Steve & Cokie Roberts: Race Trumps Gender, Yet Again

In their latest column, “Let superdelegates decide race? Not this year,” Steve and Cokie Roberts argue that 2008 is absolutely the wrong year to let superdelegates decide who is the Democratic presidential nominee. Why? They are the superdelegates, the elected officials and representatives of Democratic Party constituencies who this year … Continue reading

Saturday Morning Reads

I’ll be offline most of the day which I will explain in another post. Here’s a few Saturday morning reads: Margaret Carlson has a column on Bloomberg that is worth a read: Obama Throws Gutter Ball, Clinton Plays Pals: Margaret Carlson John McCain has been waiving Secret Service protection, but … Continue reading

Late Night: What If?

Here’s a little night night food for thought… What If Democrats Used Winner Take All? Of course, it’s too late now to change the rules but: If the Democrats were to allot their current state delegate totals in a winner-take-all format, Clinton would actually have a significant delegate advantage. Despite … Continue reading