Confused and Clueless

During today’s hearing with General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker, Senator John McCain questioned Petraeus on “what he called “the major threat” of al Qaeda in Iraq.” Once again McCain seemed confused and clueless about al Qaeda. Watch it here:   

Word has it McCain also has quite a temper, something the public has little clue about.

People contemplating voting for John McCain really need to ask themselves, do I really want this man to be our next president?

I know I don’t.

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2 Responses to Confused and Clueless

  1. I wasn’t disturbed with McCain’s dumb questions as much as I was with General Petraeu’s responses and this five year nightmare called Iraq. I didn’t get a chance to see all of the hearing but the parts I saw were totally disgusting!! They went too easy on the General. Don’t they realize that he’s just another puppet of Bush/Cheney and is just vocalizing what they want him to say. Bush-Cheney lied to us and, 4,000 plus US casualties later, they say they would do it all over again the same way. The sheer arrogance of the Bush administration is totally beyond words. In a major way I blame the House, the Senate, the Supreme Court, the media, and the dumbing down of America too. Those who voted once or twice for this idiot are getting what they deserve. The other day I saw a car with a weathered Kerry/Edwards sticker on their back bumper. At first I thought, “doesn’t this guy realize that the 2004 election is long over?” Then I understood that he was sending the message of “dont blame me.” Kind of makes me wish that I had left mine on the bumper.
    Most all political analyists agree that “The Decider” has been given a totally blank check to do as he wants without any fear of reprocussions. WHY???? Why aren’t we seeing rioting in the streets like we did during the quagmier called Vietnam? There no longer exists a three branch system of checks and balances. King Bush’s administration has been permitted to reign without any checks!! It’s simply amazing that the Green Zone is being rocketed on a daily basis ( and occurring casualities)–while Pretreaus would have us believe that the surge is working. An analogy would be General Custer claiming victory over the Indians as he takes his third arrow.
    During a recent TV interview, VP Cheney was reminded by the moderator that a full 85% if Americans are opposed to our continued involvement. His response was, “And so.” Or as Marie Antoinette would have said, “let them eat cake.” With the continued outrage of this never ending war, the illegal wiretapping, the torture, etc. etc.—why haven’t impeachment proceedings been inniated? If Bill Clinton faced a possible ouster from office over an Oval Office BJ (which does not constitute a high crime and misdemeanor) why does this clown get off with the death of 4,000 based on total fabrication? It has been proven that Bush/Cheney were planning a war against Iraq as early as 1/20/01, when King George was sworn in. The 9/11 attacks offered them a convenient excuse to dupe us.
    The New York Times had it right–the generals name should be more accurately “General Betray Us” Sorry for this rant, but having served in Vietnam, I am keenly aware that we sacrificed 58,000 there for no reason. History obviously taught King George nothing. Oh, I forgot he doesn’t like to read.

  2. john stone says:

    I watched John Kerry on The Larry King Show last night. He was as always intelligent, thoughtful and articulate on Iraq. He understands the whole mid east situation completely,then we have a President who does not undestand anything and can’t even speak in complete sentences. Sure makes a person wonder.