Who Said This?

“I don’t think anybody predicted 9/11.”

If you guessed Condoleezza Rice, you would be correct. But you would also be correct if you guessed Barack Obama. That’s what he said a few days ago on MSNBC’s Hardball. How quickly some of us forget the August 2001 memos ignored by George W. Bush.

Is Obama protecting the Bush administration? Of course not. The obvious answer is that he “misspoke,” though he has, of course, been given a pass on his statement. Nevertheless, knowing everything we know–and knowing what a joke the 9/11 (not my words–I am appalled that we gave this day a nickname) Commission was, it is interesting that Obama would say this, even as a slip.

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6 Responses to Who Said This?

  1. Christian Prophet says:

    Common sense tells us one of these candidates would make an excellent president and one would make a terrible president. See:

  2. Diane Elayne Dees says:

    Nice try, CP, but the founding fathers were not Christian, and liberation theology is one of the few theologies I can stomach.

  3. bjerryberg says:

    In the real world, Obama is a right-wing Wall Street marketing gimmick-who none of his sponsors ever wished to make president.

    Obama is somebody who could be scandalized into oblivion–any day his current major sponsors wished to do so. That is exactly why the right-wing money wants him nominated by the Dems.

    Democrats must decide–will it be the people-first FDR tradition–or the Gore-Lieberman disease that the unfortunate Sen Obama has leased himself out to?

  4. bjerryberg says:

    Just in case you missed my point–Gore rhymes with ***** –and that is not accidental.

    The gargantuan ‘green’ Hedge Fund Manager Gore has become considerably more wealthy–and socially prominent–since he threw the 2000 election to the mentally ill Bush-Cheney ticket.

    No wonder Ken Starr worked so hard, a decade ago, to make Gore president with the Lewinsky crap!

  5. coldH2Owi says:

    Yep. That makes sense.

  6. soona says:

    You one of the thing he got away and cann’t understand how was his first reaction to his Rev remark. He said he didn’t know how the Rev felt. What deos that seem to you. Like some who run for cover at the first trouble and abandon who ever me me me . Just imaging if he the president and people needed him( God forbid) What get me is no body is analysing that point. They are fixating on what the Rev said who cares? let’s disscuss the reaction of our president to be when there is trouble..cowerdly that I will say. So to all black people who bet thier lives on him I will say take notice this what did to his 20 friend imagine what he will do to you