All I am Saying is Give Democracy a Chance

The Democratic Daily is not sponsoring or endorsing this event, but, you should know about it — in the name of democracy.

If you happen to be in New York City today and tomorrow, seriously consider showing up at Hillary Clinton Forum NYC Protest Tomorrow, April 11. It is co-sponsored by the independent Hillary Clinton Online Forum and the independent Veterans for Hillary (

If you aren’t in New York or can’t participate in-person and wish to “participate,” please go here.

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9 Responses to All I am Saying is Give Democracy a Chance

  1. Janis says:

    You know, I have to say, this protest worries me. I can guarantee you there will be Obamabots there to do nothing but stir up shit and rough people up — throw rocks at cops and then vanish into the crowd and let the HRC supporters take the shit.

    And if the media is biased, how do you think that’ll be spun? “Obama fans today turned a peaceful protest by HRC supporters into a free-for-all: or “Violent, crazed Hillary fans pelt police with rocks and had to be teargassed?”

    I just don’t see this as being anything but a big soft weak spot that these people are exposing for the psycho Obama freaks to pummel to their nasty little hearts’ content.

  2. Janis

    That is pure and utter speculation and frankly ridiculous and offensive that any one would accuse Obama supporters of such a thing.

    I will add, that statements like that are exactly the kind of stuff the opposition looks for (repubs) to use against us. Maybe comments like that fly elsewhere, but not here.

  3. Janis says:

    And if I’d said taht they would intimidate, deliberately misinform, and lock out delegates for HRC in caucuses, would that also have been inflammatory?

    It wouldn’t be the first time that protests or demonstrations have been deliberately derailed or moved in a direction that the original protestors didn’t like. I really don’t think this is frankly offensive to say that not only are the chances of this happening high, but that the media has a godo reason not to portray it fairly.

    If I’m wrong, and the media suddenly becomes fair and portrays this as it is, a protest about bias and disenfranchisement, then fine. I’ll be happy to have been shown wrong because that will mean that the message got out. But until then, there is a strong chance that the thing will not be portrayed accurately, and if it ends up in a donnybrook, it wouldn’t be the first time that it happened.

  4. Janis

    Here’s why you are wrong – rarely, rarely has an anti-war demonstration gotten out of hand — even when right wing nuts turn out for counter protests.

    Let me make myself clear — as the owner/editior of the Dem Daily, I support Hillary Clinton. As I have stated numerous times here, I WILL SUPPORT THE NOMINEE — Clinton or Obama.

    I am appalled at the level of infighting between supporters of both candidates and sick and tired of watching both candidates dragged through the mud with ludicrous insinuations like the ones you have made above.

    Your comment[s] itself is divisive and clearly against the comment policy. I let it stand — but in the future I will gladly delete anything like that meant to stir up further division between the two campaigns.

  5. coldH2Owi says:

    Thanks, Ms. Leavey. Janis: I live a long way away from you, but we should have coffee sometime. I like to get to know the you that isn’t represented by some, not all, of your comments here.

  6. v4hill says:

    Hey everyone. Thanks for helping to get the word out about today’s protest. I am praying for a positive, peaceful protest day and I think that’s exactly what we will have. If you can’t be there in person, send us some good vibes (or a video, or a snapshot of your protest sign)!


  7. Kendall A. Johnson says:


    I understand your point, but many of us Clinton supporters feel drowned out by the media and the Obama supporters who have shown on the daily Kos and the Huffington post to be very offensive and aggressive. We are struggling for a vioce and are very angry about the unlevel playing feild that the Clinton vioces have had in this campaign.

    When you mussle us, but then tell us that you support Clinton (or Obama in he is the nominee) it makes some of us feel that the commitment to Clinton is luke warm. I wish your viger for defending Clinton was just as strong as your desire to stop the bloggers here from criticizing Obama. You seem to defend him all the time.

    We thought that this was a place where the distinctions between the candidates could be drawn. We are very up set that Florida and Michigan won’t count or be revoted, that the DNC penalized only two states out of four who violated the DNC rules,( No secret that the states penalized had favorable demograpgics for Clinton) that the press has clearly waged an assassination campaign against our candidate, that Howard Dean shows his favoritism for Obama everytime he opens his mouth, that Speaker Polosi has also made her preference clear and I could go on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And yet here you mussle us from expressing our frustration with the most undemocratic primary I’ve seen in decades!!!! I know it desturbs you that many of us will not support Obama if he is the nominee, but this is a reality that the party has to know about and has to face going forward. It is an important part of the calculation that needs to be considered in this nomination process. So please, don’t mussle us!!!!1 You are not helping the process by suppressing the growing decent.

    If you really want a democratic presidency, all the cards need to be laid out on the table. Shuting down Clinton supporters will only work to send them to McCain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kendall A. Johnson says:


    I was at the protest this morning in New York, and it was civil!!!!!!
    No one did anything foolish and most of us couldn’t stay long because we had to go to work!!!!!! The good news is that I met up with some other people from the N.Y. campaign office and they tell me regardless of the phoney media claims, Clinton is polling very strongly in Pennsylvania. Both inside polling by the campaign and reputable polsters suggest that unless something huge happens, things are looking good for Clinton in Pennsylvania!!!!!!!

    What is dispicable is that now everyone is saying that Clinton can only win with the super delegates if she wins the popular vote, excluding Florida and Michigan. Once again raising the bar for clinton, while lowering it for Obama. I counted at least 15 super delegates from Michigan and Florida that are for Clinton, but to date don’t count. Obama had one super delegate from michigan and four from Florida. You tell me who’s getting screwed? And Pamela wants to mussle us. Well i’m no patsy for Obama. He offers me nothing!!!!!!!!

    Furthermore, I have no faith in his ability to win the general election or his ability to lead!!!! He’s homophobic, sexist and loves the oil and nuclear power energy industries!!!!! Its nice that he recognizes racism, but for all the rest I might as well be a republican.

  9. Kendall

    Having been involved with the last presidential election as a blogger, at a much deeper level, I have a vastly different sense of what goes on within campaigns than the average candidate supporter.

    I also understand that regardless of the unease and frustration with supporters (from both campaigns actually) about the party and the archane rules, we need a Democrat in the White House this election. Both of our candidates understand that – both have stressed that importance and said they will support the nominee.

    There is no perfect candidate or politician. I am a realist. This blog has always had a reputation of being civil and respectful towards our elected politicians and candidates – regardless of support for others. I aim to keep it that way. I’m not trying to muzzle anyone, I’m asking the people be respectful.