Obama Campaign Purges 900 Potential Delegates in CA

Here’s the latest in news about the fight for the Democratic nomination… In California both the Obama and Clinton campaigns are “purging potential California delegates to ensure that only their loyalists vote at the national convention that will crown one of them as the Democratic presidential nominee.” The Obama camp has purged 18 times more delegates than the Clinton camp to the tune of some 900 “potential” delegates purged by camp Obama:

Driven by fears that some prospective delegates might be concealing their true allegiances, the campaigns are searching campaign finance data, scouring the Internet and making telephone calls to weed out dubious candidates.

Neither side wants to elect a delegate who might really support their rival, or other candidate.

Most of the cutting was done by Obama. His campaign dropped about 900 potential delegates, compared to about 50 excluded on Clinton’s side.

The slots for “241 delegates divvied up in California’s Feb. 5 presidential primary — 134 for Clinton and 107 for Obama — will be awarded Sunday” in California.

Some say the notion of Trojan Horse delegates may be overstated.

“Most delegates are legitimate, but with this convention no one is taking any chances,” said Steven Maviglio, who’s running as a Clinton delegate and is an aide to her national co-chair, state Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez. “At this point of the game, each campaign wants its delegates to be 100 percent committed.”

Maybe it’s just me but I think I’d be a little ticked if I wanted to be a delegate for Obama and they purged me due to paranoia. If Barack Obama will purge 900 “potential” delegates, it looks as though he might do anything to win. Say what? That’s what Obama says about Hillary? Oh yeah… call it reverse psychology. It’s the Obama camp that will do anything to win — we’ve seen that over and over again by now. 

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3 Responses to Obama Campaign Purges 900 Potential Delegates in CA

  1. In California, you do not have to be approved by the candidate to run for delegate status at the caucus meetings on April 13. While having the other candidates for the same position being backed by the campaign, if they are, helps you can still get elected.

    Steve Young, candidate in CA-48, is running as an Obama delegate. He has 16 men running for the Obama position and 17 women running for the Clinton slot.

    He figures he needs at least 50 supporters to have a chance to win the delegate slot.

    I know nothing about being ‘approved’ by the campaign. But then I’m not active in local stuff. Perhaps it’s more a matter of who to support with their activists in a certain congressional district.

    I’ll check in my district to see what that situation is…let you know.

  2. Eddie Kirby says:

    The California Young Democrats are estimating that 60% of all young people that applied to be a Obama delegate in California were purged this week. This list also includes the newly elected President and Vice President of Membership of the California Young Democrats, Rocky Fernandez and David Phelps.

  3. Eddie Kirby

    Does the California Young Democrats have any numbers on who the delegates that were purged were supporting? Just curious…