Friday Hillary Blogging: It’s About The Policies

When I’m asked about why I support Hillary my new response is: Pick a decade. I’ve heard enough speeches in the short time I’ve been involved in politics not to put much stock in banal eloquence. I went to grad school because I’m fascinated by the tiniest details. I like to know how things work. Given that, it’s no surprise that an Obama adviser making this comment doesn’t exactly give me confidence in a potential Obama administration:

[Max] Lesko, speaking for the Obama campaign – “I don’t want to sound like a broken record . . . but this campaign is about politics, not policies.”

I think politics is an interesting game, and certainly knowledge of this game is important to enacting policies. But ultimately it’s the policies that motivate me.

Starving children don’t need politics, they need food, shelter, proper medical treatment and a good education. Single, working mothers struggling to get by don’t need politics, they need health care for them and their children, good child care, and an education system that will give their children a chance to succeed. Sick people don’t need politics, they need a health care system that doesn’t leave them behind.

As a Hillary supporter, I chose her because of her “scary smart” intellect and her desire to pursue policies that make people’s lives better. Every time I hear The Dixie Chicks’ “I Can Love You Better”, I think of Hillary and how she wants health care for all. How she has proposals for economic recovery that will benefit all Americans. How she will improve education through better policy. In other words, she will “love” me better. So this song goes out to all those people who aren’t invisible to Hillary, who don’t know enough about what Hillary is all about.

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9 Responses to Friday Hillary Blogging: It’s About The Policies

  1. Kendall Johnson says:

    Well said!!! I’ll never have a beer with my president, so why would I even imagine voting for someone on that basis? Its about the policies and who can deliver that counts in the lives of the little people. Hands down, its Clinton who has the plans and who will deliver. I hope the superdelegates don’t get cought up in advancing their own careers and do the right thing. They need to pick us a real president who can win in November, has the plans we need to fix the country’s problems and the commitment, toughness and brilliance to deliver!!!! NO DOUBT, THAT’S CLINTON!!!!!!!!!!

  2. coldH2Owi says:

    Are you referring to JFK, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Ted Kennedy, who exacting has uttered – banal eloquence? You need to explain this.

  3. As a policy wonk, I can assure you that, on health care, anything less than “single payer” is an illusion. You didn’t win any points there. Sadly both candidates offer us far less than we really need.

  4. Peace Out For Unity says:

    Obama,”There’s Your Trouble!”Sing it and tune in at 8:00 Sunday on CNN when Obama and Clinton will answer questions about faith and values.Do they have the interview #1 ready with Anderson Cooper to compare Obama’s speech on 3/18/08 concerning Wright and his judgement ? Is Obama’s church really 99% white? He says that in a speech in NC and we don’t believe it! Tune in Sunday ! Hope Pamela will be doing more Sunday comic.

  5. Peace Out For Unity says:

    After Obama’s interview #1 with Anderson Cooper, CNN was flashing sightings of people calling in seeing “Big Foot !’ A few days later Obama presents a speech ?Values,judgement and faith ? Let’s see what Obama says on Sunday this time !

  6. Gilbert Martinez says:

    Darrell, Hillary’s plan opens up a single payer system to compete against everything else. If single-payer advocates are correct (and I suspect they are) then we should see a migration to that system.

    Most reasonable estimates show that Hillary’s plan covers millions more than Obama’s plan and is cheaper on a per person basis. Fiscally, Hillary’s plan is more cost-effective in the longer term and is simultaneously more inclusive than Obama’s. It also offers a way toward a single payer system. That is worth points to me.

  7. coldH2Owi says:

    So what is it: a single payer system or just ” a way toward a single payer system.”? We don’t need a way, the way is clear, we need someone to actually have the courage to institute the program. There are plenty of successful models out there, just watch SICKO. But,of course, Michael Moore is fat, right, Mr. Martinez?

  8. Gilbert: I understand the political expediency that causes both candidates to refuse to do the right thing but I, for one, would prefer nothing to what is being proposed. People are not quite desperate enough to go for the whole enchilada yet, but half measures, it seems to me, postpone the day of reckoning and cause more harm in the long run.

  9. I’m with Elizabeth Edwards on the health care issue – HRC has the best plan.