Rhodes Gone and The Controversy Continues

Randi Rhodes is gone from Air America but the controversy continues surrounding her offensive statements about Hillary Clinton, her suspension from Air American and now her departure from the progressive radio network. This morning it was reported that Rhodes quit “Air America after being asked by the network to apologize … Continue reading

Why Americans Never Vote for What They Really Want

Every now and then, I tune in to Spiegel Online to see what the europeans think of us and our election process. I especially enjoy articles by Gabor Steingart, Speigel’s editor of West Wing: The Battle for the White House. Steingart believes the US electorate apparently suffers from multiple personality … Continue reading

All I am Saying is Give Democracy a Chance

The Democratic Daily is not sponsoring or endorsing this event, but, you should know about it — in the name of democracy. If you happen to be in New York City today and tomorrow, seriously consider showing up at Hillary Clinton Forum NYC Protest Tomorrow, April 11. It is co-sponsored … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

I’m on fire, right now, as I have a lot on my mind. I’m sure many of you are getting worked up about the same things that are sticking in my craw. Yet, when I try to express myself in a coherent fashion, it comes out on the page looking … Continue reading

House and Senate Pass Resolutions on Chinese Crackdown of Tibet

On Wednesday, the House overwhelmingly passed a resolution calling on China to “end its crackdown on Tibet and release Tibetans imprisoned for “nonviolent” demonstrations.” The resolution passed on a vote of 413-1, with “Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, who recently dropped out of the presidential race, was the lone congressman voting against it.” The resolution passed … Continue reading