Many Superdelegates in No Hurry to Pick a Candidate

In the WaPo today, “Many of the 320 or so party leaders and elected officials who have yet to commit cite a number of reasons: They can’t choose between two good candidates, they don’t want to interfere with the will of voters, and they think the extended contest will strengthen the party.”

Let the voters decide…

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13 Responses to Many Superdelegates in No Hurry to Pick a Candidate

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  3. coldH2Owi says:

    As someone here pointed out, it may be that Sen. Obama’s support is plateauing or softening. According to this report –

    Sen. Clinton is getting tired, probably the long hours campaigning. The poster also comments:

    “I now respect Clinton’s 3D supporters much more than her online supporters. Probably because these ones often seemed happy, as well as happy to see me, instead of sneering at me or calling me names. (Then again, I don’t wear any MTV gear online and at the HRC rally, I wasn’t talking to people about Obama. So who knows!)”

  4. coldH2Owi

    I read the news article in the NY Times about Obama’s support softening. And I can only imagine that both candidates are getting tired. It’s grueling criss cross the country the way they are. Heck, I am tired just trying to keep up with the news here on the DD while running a business and having my apartment painted.

  5. Kendall A. Johnson says:


  6. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Let voters, vote, Pamela? Surely you jest. That’s like some kind of democracy or something.

  7. Peace Out For Unity says:

    I’m going back to the Sunday humor ! This is depressing,and you’ve got to be kidding ! God help us if this goes to super delegates and go vote please ! Ugh !

  8. Peace Out For Unity says:

    For the life of me, can’t understand what’s so hard about hiring someone to run the nation ! Look at Clinton’s resume and then compare it to Obama’s. You don’t have to be in A G classes to figure it out !

  9. Janis says:

    The whole thing balances on the fact that, up to this point, not a single vote has been cast with the knowledge of the Wright scandal. Not a single voter has gone to the polls since that one broke.

    They are scared shitless. That’s why Brazile, Kerry, and Kennedy have been so shrill and hysterical (GAWD, I love using those words in this context) about her GETTING THE HELL OUT before anyone goes to the polls armed with that information. Especially since, AFAIK, there are no more caucus states left. It’s only primaries from here on.

  10. coldH2Owi says:

    What exactly is this “Wright” scandal that got you in a tizzy? For what Bu$hCo has done in my name, I, too, god damn America. If you are as progressive as you claim to be, I’ll bet you agree more with Wright than with the now unemployed Mark Penn, oh, sorry, that is three month old news, now isn’t it?

  11. Jessica says:

    Maybe the Wright thing will be a significant factor in voting going forward. Some people will move away from Obama–the question is, how many.

    I’m not much of a fan of the superdelegate process because they are basically asked to do one of two things: 1) follow what voters have already done or 2) decide that the voters were wrong. The first is not particularly useful and the second seems borderline anti-democratic. All the same, I’m glad that many are thoughtfully considering their decision or thoughtfully considering how to cover their political hindquarters. Since over two hundred superdelegates decided before the voting, I guess that’s progress.

  12. Janis says:

    Cold, maybe the one where the guy running for president calls a man “uncle” who thinks that white people invented AIDS to kill black people.

    And he’s running against a woman who’s family money has been used to fund a massive AIDS foundation that has made a concrete different in the lives of over a million Africans with AIDS.

    Basically one sat on his ass regards AIDS and listened to and supported a man spreading lies that helped no one, the other actually did stuff and made a real difference in suffering people’s lives.

    But then I guess I’m just a silly progressive to care about stuff like that.

  13. Kendall Johnson says:

    Janis ,

    If that aol poll they put on line every week is any indication of what people are thinking and who they will vote for, It’s looking real good for Clinton!!! Check it out.