Fundraising and McCain Don’t Mix

While many here are worried about whether our nominee can beat John McCain,once we choose a nominee, things look rather bleak, sad and pitiful for John McSame in terms of fundraising. For some reason the Republican big bucks types aren’t pouring the $$$’s into McCain’s campaign:

Sen. John McCain’s fundraising is picking up, relatively speaking.

In March, officials said he raised about $15M, his best month since early 2007 and well above his $2M-per-month pace in late 2007. The final number is still being tallied.

$11m came from a spurt in the campaign’s high-dollar fundraising. $4m was raised through direct mail and Internet efforts.

A campaign spokesperson did not respond to an e-mail seeking comment.

Good gracious that is a pitiful showing for the GOP nominee. Jonathan Singer puts it into perspective on MYDD saying:

In March, the Obama campaign raised some $40 million, putting their overall total for the quarter in the range of $130 million. The Clinton campaign, which no longer has a particularly easy path to the nomination, raised $20 million in March, raising her total for the year to roughly $70 million. McCain, on the other hand, could only manage to bring in $15 million for the month — including just $4 million from the grassroots — moving his overall haul for 2008 to under $40 million. In other words, McCain couldn’t raise in three months what Obama was able to raise just this past month alone (a fundraising month that actually represented a decline of more than a quarter from the previous month). Pitting McCain against Clinton, the Republican in three months took in just 70 percent of what the Democrat was able to bring in during just two months.

At some point he’s presumably going to have to figure out how to fundraise and generally bring support to his campaign… right?

And speaking of John McCain and pitiful… The progressive blogosphere’s own Cliff Schecter has a new book due out next month, The Real McCain. Raw Story has the scoop — it’s a doozie!

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3 Responses to Fundraising and McCain Don’t Mix

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  2. atdleft says:

    Wow. I guess if there’s any saving grace for us Democrats this year, it’s that McCain’s such a lousy candidate. He’s already the GOP nominee, and he can’t raise as much as either of the remaining Dems? Wow, I guess we can still win this fall. 😉

  3. When the big money wants you in the Whitehouse, you don’t have to ask for money, they already know how to get the bucks to where they need to be. If a presidential nominee is broke, especially a Republic, something is seriously wrong.

    McCain is toast!