Sunday At The Symphony: Still Sticking With Hillary, Baby

Being in the Bay Area, I’m a fan of the San Francisco Symphony (season ticket holder for several years) and Metallica (who one of my best friends works for). The fusion of the two in S&M is one of my favorite albums. Don’t worry, I’ll spare everyone the details of Metallica, and the early influence of Cliff Burton, their original bassist who was trained in classical piano, which you can definitely see in the composition of their early music. I digress…

I grew up thinking that “Master of Puppets” was an evil song. In reality, it is song about substance abuse. I wouldn’t call it an anti-drug song per se, but a song warning of its effects. In fact, according to Kirk Hammett, the Master of Puppets album is about “[v]arious forms of manipulation, which can go into entirely a [sic] different subjects which we could talk about for hours.”

In honor of the media trying to manipulate us into loving Barack Obama and hating the <expletive> Hillary Clinton I give you “Master of Puppets”. The song also goes out to Pat Leahy, Chris Dodd and all the other pols who don’t want to give PA, IN, NC, etc. a chance to vote. And to Matt Yglesias who thinks all we need is a good talking to by “credible party leaders”. A tribute to you all:

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20 Responses to Sunday At The Symphony: Still Sticking With Hillary, Baby

  1. coldH2Owi says:

    I never liked Metal. Or symphonic music, either. No wonder we can’t seem to communicate. & too bad Gus Hall is dead, as well, who was, after the corporate Democrats made Hubert Humphrey into a stooge, awfully attractive during the Nixon/Reagan/Bush years. & it was folks with great big warts like Sen. Dodd & Sen. Leahy who kept the country from going completely to shit. & remember, Sen. Dodd actively supported Ned Lamont.

  2. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Nope, none of Obama’s elite Dem supporters are corporate at all. None of his bundlers are federal lobbyists either. No one on his senate finance committee is indicted on corruption charges. Hillary Clinton wasn’t the first Dem presidential candidate to donate to Lamont. And Hillary’s foreign policy adviser, Wes Clark, never cut any commercials for Lamont. I can do tit-for-tat, too.

    Oh, and music is a very good reason not to be able to communicate with people. Also, metal and symphony are the only types of music I listen to. And I know nothing at all about lower and lower middle-class America, being the corporatist that I am.

    Must be on one of my periodic lashing out moments that I need to boost my appeal. Or something.

  3. coldH2Owi says:

    With all sincerity & a sense of humor, it must be tough being you. Apparently, nyah, nyah, nyah, works for you young folks.

  4. Nathan says:

    I’m sticking with Clinton because, to be honest, she’s our only chance in the GE. Voting for Obama guarantees a McCain win. I wish it weren’t so, but it is.

    I doubt she’ll get the nomination due to the horrendous media coverage that’ll, at least, suppress her vote and the DNC that is hellbent on ensuring Obama gets it, but we have to try.

  5. Kendall Johnson says:

    Yes!! We have to try! And yes, Obama does use boundlers, takes money from lobbiests etc………….He splits hairs, but he is as dirty as the rest of them and he grabs the same money!!!

    Obama can’t win the general election and Clinton is the better choice anyway. So I’m sticking with her. Obama is too green at a time when too many big problems are going on!!!! The media knows this, but they want McCain, so they are selling us Obama now. As soon as Clinton’s out of the way, Obama will be easy mark for the GOP. Watch, they will eat him alive.

    The old boy net work of the DNC are all losers. Look at them. None of them have made a successful bid!!!! Dean, Kerry, Kennedy, Dodd and so on. PLEASE!!!!!! A bunch of sore losers!!!! Their own campaigns flopped and now they wanna be the ones to pick the winner against the GOP!!!! What a joke. They have know judgment!!!!! We the people have to make this decision even if it takes a fight at the convention!!!! Even if we lose, it will go on record that these assholes disenfranchised Florida and Michigan in order to make Obama the nominee.

    And if the good old boys club don’t understand that sexism is every bit as offensive as racism, they will surely find out in November!!!!!!! Women are the core base of this party. Believe me, they insult us this way, there will be a backlash!!!! And threatening us with Roe v. Wade will not work!!!! Many of these same women gave their vote to Bush over Karry, because Karry was so weak!!!!! Believe me, not that much has changed in the last 3 years!!!!

