadly, tragically, what this adds up to is that it is inciting a trench warfare between the two campaigns, and the supporters of Hillary feel especially that their candidate, who is more qualified, more experienced, and has worked so hard doing all the right things, is being undermined by the media–they who choose and elect our candidates. As a result, 30% of Hillary’s die-hard voting block will ultimately vote for McCain, primarily to spite the are all the more outraged that their favorite candidate is being threatened. They will either stay home during the general election or vote Republican. Meanwhile, McCain sits by smiling and smug, for all he has to do is what he is best known for doing: being honest, not insulting anyone, and telling it all straight without embelishments. It’s almost just a tad disappointing that he wants the troops to stay in Iraq for 100 more years and to undo Roe vs Wade.

  20. [L]et’ look at the Delegate Selection Rules of the DNC :
    No meetings, caucuses, conventions or primaries which constitute the first determining stage in the presidential nomination process (the date of the primary in primary states, and the date of the first tier caucus in caucus states) may be held prior to the first Tuesday in February or after the second Tuesday in June in the calendar year of the national convention. Provided, however, that the Iowa precinct caucuses may be held no earlier than 22 days before the first Tuesday in February; that the Nevada first-tier caucuses may be held no earlier than 17 days before the first Tuesday in February; that the New Hampshire primary may be held no earlier than 14 days before the first Tuesday in February; and that the South Carolina primary may be held no earlier than 7 days before the first Tuesday in February. In no instance may a state which scheduled delegate selection procedures on or between the first Tuesday in February and the second Tuesday in June 1984 move out of compliance with the provisions of this rule.
    The first Tuesday in February was the 5th, so that 22 days prior would be January 14th. Thus, the Nevada caucuses could be held no earlier than the 19th, the New Hampshire primary could be held no earlier than January 22nd, and so on. Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina all moved their caucuses in violation of DNC rules, and yet suffered no penalty, not even the standard 1/2 reduction in delegates. So why were Michigan and Florida afforded such draconian treatment?
    I thought the Democratic Party was to count every vote. Six states violated the rules and only two states were penalized the two states with the remaining states will probably give Clinton the popular vote. In Florida it was an even playing field with the exception that Obama played commercials on CNN in Florida for weeks before the campaign. Clinton broke no rules. Moreover Floridians came out in record numbers to vote. These people are innocent voters and they have a right to count their votes as much as any state. Moreover it was a Republican Governor and Legislature who made this determination not the voters. We are letting Howard Dean disenfranchise 1.7 million voters because he does not want Clinton to win and will give the win to the Republicans.
    In Michigan it was a Democratic Governor who made this determination not the innocent voters. In both states Clinton said count the original vote or do a revote. The Clinton people even came up with the money for the revote. However, Obama refused to agree with a revote or counting the original vote? I understand Obamas position but he wants to disenfranchise 2.3 million voters.Obama took his name off the ballet in Michigan because the polls showed he was going to be slaughtered. However, his campaign ran radio adds for weeks in Michigan urging people to vote uncommitted. Clinton did not break the rules and she won 55% of the vote the other 40% who voted uncommitted which has to be divided up among Edward’s, Obama and others still in the race. To not count all the votes is to live in a country where there is no democracy. Why count 4 states that violated DNC rules and arbitrary does not count 2 states! This is not Democracy. Why not remove South Carolina and Iowa they violated the rules as well? The only fair approach is to count all the votes we need these states in November and if we do not count their votes now we cannot count on Democrats to vote in the General Election. Recent polling of the two states supports my analyses.
    Posted by Leslie Militzok | April 6, 2008 4:15 AM

  21. KJ says:

    One fact that has been completely ignored in this fiasco is that back in September Barak Obama was in Tampa vowing that if he is the presumptive nominee that he would seat the Florida delegates. Apparently since he is not in that position and did not win Florida, he has now flip flopped and does not want the votes counted. Why has the media and even Ms. Clinton’s campaign largely missed this?

    Obama’s news conference…

  22. JERRYDTX says:

    I am glad to see that others like Kendall have let the DNC know we are not happy and that our donations to them will dry up until Senator Clinton is treated fairly. This also goes for the voters of FLA and Michigan. I am also starting to agree with the winner take all popular vote strategy. Senator Clinton would have already had the nomination in hand if it wasn’t for the caucases being so heavily manipulated by the Obama campaign.

  23. Kendall A. Johnson says:


    There is only one reason Michigan and Florida are being penalized. They are being penialized because Clinton won them. The DNC knew well in advance based on the demographics of these two states that they were going to go to Clinton. Navada want to Clinton, but was not penalized because more of the delegates went to Obama. And of course, South Carolina wasn’t penalized because the electorate was half black. How would that play? Its ok to disenfranchise Clinton’s big wins, but not Obama’s. Its all about screwing Clinton!!!! DEMS AND REPUBLICANS, ALONG WITH THE MEDIA, WORKING TOGETHER TO SCREW THE PEOPLE OUT OF A DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!GOD FORBID!!!!!!!LET THE CLINTON’S FIX THINGS!!!!! THE COROPORATIONS WON’T HAVE IT!!!!! SO THEY FEED US MR. ZERO BY DIVIDING THE ELECTORATE BY RACE, CLASS AND GENDER. THEY TAKE ADVANTAGE OF WEAK KNEED DEMS LIKE KARRY, POLOSI AND KENNEDY, AND THEN THE DOOR OPENS FOR JOHN MCCAIN!!!!!!!! AFTER THEY PUSH CLINTON OUT, WATCH THE OBAMA MIRAGE FALL APART QUICKLY!!!!!!!POOF AND HE”S BROKEN AS QUICKLY AS THE MEDIA MADE HIM!!!!

  24. Andre says:

    Look if the Dems, don’t get it and make this thing fair they we Hillary supporters should ask her to run as an independent, then we can see how comfortable they are with their candidate, as you watch Hillary take the democratic states and McCain take the republican states.

  25. Andre

    I highly doubt, in fact I am absolutely certain, Hillary Clinton would not run as an Independent.

    The fact is politics is an ugly game, it’s also an unfair game played with very messed up rules, but in the end, candidates themselves respect the process and it is the rare Joe Leiberman type that leaves his party to run as an Independent.

  26. Jessica says:

    Not every Clinton loss is a flaw in the process or the result of some massive conspiracy to keep her from winning. She had as much opportunity to participate in caucus states as Barack Obama did. One could say she had more advantages at the state and local level because of relationships developed with local party organizers and officials over the last decade or so. Hillary chose not to spend her campaign time and money there and instead focused more on large primary states. Few thought it would be this close so the strategy probably made sense at the time.

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