Randi Rhodes Suspended for Clinton Comments

Randi Rhodes has been suspended from Air America for “making inappropriate statements about prominent figures, including Senator Hillary Clinton” at a recent public event, that were caught on a YouTube video (WARNING: Strong language):


I’ve never been much of a talk radio fan, but I used to enjoy listening to Randi’s show occassionally, until I grew tired of her propensity to attack our own. The misogynistic screed in the video above is astounding, simply astounding.

Quite frankly I think Rhodes should be fired, not suspended. There’s nothing progressive about her in my book — she’s the liberal, female version of Rush Limbaugh on a good day.

H/T to Taylor Marsh. The HuffPo has more and Melissa chimes in on Shakesville.

UPDATE: Geraldine Ferraro, who was one of the targets of Rhodes’ rant said “Rhodes should be fired.”

What did they do with Don Imus when he went after the young black team who was playing basketball with kind of the same language? Treat them both the same,” Ferraro told FOX News. “She’s coming at me and Hillary in a … sexist way”

Ferraro added that her comments about Obama were blown out of proportion and taken out of context so that the race card could be played, which was apparently effective since she has received a considerable amount of hate mail.

“To incite people with language like this young woman just did on radio is very, very dangerous because … some people take this stuff so seriously that it can affect your security,” she said.

Memeorandum has all the buzz in the sphere.

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17 Responses to Randi Rhodes Suspended for Clinton Comments

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  3. smorganevans says:

    When Air America Radio began, I would listen on the internet to Al Franken and Randi Rhodes. I had not listen for a couple of years but tuned into Randi before the Michigan primary. Within a few minutes I realized she was a Hillary hater. I immediatley closed my internet connection to the show and have not listened since. I was also a MOVE ON member but when the organization endorsed Obama I withdrew as a member. The same day Kerry endorsed Obama, I received a phone call and emails asking for a donation to Obama’s campaign. I said I was donating to Hillary Clinton. The caller was at a loss for words at that point. I had been a John Edwards supporter in 2004. I never watched Fox before but I have been so disgusted with MSNBC and the unfair attacks on Hillary that I switched to see what Fox was saying. I was suprised that Fox was more fair than MSNBC. I do not understand why there is so much hatred and vulgarity coming from the Obama supporters.

  4. BlueWashington says:

    I am for Obama, NOT against Clinton – so I don’t post much here anymore. But what Rhodes said was over the top. For someone whose business is public communication, it was reprehensible. The suspension was not enough.

    Sam Sedar where are you?

  5. 1. What she said was true

    2. The language WAS abusive, BUT ACCURATE, and it WAS a 21+ year old crowd, so WHATS THE FREAKING PROBLEM!

    3. While it is true that this is not LEGAL action, it was STILL WRONG on behalf of Air America to suspend her because it STILL is a form of CENSORSHIP, and a corporation such as Air America should SET THE EXAMPLE, not hide behind the law as the TECHNICALITY, what a bunch of hyprocrates Air America and SOME OF YOU have become!

    4. Air America, tonight has shamed the Progresive movement, Randi Rhodes is probably the one major player that is most responsible for THEIR success, thanks for the support you JERKS!

    5. Air America had a hidden AGENDA FOR THIS(anybody wanna guess where this is REALLY comming from?), we as progressives are getting sick and tired of all these hidden agendas, all Air America managed to do tonight is add a few more nails to Hillary’s coffin, I personally wouldn’t mind seeing someone going Nova M, at least over there you don’t get stabbed in the back! Mike Malloy never looked back(hint, hint!)

    6. For all of you who are mad as I am, I suggest;

    A) Complain to the Air America comment line at; (212) 871-8290, I already did, I will be doing so DAILY until Randi is returned on air.

    B) Complain to Air America in an EMail at; feedback@airamerica.com

    C) Contact your local progressive radio station where you normally listen to Randi Rhodes, and lodge a complaint with them, here in Portland I listen to Randi Rhodes on AM 620, boy are they gonna get a mouthful from me in the morning!

    Maybe it’s time for both AIR AMERICA AND HILLARY CLINTON to be left behind, are you listening Air America? Change IS in the wind, are you WITH us, or AGAINST us?


  6. Andrea says:

    I so agree with the above post. What the hell is this ? Nazi Germany? Randi should have her own TV show and radio station, Air America diappears people like the Mafia, Her etoday gone tomorrow. They have gotten rid of so many great radio hosts.