    Tthe working class vote will also go to McCain. So the insiders are willing to throw the general election, just to ensure that Clinton doesn’t get the nomination. Unbelievable!!!! Are they really that threatened by her? It’s incredable!!! After this election, its time to clean house. These assholes have to go!!!! Their useless anyway. This party is supposed to be the peoples party, not the latte elites who don’t give a rats ass about the working class struggles. Clinton is the only one who will represent us all!!!!!!

  6. Kendall

    Women who voted for Bush over Kerry in ’04 were the “security moms” and a lot has changed since then. I may not agree with Kerry’s decision to endorse Obama, but Senator Kerry has done so much good in the Senate and he ran damn fine race in ’04 — I worked for him and had he run again this year he would have my support 100%.

  7. Gilbert

    Good choice. I’m not a big Metallica fan, but I’ve seen Kirk Hammett perform with Santana once or twice in the past — he’s an amazing guitarist. And I do love the symphony.

    If you haven’t heard Trinity from Santana’s “All That I Am” check it out. It’s Santana, Kirk Hammett and Robert Randolph on pedal steel.

  8. Kendall A. Johnson says:


    Good for you!!! I thought he was weak, but I voted for him anyway!!!! Don’t be so sure that enough women would vote for Obama over McCain!!!! Many people see McCain as a moderate who has been saying things lately that he has had to to really the republican base. And, yes many of Hillary’s supporters will feel offended if Obama is given the nomination, because the insiders who clearly favor Obama, disenfranchised Michigan and Florida!!!! Those security mom’s you speak of may very well feel safer with John McCain than Barack Obama, especially after the republicans have linked him to his musilum cousin in Kanya and have shown the hours and hours of Pastor Wright tapes that FOX news has been sitting on!!!!!!

    Besides, it doesn’t offend you how the good old boys have been treating Senator Clinton.? I think it is shameful!!!!! I can’t figure out why? What has she done to deserve being treated this way? Kerry gets on T.V. and feeds into all this Clinton bashing. I saw him today doing it. It’s offensive. If it’s not sexism, you tell me what it is? I just don’t see what all the hate for Hillary Clinton is about!!!! She’s my senator and has been wonderful? I don’t understand why all these men in the party are turning on her and trying to force her out of the race!!! So Pamala, educate me!!!!! Do you know why? Maybe because Bill didn’t help Karry during his bid, so Kerry feels justified sticking a knife in Hillary!!!!!

    This notion that Obama is more progressive is bull shit!!! Hillary’s policies are much better and more universal. Obama is clearly in bed with oil and nuclear energy ( Bush/Chaney and counsin Obama’s 2005 energy bill). There’s nothing progressive about that!!!!!His Healthcare plan is a sell-out and he has been copying Clinton in his efforts to come up with an economic plan for months now. So he doesn’t seem more inclusive or progressive to me. I heard Martin L. King when he said that we should judge one by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin!!!! I’m not voting Obama just because he’s black, and if they want to call me a racist for it, so be it.

    And, don’t you think it’s shameful that the DNC is so eager to dienfranshise Florida and Michigan? What about the voters? I am totally ashamed of these guys. From the beginning, they have worked with Republicans and each other to stop Clinton’s bid in a way I have never seen before!!!Don’t you think that these guys knew ahead of time that the demographics in both Michigan and Florida favored Clinton, when they disenfranchised those states. Two other states broke the primary rules as well, but they were not disenfranched. Oops, I think they went for Obama!!!! The media is on it too. These guys get on these blatently sexist news channels and go after her like nobodies business.

    Pamala, have you ever read about the passage of the 15th amendments of the U.S. constitution? Women faught side by side with black men trying to secure the franchise for everyone. At the end of the day, all the men, both black and white came together and passed the 15th amendment giving the black man the franchise, but leaving all women out. They turned on the women and it took another 50 years before the 19th amendement was passed giving us the right to vote. Read some of Frederick Douglas’ speaches around that time. It was clear from many of his speaches what was going on.

    I have the distinct feeling that this type of thing is happening again. They will screw Clinten and the voters of Florida and Michigan, in order to maintain male power and dominance. I also think that Karry, who is freinds with McCain is willing to throw the general election to McCain, just to keep Clinton from getting the nomination!!!!!! I heard him saying today that he thinks Obama can turn some of these western states blue in the fall. It was so phoney it was rediculious!!!! He mentioned Arizona. Clinton beat Obama in Arizona by 8 points. Now how is Obama going to take Arizona away from McCain? It was rediculious and just stupid. Kerry had to have known better. I couldn’t believe the bill shit that was coming out of his mouth!!!!!

