Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

The announcement that Bush made, yesterday, in regards to troop deployments being shortened to 12 months from 15 months was welcome news to many. But, it was sort of depressing news for SSG Dizzy and me.

We had been discussing it for a few days because he had heard a rumor about the announcement that Bush made, but from what he was telling me, they thought that this new announcement would affect them in a positive way, namely, their deployments would be shortened, as well. Basically, all Bush did was substantiate the rumor that has been going around since Christmas, basically making it official. I had heard that TPTB were kicking around the idea of shorter deployments, but they were clear to point out that it would only affect new deployments, not the deployments that had been taking place at that time.

So, as excited as some of my friends are that deployments have been returned to their old length, it’s not good news for myself and hundreds of other families in the same boat. Our soldiers will still be deployed in Iraq until early 2009.

But, I’m not going to let this get me down. If I did, I couldn’t function. SSG Dizzy and I have been living with this war as part of our everyday life since day one. So, I am just going to wear my hat of positivity. Nothing can come, at this point, to getting all worked up, especially since my husband and my children and my business customers expect me to behave graciously and gracefully.

The one thing that keeps me wearing my “happy face” is the fact that by the time SSG Dizzy comes home from this deployment, there will be a different president in office (…if it ISN’T John McCain). I just hope that the American people get it right, this time.


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One Response to Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

  1. I think that most people took the Prez at his word, and that he was actually fixing the problem he had been responsible for. Thanks for pointing out that he’s only passing the buch!