    Randi is a true patriot and should be thanked for speaking truth to power! Hillary has been lying, has taken money from the Saudis for the Clinton Library, sat on the board of directors of piggy Walmart and said that she would not mind lobbyists in the White House. I do not blame Randi for ragging on Mrs. Clinton at all. Enough Bush and Clinton White Houses. This nation needs a change and I’d vote for Randi if she were running!

  7. Chuck Glisson

    Point blank — Randi Rhodes has shamed the progressive movement by calling a seated U.S. Senator and the former First Lady a f**king w**ore.

    Thanks for posting the contact info for Air America here, which I neglected to do yesterday.

    As most of the readers of this blog are Clinton supporters, and you are out of your element here Chuck, I would strongly urge our readers to contact Air America and let them know you think they made the right choice in suspending Randi Rhodes.

  8. TLE says:

    I don’t particularly care if AAR fires Randi Rhodes or revokes her suspension. I quit listening to her about 6 months ago, after listening since 2004, because she was so aggressively angry toward her own listeners. I heard her start fighting with people who called in to worship her and agree with her; it was too weird.

    I have subscriptions to both satellite radio companies, because I got Sirius first specifically to listen to AAR, and when AAR entered into an exclusive arrangement with XM, I fumed for a month and then gave in and bought it, too. I have gradually stopped listening to everyone on AAR, as they have made their preference for Obama crystal clear (and, more importantly, joined in the Clinton-bashing). I can’t even listen to Malloy anymore (oh, yeah — I subscribe to Nova M, too). Every single host started out last year saying they would remain impartial, and every single one has become extremely partial to Obama. The most liberal of the candidates, Dennis Kucinich, was quickly marginalized: “I love Dennis, but HE CAN’T WIN” was the theme heard over and over. Then they just ignored Edwards, same as the MSM, even though he was clearly the best hope the Democrats had for winning next November.

    I can’t help noting with despair that some of the people in the liberal media with the widest audience and most influence are all “former” Republicans: Ed Schultz, Arianna Huffington, Markos Moulitsas of Daily Kos. I have to wonder what their real agenda is in championing Obama, and I have to wonder about the people who claim to be Democrats who are slavishly following their recommendation.

    I want to thank Chuck Glisson, because he reminded me that I am still giving money to people I no longer listen to. First stop, Nova M; then probably XM, since I can at least still listen to Bill Press on Sirius Left. And, Chuck, when Randi gets back and you call to congratulate her, don’t be surprised if she bites your head off.

  9. Chuck says:

    Hey Pamela:

    A different Chuck here and with you 100% on this one. Back on the Kerry blog, I remember how one prominent Kerry blogger used to try to out trolls by asking them what they thought about Hillary Clinton. She used to say that if they came out with anti-Hillary bile whn prompted then they were almost certainly trolls. That same blogger now is an Obama supporter and posts openly anti-Hillary stuff! Oh, the irony.

    Anyway, I am disgusted by people that ostensibly agree with me about the issues but that feel it is somehow helpful to rudely and in personal terms trash my favored candidate.

    God Bless and GOTV 2008!

    Chuck in Singapore

  10. Chuck in Singapore

    My memory must be failing me… I can’t for the life of me think of who did that on the old Kerry blog although it sounds familiar. Most of the folks that we on the old Kerry blog support Obama so Iam not at all surprised to hear former Kerry bloggers are bashing Clinton. Sadly.

  11. Chuck Glisson says:

    To; Pamela Leavey,

    Go ahead and post your opinon to Air America, but as you do,,,consider this,,,,If your Boss was an Obama suporter, or even worse, a McCain supporter, and he or she found out about your activities away from the office, didn’ t approve of them, and then decided to SUSPEND OR FIRE you,,,,how would you feel? Be honest here Pamela, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?

    So Please, if you feel that you have a point to make to Air America, then even though I don’ t agree with you, I wholeheartedly support YOUR RIGHT to express your concerns, freely and without fear of reprisal, it works both ways Pamela

  12. Chuck Glisson

    My opinion of Randi Rhodes statements in public is posted right here above — I think she should have been fired. I stand by that.

    Here’s what you are missing — The event that Rhodes was speaking at had everything to do with Air America and she was PAID for that speaking event. Randi Rhodes is for all intents and purposes a member of the media, and members of the media DO NOT speak like that at public events. Members of the media don’t call seated US Senators or former First Lady’s F***ing W*****.

    Further more to point to how clueless you are on this — it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with who I or anyone supports in this election — it has everything to do with the improper behavior of a paid journalist.

    I would FYI speak out of Rhodes had said something similar about Barack Obama. And FYI, having worked as blogger for Kerry ’04 — I know better than to say anything like Rhodes said, publically or in the blogosphere about any politician on either side of the aisle.