    So, I know you like Karry, but I’m sticking with my home girl here in New York, Senator Clinton!!!!!! Furthermore, I will continue to defend her even if it takes calling these guys out the way they need to be!!!!!!I’m putting in my vacation time to go to the convention. Its these kind of fights that make history and either turn the tide or set things back a bit. Either way, the fight has to be had!!!!!!!

  9. Kendall

    I’m not at all happy about the way Kerry has treated Clinton in his support for Obama, however, I do understand it is part and parcel of the game of politics. If Hillary Clinton is the nominee I have no dount he will support her 100%. And he would never, ever throw the election McCain’s way – that is ludicrous.

  10. Kendall A. Johnson says:

    I personaly think you give him too much credit!!!!! But the gender bias goes beyond the game of politics!!!! If someone in this campaign treated Obama even a 10th as bad as the shit Clinton has had to endure, he would be creaming racism!!!

    When Bill Clinton called him out on his fake anti-war record, Obama’s sarrogets at MSNBC spun it as though Clinton said something racist!!!!! Gerry Ferraro says that race trumps gender and they start calling her a racist!!!!! I think the Obama campaign is testing this race bating, to see if it will work on the superdelegates. Hillary has had to handle Obama with kit gloves, while having to fight the media, the good old boy sexist establishment hanging out at the DNC, the republicans, and Obama!!!!!!! I can’t recall another candidate in recent history who has had to face these obsticles and road blocks that have plagued Clinton!!!! Really, you never answered, why all the extra hate for Clinton, if not her gender?

    I don’t understand why you don’t see this? I’ve been studying it through out this campaign. I almost can’t believe it and wouldn’t if I hadn’t been watching!!!!!!!I’m not niave!! I know politics are rough, but this is beyond the pale, especially by ones own party!!!!!Meantime, they do everything they can to stop Hillary from defending herself!!!!!They party leaders coddle Obama and accuse Clinton of being heard on him!!!! Enough all ready!!!!

  11. I want to make just a couple of brief commments. Kendall Johson states, “The old boy network of the DNC are all losers. None of them have made a successful bid. Dean, Kerry, Dodd and so on. Just a bunch of sore losers.” I personally do not agree with this statement. Kerry was an excellent candidate that got done in by the Bush promoted “swift boat” lies. However a lot of Americans do view this group, along with Al Gore and Hillary Clinton, as representing both the old school and a return to the past. In another words “politics as usual”. I don’t feel any of those mentioned can be considered “poor losers”. However, Obama’s newness, a characteristic that all said would work against him, is actually enhancing his bid! They don’t want more of the same, and rightly or wrongly, many are vewing the last name “Clinton” as more of the same.
    I sincerely wish fellow Democrats, and the public at large, could step away from their continued reliance on both the “race card” and “gender card”. People I have known for years, who oppose Obama. never mention his race as a factor. Others whom I know NEVER mention Hillary’s gender as a reason for opposing her candidacy. As you are aware, I favor Barack over Hillary–BUT GENDER IS NOT A FACTOR IN MY PREFERANCE. I would gladly vote for a female nominee but just happen not to prefer this female. Those who constantly mention race and gender are actually demeaning the intelligence of the electorate. If I were to hear anyone using these “cards” as a basis for their preference, I would undoubtedly remind them of their prejudical tendencies. Buzz

  12. Kendall

    I don’t give him too much credit. I happen to know him personally and speak from the experience of working for his campaign and also working with him and his press staff since the ’04 election.

    Please tone down your comments — I have been moderating your foul language and frankly have better things to do with my time. Read the comment policy above and follow it.

  13. becky says:

    I’m stickin with Hillary too!!!!!

  14. Kendall Johnson says:


    You are right about my language and for that I apologyze and will tone down the curse words.

  15. Kendall Johnson says:


    I am sorry for cursing and will make a concerted effort to refrain from using such language in the future. You scolded me for being critical of KERRY and cursing, but you never answered any of the questions that I specifically asked you. I am not trying to be disrespectful to you and I apologize if I have been. I was genuinely interested in your perspective. I don’t understand why you choose not to address the substance of my posts, but continue to scold me about the other things. If you think I am wrong about things, I have no problem listening to your thoughts and considering your arguments. But telling me that KERRY is GREAT without discussing why I was critisizing him seems a bit empty.

