She’s “Havin a Good Time!”

I had the opportunity to have breakfast with Hillary yesterday at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco . . . together with about 400 other Hillary supporters and volunteers. We were fortunate to have her here in San Francisco when we know her work right now is in Pennsylvania, Indiana, North Carolina . . .I’m here to report that Hillary is definitely “havin a good time!”

Listening to her talk in earnest about her campaign, we were, alternately, rolling in the aisles with laughter and drying the tears rolling down our eyes. Hillary was in her element. That lady certainly does have a sense of humor, and she is using it more and more as she feels secure in her role as the candidate to beat John McCain. 

She had important messages about the dire issues facing our country and our need to take back American and put it securely in its place as leader of the free world. She passionately reviewed the skills it will take to do that . . . especially the diplomatic skills required to repair severe damage to our reputation. 

She iterated the differences between the democrats and the republican candidate. She takes nothing for granted regarding the difficulty of beating John McCain in November. He has a compelling personal story and that story will sway voters, especially those tuning in to mainstream media as their only source of information.

She briefly mentioned her opponent for the democratic nomination. Yet, the substance of her message was secondary to her energy and passion. It was clear to all of us that this is a lady who will fight for the democratic nomination, fight for the presidency, and fight for the American people when she is president. 

A shining element in her speech was her gratitude to all of us who are working so hard on her behalf . . . blogging, writing letters, making phone calls, visiting states with upcoming primaries, donating money. I always notice Hillary’s gratitude.

She has humility. She takes nothing for granted. She is working for us and she is grateful for our support. She believes that we are in this together and she is the leader.  She explained that her supporters in some states lack the belief that we can turn America around.

She tells them that there is this place . . . far away . . . a place called California where people are beginning to take the steps to beat global warming, to develop the technology of the future, to change their personal habits to eat and move and live sustainably. Of course, she was talking to a California audience and we all felt pride, and she could say this of many other states.

Then she asked us to reach out to those that are not so fortunate as we are. She asked us to help her raise money. Though we take technology for granted here in San Francisco, much of her constituency doesn’t feel comfortable with it, can’t afford it, or doesn’t use e-mail regularly. And that makes fundraising hard for her. Reaching out on the internet is helping, but her opponent has an entire base that is fluent in technology and can easily reach out by e-mail. His coffers are very full while hers are getting empty.

Obama outspent Hillary by almost 5 to 1 in Rhode Island, 4 to 1 in Ohio, 3 to 1 in Texas, 4 to 1 in Wisconsin. (Please don’t quote these numbers. I’m writing from memory and not notes.) So, I implore all of you to reach deep into your pockets to donate and to look to your friends to raise more funds.

Hillary needs to wow us in Pennsylvania and to demonstrate to the mainstream media that she can win this contest even without their support but with the support and energy of those who are fighting with her. I know that my energy has been ratcheted up a notch since hearing her speak. I only wish this speech could be on U-Tube for all of you to see. Take it from me, Hillary wowed us all, taught us a thing or two about hangin in there, and rallied us to continue our important work on her behalf and on behalf of all Americans who believe in the greatness of this country. What a pleasure and an honor it was to be there at that breakfast with Hillary yesterday!          

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4 Responses to She’s “Havin a Good Time!”

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    Would those diplomatic skills include cleaning up after Mark Penn & his recent Columbian gambit? You know, he’s working with Columbia to get a Free Trade accord passed by Congress, an accord Sen. Clinton correctly opposes.

  2. Janis says:

    You’re about three months too late on that one, cold. Get your facts straight.

    As Pamela says, thanks for sharing.

  3. coldH2Owi says:

    Sorry Janis:

    Hillary Rodham Clinton’s chief strategist apologized Friday for meeting with Colombian officials pushing a free trade agreement that the presidential candidate opposes..

    That Friday reference was today’s Friday. & what’s with the cutsy “sharing” crap?

  4. Janis says:

    what’s with the cutsy thanks for sharing crap?”

    I’m being perfectly sincere, cold. Don’t be negative.