Edwards Would Say No to VP Nod

After a keynote speech at CTIA, the annual wireless industry showcase, John Edwards was asked in a Q&A session if “he would accept the nomination for vice president.” Edwards made it clear he would not: “No,” said Edwards.

He also “declined to say whether he would endorse Clinton or Obama.”

Although it was hinted recently that Edwards might be readying to endorse Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Edwards touted her health care plan yesterday, I have feeling that the Edwards will continue to stay out of the fray and withhold any endorsement at this point, as formers aides to Edwards recently told the press.

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3 Responses to Edwards Would Say No to VP Nod

  1. Of course Senator Obama said just 60 days before he announced for the presidency that he was determined to finish out his first term and absolutely would not run for President.

    It takes more than 60 days to organize a major kickoff and campaign organization. That I know from experience…

    So JE says NO today but in the future….(?). Personally I’m damn sorry he dropped out of the race.

  2. Gilbert Martinez says:

    I always thought that the first rule of campaigning for office is saying you’re not running until you’re already running. However, I think I believe Edwards on this.

  3. Kendall Johnson says:

    I’d agree, Edwards isn’t interested. I wish he would endorse Hillary soon. She could use the bounce!!! Hillary is the one who carries his agenda!!! He asked that the remaining candidates take up his cause.Hillary’s policies address poverty more directly than Obama’s From universal health care to pay equiy, Hillary is the one who fights for the poor. I hope Edwards sees this about her and gives his blessing

    I hope Elizaberh’s statements about Hillary’s health care plan is an indication that they will endorse her soon. It would give her a bump in N.C..