    It bothers me how so many in our party have turned on Clinton who has been a loyal hard working democrat for many, many years. I’m watching these same party leaders trying to cheat her out of delegates by disenfranchising Florida and Michigan whose demographics favored Clinton from the start (and were only two out of four states who broke the DNC rules, but were the only ones penalized), calling for her to shut her campaign down, pressuring superdelegates to take sides before these upcoming contest the are in her favor, scaring her funders away and partaking in some really nasty media bashing. It’s painful to watch!!!!! When Ed Randell is on T.V., you don’t hear him talking bad about Obama the way Karry and others trash Hillary. I’m sorry, but I instinctively defend Clinton because the bashing is so overwelming and offensive. That’s why I get so angry that I curse. It’s not an excuse and as I have said, I will refrain. But can you honestly tell me why so many Dems are against Clinton?

    She represents change in a big way. She is far from anything but change. She is not part of a dynesty and she offers sound populist progressive solutions to our country’s problems that speak to all of us, including the working class , women and the poor. Dems have lost sight of these demographics for the past few cycles and we need the working class to win!!!!

    I understand that people will take sides, but when members of our own party are”swift boating” her in the already biased media, its sickening!!!!!!! I defended Karry too when the republicans swift boated him and I would do it again. So I don’t hate him and did have a lot of respect for him. I just think that part of this is about gender and it offends me. If it isn’t, I’m open to hearing other explainations. Please educate me!!!!

    I have been studying politics all my life and I have never seen anything like this!!!!Everybody knows it!!! Every poll asking the question of whether Clinton is treated badly all say yes by huge margins. Don’t kid yourself, the media is actively brain washing people to hate Clinton. When other democrats participate in this it makes me lose respect for them.


  16. Kendall

    I don’t think any of it is about gender or sexism with Senator Kerry. He’s worked hard for the many years he has been in the Senate to promote women’s issues. Kerry is doing what a good surrogate does, he’s promoting his candidate and sometimes that means bashing the other candidate. It sucks – but that is politics. I’m not happy about the way Kerry has spoken about Clinton as I have said, however I do understand that it is part of the game. I know that Senator Clinton understands that as well.

    There was a perceived frame of thought in ’04 amongst the Kerry campaign that the Clinton’s could have done more for him, I was among those who thought that at the time and still do. I know that Kerry weighed the options of endorsing either Obama or Clinton fully before making his choice and as I said I am certain that he’ll support Clinton if she is the nominee and will speak glowingly about her. Again – it’s politics. To those outside of the realm it seems ugly and maddening. But having been in the midst of a campaign from very early on, I know how it works.

  17. Kendall Johnson says:


    The reason I don’t mention Obama’s race is because the media is selling it as a possitive thing and it is helping him. Yes, they are favoring Obama and it shows. Meantime, CNN is telling people that our country is not ready for a women president!!!!!

    You say that you would vote for a women just not Clinton, but our statement is seriously vacant of a reason as to why not Clinton!!!

  18. God Kendall, Pamela prefers Sen. Clinton and openly promotes her here. And I mean strongly promotes her. I’m not sure what your vision of the ideal volunteer is but you might want to bring it down a notch or two.

  19. Darrell

    Most readers here not really knowing my history with the Kerry and his staff as you and other long time readers do may find it hard to understand that I still feel a sense of loyalty to Kerry. And that’s okay.

    I respect Kerry’s decision to back Obama as I am sure he respects mine to back Clinton. The bottomline is, as a friend who works for Kerry told me when I let him know I was endorsing Clinton, “we may not be on the same team now, but we will be once the nominee is chosen”…

    That’s what counts — the prize — a Democrat in the White House. I have made my preference known here for Clinton, but I have also said here over and over again — I will support the nominee. I know that all the surrogates lining up taking pot shots at Clinton or Obama (depending on which team they are on) will also support the nominee.

    Right now everyone is playing the game — it’s a dirty, ugly game and when it’s over every one will come together. You need a tough skin to work in politics. And you need a tough skin to be a supporter of a candidate and go out there and put your heart and soul into their campaign.

  20. I think you had a great post, Kendall, when you asked, “Why is it OK to treat Clinton so badly?” My answer is that it’ not OK!! No candidate, especially one with the intelligence and dedication of Hillary, should be treated this way. Although an Obama supporter, I was moved to tears (oops tears are a no-no) by viewing the video in an above post. As I memtioned to Pamela, most thinking Americans enjoy rooting for the underdog and hate slime based political attacks. I really think it would help Hillary if more voters become aware of the viciousness being deployed against her. Buzz