Dowd: Barbara Boxer Makes Sense

In reference to the hearings Maureen Dowd got off the Obama train long enough to write an insightful article. Here’s her take on Senator Boxers comment. It’s part of a good analysis.

You know you’re in trouble when Barbara Boxer is the voice of reason.

“Why is it,” she asked, “after all we have given — 4,024 American lives, gone; more than half-a-billion dollars spent; all this for the Iraqi people, but it’s the Iranian president who is greeted with kisses and flowers?”

She warmed to: “He got a red-carpet treatment, and we are losing our sons and daughters every single day for the Iraqis to be free. It is irritating is my point.”

Ambassador Crocker dryly assured the senator from California that he believed that Dick Cheney had also gotten kissed on his visit to Iraq.

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7 Responses to Dowd: Barbara Boxer Makes Sense

  1. atdleft says:

    Barbara Boxer was great yesterday. And while MoDo may not agree with me here, I think Boxer’s been a consistent voice of reason… Especially on Iraq. She’s one of the reasons why I’m proud to be a California Democrat. 🙂

  2. KD says:

    We’re spending $18 billion per month. I think you (or she) meant “half a trillion” instead of “half a billion.”

  3. I’m also proud of her as my Senator. I think she’s great. And whether you always agree with Senator Diane the two make an unbeatable pair for California interests.

    If circumstances force me to move out of CAL, as it appears may happen, these will be two office holders I miss greatly.

  4. Janis says:

    Half a trillion. Oh god. We could have gone back and forth to Mars a dozen times and opened a f*cking Starbucks there for that much money.

  5. CognitiveDissonance says:

    I’m gobsmacked! I didn’t realize that MoDo ever had anything intelligent to say. As a past Californian, I know that Barbara Boxer does.

  6. Gilbert Martinez says:

    I’m soon to be leaving California myself. In addition to losing Boxer and DiFi, I’ll be losing Anna Eshoo as my rep. Anna Eshoo rocks.

  7. Any place on this planet that an Iranian leader can be greeted as even a minor celebrity, our American leader should be able to score major celebrity status. It is exactly to the extent that this proposition gets skewed that we can tell that our nation is off track for the world leadership status that successful planetary development requires.

    It is for this reason, and this reason alone, that I continue to give Sen. Obama the benefit of the doubt. His pronouncements are certainly not paragons of clarity, but they at least do leave some room for hope.