Ask Barack…

Dave Davies of the Philly Inquirer got to ask Barack Obama a question on Wednesday: It was my turn to interview Barack Obama today, and ask something that’s been on my mind: He talks about changing the culture in Washington, and running a positive campaign, and while his public statements … Continue reading

This Is As Good A Time As Any To Remind Everyone

That the 2004 election–and I have no doubts about this–was stolen in Ohio in broad daylight. With few exceptions, the news media has chosen to ignore this, as has Congress. Since it is old news–and was never really news at all–what is to keep it from happening again? While the … Continue reading

Clinton Speaks In Philadelphia On LGBT Issues

Sen. Clinton accepted an invitation to be interviewed by the Philadelphia Gay News, and here is some of what she had to say: On governments that execute LGBT citizens: I would be very strongly outspoken about this and it would be part of American foreign policy.  On extending the Domestic-Partnership … Continue reading

She’s “Havin a Good Time!”

I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Hillary yesterday at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco . . . together with about 400 other Hillary supporters and volunteers. We were fortunate to have her here in San Francisco when we know her work right now is in Pennsylvania, … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

With my kids getting a little older and not needing 100% constant supervision (including the fact, as we are doing lessons, they can follow me around the house for instruction when I give them homework) and with the limited time I chat with my husband, online, I am finally getting … Continue reading