TV Alert: Hillary on The Tonight Show (Video)

Head’s up Clinton supporters — Hillary Clinton will be on The Tonight Show tonight. Fox News has a wrap-up on what to expect on the show:

In an intro at the top of the show, she did a sketch skewering her 3am phone call ad, fielding a call from Leno asking her to appear on the show before saying “we’ve GOT to get caller ID.”

And in the monologue, Leno mocked her recent Rocky Balboa infatuation, saying “We have the Italian stallion on the show tonight — Hillary Clinton, ladies and gentlemen.”

Hillary even “got in on the action herself — joking about that harrowing tale of landing under sniper fire that’s been a staple of late night comedians.”

Walking out to the theme from Rocky, Clinton told Leno she was worried she wouldn’t make the show — saying “I was pinned down by sniper fire.” Leno replied “In LA, that might be true.”

In LA, that might be true is right. Just a few days ago there was another freeway shooting out here. But back to Hillary on The Tonight Show:

Asked about her daughter saying she would make a better president than her husband, Clinton joked that “she’s such a smart young woman.” And as for Bill Clinton’s infamous red-faced outbursts on the trail this year, Hillary acknowledged that she tries to rein him in. “I’ve told him OK, honey, it’s alright. We don’t have to go get excited about it,” she said. “But he does get a little carried away sometimes.”

Tune in… Clinton was in Los Angeles today hosting “a “Hillary Live” fundraising event in Beverly Hills, CA.” You can watch her 3AM ad here and check out her new ad for North Carolina here

Oh… and don’t forget to drop a dime in the kitty for Hillary tonight! Or get involved with Heidi Li’s matching fundraising effort (h/t to Taylor).

UPDATE: Watch it here:

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One Response to TV Alert: Hillary on The Tonight Show (Video)

  1. from swimming freestyle:

    “The stated Clinton campaign strategy, despite her second place position in each metric (states won, pledged delegates, money raised and popular vote), is to convince superdelegates she is the best choice for the Democratic Party nominee. It’s a measure of Clinton power and prestige that some actually bought into that line of crap.

    The, presumably disappointing, March fundraising numbers are just more signs the Clinton campaign is now limping towards the end of their race.”