  13. Chuck Glisson says:

    To Pamela;

    1. Mrs. Rhodes was on VACATION.

    2. Mrs. Rhodes is a member of the private sector, and as such has EVERY right to freedom of speech aforded under the constitution.

    3. Randi Rhodes is NOT a news journalist, she’s a political OPINION journalist, I suggest before YOU call ME clueless, maybew YOU should get YOUR facts straight.

    4. You say that you would have had the same opinion if Randi Rhodes had spoken out in a simular way against Barack Obama, well what about the improper comments made by Rush Limbaugh? Does it not bother you that FOX News & Rush Limbaugh are now allied with Hillary Clinton?

    5. Hillary Clinton voted AGAINST the cluster bomb ban(Barack Obama voted FOR it), Barack Obama voted against retroactive amnesty for the Telecom industry, John McCain voted for it, and Hillary Clinton DIDN’ T SHOW UP(she was in town though). She dodges imaginary bullets in Bosnia, flat out lies about her stand on NAFTA(do I need to mention Mark Penn?), and has run a very shameful campaign, therefore I think Randi Rhodes comments WERE justified, and under the Constitution of the United States, she had every right to express her views, so as I said in my original statement, “What’s the freaking problem!”

    6. Sorry, I’m not letting you off the hook on this one, I think the facts speak for themselves.


  14. Chuck Glisson

    Gee, I’m so concerned YOU are NOT Letting me “off the hook on this one.” Get a life pal — you are the one who doesn’t have the facts straight:

    April 3, 2008

    New York – Air America has suspended on-air host Randi Rhodes for making inappropriate statements about prominent figures, including Senator Hillary Clinton, at a recent public appearance on behalf of Air America in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air America affiliate station.

    “Air America encourages strong opinions about public affairs but does not condone such abusive, ad hominem language by our Hosts,” said chair Charlie Kireker.”

    Evidently you don’t know how to follow links in posts or else you would have read the statement posted above from Air America chair Charlie Kireker that states that “Ms Rhodes” “public appearance on behalf of Air America in San Francisco which was sponsored by an Air America affiliate station.”

    Those are the facts — whatever else you have to say here will now be through the filter of moderation.

  15. To Pamela;

    1. I did get the facts right, in fact I went above the call to actively include the facts, you decided to counter my facts with a “you are the one who dosen’ t have the facts straight” rebuttle.

    2. I figured that if I went for a “bebate & counterpoint” approach in this dialog with you, that I would come out sucessful, it’s the only way I discuss politics, and have great success with “run- ins” with the “ultra conservative right” crowd because they don’ t have a “comeback” for me when I take this this route.

    3. You and I should be on the same side fighting the good cause, but your candidate decided to cross the line;
    when she made her;
    “I and McCain bring much experience to the table, and Barack Obama brings a speach he made in 2004”,
    that tore it for me. She put her own ambition ahead of the good of the country, and the democratic party. Hillary Clinton MADE that comment, I’ m just stating “FACTS” here, no mud slinging, no name calling, I am just reacting to the actions that Senator Clinton decided to take.

    4. I make my decisions and form my opinions based on fact, and I think have done so very well during these series of threads.

    5. I will respond to your comment for me to “Get a Life”; I’m a veteran, a husband, a father, a songwriter, a full time employee, and a working musician. Somehow I manage to find time to be active in church and social causes too. I am also a “democrat delegate” here in Washington state, I think I have a life Pamela.

    I present that I do have the facts straight,

  16. Chuck Glisson

    No you did not get the facts straight. As the chair of Air America said Randi Rhodes appearance was on behalf of Air America — so in that capacity she was speaking as a representative of Air America. As a broadcast company they have every right to suspend Rhodes for her comments made on their behalf. And whether she is an opinion journalist or a new journalist – she is a journalist and journalists do have standards and creeds which Rhodes failed to adhere to.

    Finally – I stand by my opinion of Rhodes comments – as a blogger I have right to my opinion and I’m not going to debate this further with you.

    If you have an issue with Air America suspending Rhodes bring it up with Air America, it had nothing to do with me, I reported it on it here after the fact and was not involved with any of the action by activists who called upon Air America to suspend Rhodes. You will find the link in the post above to the blog that started the outcry – go piss and moan to them.

    Good for you – you have a life. So do I and in that I rarely “debate” with readers or commenters.

    End of conversation.

  17. Paul V says:

    Hillary has got no chance. Do the math. Even if she wins every last contest by 5 to 10% she would still fall short on delegates.