Clinton Speaks In Philadelphia On LGBT Issues

Sen. Clinton accepted an invitation to be interviewed by the Philadelphia Gay News, and here is some of what she had to say:

On governments that execute LGBT citizens:

I would be very strongly outspoken about this and it would be part of American foreign policy. 

On extending the Domestic-Partnership Benefits and Obligation Act to all employees:

Of course. But I think the reason why I have zeroed in on the Obligations Act is because that’s what’s in the province of the federal government and I think we might be able to get that passed. But I would certainly sign anything that was broader too.

On the anti-gay marriage bill pending in Pennsylvania:

Don’t pass it. I really hope that that doesn’t go anywhere. I would be very distressed if Pennsylvania were to adopt that kind of mean-spirited referendum and I hope it won’t happen.

Read the entire interview here.

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