HRC’s Penn Shakeup May Not Be Over

This quote comes a no surprise to me. I wondered what the hell Mark Penn was doing there from the beginning. H/T to Political Wire.

Quote of the Day:

“I have nothing but contempt for Mr. Penn. And for those of us who wanted to see him out from the beginning, it became almost a Rumsfeldian thing. And he is not even fired. He has been demoted. How could this be?”

— Democratic strategist Paul Begala, quoted by the Huffington Post.

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One Response to HRC’s Penn Shakeup May Not Be Over

  1. Stuart: I wish I knew the players the way you do. My knee jerk reaction is that Paul Begala is one of the good guys and that Mark Penn is not.

    What the hell was the thought process that brought him to his position of prominence?